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libro gratis Donuts and Divination: A Witches of Willow Hollow Mystery


Doughnuts, divination, and danger… Just another day in Willow Hollow, Tennessee, where sleuthing is stickier than a maple glaze.
Harper Dade's more comfortable with a pastry bag than a magic one, but when Sheriff Frankenfurful—the gentle giant of a bear shifter who upholds the peace—gets tagged for a past crime, she's out to prove his innocence. A recipe in one hand and a list of suspects in the other, Harper, with the help of Knox, her wise-cracking black cat familiar, sets out to unravel a sugar-coated web of secrets.
Harper Dade's one paralegal life favors the sweet simplicity of sugar dusting over the complexity of spellcasting. So, when local peacekeeper and bear shifter Sheriff Frankenfurful catches a bad rap for an older crime, Harper rolls up her sleeves, because someone's got to whip the truth to stiff peaks. With Knox, her whiskered wise cat of a familiar, by her side, they're wading into a confection of concealed motives.
While stirrings of turmoil threaten to send the town's coziness crumbling quicker than a stale pastry, Harper navigates a maze of misleading trails, each as twisty as her favorite cinnamon swirl donut.
And Crank Cranson? The wizard mechanic who can torque a wrench as skillfully as he can twirl a spell? The guy's definitely mixing more than just car repairs, especially those lingering glances he shares with Harper.
Harper's up to her elbows in flour and intrigue, and it's going to take a hefty scoop of moxie and a pinch of pluck to knead through these half-baked clues. Grab a donut and come along for this feast for the senses stuffed with thrills, chock-full of chuckles, and glazed with that warm, comforting feeling of home. Donuts and Divination just goes to show, Harper's homespun wit may be the icing that cracks this case wide open, or the very thing that gets her batter-dipped into deeper trouble.
Savor this charmed Witches of Willow Hollow expanded second edition, now freshly conjured with additional magic and mystical intrigue!

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It didn’t quite make it to my -list.

There were good things about this and things that I d less.

What I loved:
The lighthearted tone. Harper has a sort of self-deprecating way that feels relatable. The case itself was good, intriguing. But that’s where it stopped for me.

What I didn’t love as much:
I guess the slightly messy style just didn’t do it for me. My head’s in a messy place right now and it didn’t provide the escape I wanted. The ‘fun’ parts felt a bit OTT for me. Harper irritated me a few times. But it seems I’m alone in this, because all the other reviewers are raving about this. I may have to pick it up later and try again, when I’m in a different mindframe. My apologies to the author, because I know it’s a bit harsh, giving only 3 stars, but right now, this was not the book for me. If I do pick it up later and it better, I'll be sure to edit this review.1 Cath2,585 32

This is book three of the Taste of Magic Mystery series and continues the story of cursed witch Harper Dade, former paralegal and now baker in Willow Hollow. She works in the Taste of Magic Bakery and is working hard to even manage to make a cake structure out of donut holes successfully. Tonight is the big night as the coven are going to meet to see if she and her wacky magic can stay in town. She’s been going to night classes to learn magic, but her magic glitches or drains others powers unexpectedly. She is about as good at control her magic as she is at her amateur sleuthing. Now she has managed to create a residual haunting, and that of a husband who was killed some ten years before, apparently by magic and still unsolved.

I haven’t had the chance to read the first two books in the series, so I have missed out on reading about her previous escapades and investigations, and the problems she had at the spring fairground. The ghost she has brought back was Opal’s husband and the former sheriff. It is Opal’s house where the annual witch gathering is to be held and the local law enforcement officers were to be honoured, not the easiest when the former ghost will be walking about. Harper was cursed by her own mother in her early childhood, in an effort to help with her dodgy control over magic and her aunt CeeCee had asked the coven to help Harper with her magic control. Opal is the coven maven and it isn’t going to go down well, for her ex-husband to be wandering around while the coven meet! Now Opal wants Harper to make her husband’s ghost disappear, but without helping tell her how.

Harper had many magical mishaps in her past and the one that caused the former sheriff Norman to become the man he was, which probably caused his murder, was when her magic tore down the Majestic magic Movie Palace. He holds Harper responsible and thinks witches and shifters, as most of the local law enforcement are, should never mix, even though he married a powerful witch. Now instead of just a haunting, Norman is now a ghost and other ghosts from the time of his death, have started to appear in the house! Now Norman wants to have his own murder investigated and even take over his former job, and stop the misuse of magic in the town! The current Sheriff Rosenthal Frankenfurful turns up to speak with Opal and then his Deputy Draco as well. It seems Sheriff Rosenthal was a suspect, along with others, at the time of Norman’s death and he really shouldn’t be investigating this now. Deputy Draco tries to take both him and Opal for questioning, while Norman has taken over Crank, the local mechanic’s body.

It seems there is some sort of conspiracy in town with shifters in charge of law enforcement and the new sheriff somehow tied up in the murder of the previous sheriff and his very vocal thoughts about controlling witches and their use or misuse of magic. A power struggle is ongoing in town between witches and shifters and now there are scores of ghosts wandering around, due to Harper’s misfiring magic. It seems three of the town’s colourful residents made a pact to stop the then Sheriff Norman, all those years ago, but someone else must have killed him due to his agenda towards the magic users. Add in a loan buyout scheme, being investigated by the local Gazette newspaper owner Tate and the perilous position of her aunt’s bakery after the loan she made to Harper’s parents to help them relocate, and it seems there is far more than one conspiracy going on. One man’s mission was to eradicate all magical items within the town.

It seems a power struggle occurred a decade ago and now at the same time of year in the present time, it is about to explode again. Hopefully Harper and her familiar Bub, a cat, can hope to track down the guilty parties and get Crank restored to his normal self, whilst also solving a decade’s old murder. She will also have to outsmart the current dragon shifter deputy sheriff and his fellow shifters, who seem to want to take over the town. Her magic may be wonky and flair up at the worst possible moments, but when someone attacks those she loves and their businesses, then her heart and determination will ensure those in the wrong will pay for what they have done. A fun read with witches, shifters of all varieties and even trolls coming to the rescue. An untrained witch and amateur sleuth has to solve a decade old murder mystery and save the town in the meantime. I look forward to reading more of this series and also catching up on what I have missed so far. All round easy reading magical murder mystery, which I would recommend to all who love this genre. I received an ARC copy of this book from BookSprout and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above.
Aimee Bower1,181 8

Harper is helping her Aunt at the shop for the big witch get-together. Harper is hoping that they will help her with her curse. Harper decides to use her magic and things go wrong. Harper's magic cause a residual haunting of old sheriff . Harper decides to follow where it goes. Harper opens a box with the key she is using. Now Harper has to deal with a the ghost of the former sheriff. The former sheriff decides he is going to jump in to a person.
Harper will have to investigate who killed the sheriff and why. Harper discovers that there is a cover up of the crime. She has some suspects, but not sure if they are the right ones. Harper will have to learn about the past in order to save those now. Harper isn't the only one in danger if she can't find the culprit.

This was a really entertaining story to get lost in for a while. The main character and her issues with magic and her past. The other character interactions. I am enjoying the slow romantic possibilities with Crank. You will get some answers in this book as to what really happened with Harper when she was a child. It opens up so many different directions she can go into.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Sue-Dee Numb321 4

Best book in series yet!

This is the best book in this series yet! I could literally not put it down!! I had to find out what happened and who was in on it!
Harper is becoming more confident in her cursed magic even able to use simple spells to some extent (though she still can't bake)
After using her magic, it unsurprisingly backfires, she releases a decade old conspiracy and no one wants to answer her questions. Even the Sheriff who hired Harper as an investigator previously is reluctant, and Draco the P.I.T.A Dragon shifter deputy shows his true colours.The clues Harper finds help answer not just the mystery in hand but also may help solve that of her curse and Bub is...well Bub, his usual helpful snarky self, he earns his cat nip this time!
A great storyline with characters old and new , (I do hope we will see more of Tootsie)
I highly recommend this one. Though i suppose you could read this book as a stand alone I think to not only understand the nuances of the storyline that is carried through each book you will get more enjoyment from starting at book 1 Cupcakes and a Casualty it's well worth sticking with it. I am really looking forward to book 4! Mike Lewis1,647 2

entertaining paranormal cozy mystery series

This is an entertaining paranormal cozy mystery series. A fun cast of characters and an entertaining storyline. Harper is a witch with wonky powers. She works in her aunts bakery. Her small town is filled with magical as well as humans. It is a small tourist town where people come to See magic things happen every so often. Harper was blamed for the destruction of a movie theater back when she was a child. Her parents moved away with her many years ago and her parents died in a car crash. She moved back after her careers paralegal for a while to live with her aunt and work in the bakery. She has some minor powers but they go wonky and then one day she gets a few more powers that are explained in book one. She also has a nose for mystery and a new familiar that shows up and book one as well. Along with her aunt her best friend and many other friends and family from the town she pokes around trying to help solve mysteries. And see what adventure she can get into this time. Judy Gittleson Hendrickson5,572 58

Harper is in over her head again because of her cursed magic (nothing works she wants it to). She is hoping her aunt and other witches at the big gathering will be able to help her with the curse. Due to side effects of her magic, ghosts are released and one is the murdered sheriff from years ago. She investigates possible suspects in the town, and where the ghost of the dead sheriff goes as well. The characters are well done and sometimes crazy and a touch of romance is in the air. The suspense is coming from all directions, but things do get under control at the end and people are happy again. Best one of the series so far. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face more than once.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Molly5,177 33

More of the backstory for Harper is revealed, along with some eventual clarity about her gifts

A troubled and troublesome spirit returns to wreak some havoc and alleged justice. He makes some strides at efforts linked to mysterious financial issues

A power hungry deputy has a fair shot at a power grab. He might be limited for now, but the rising of the power hungry deceased sheriff shows that even death might not be a permanent barrier

Intense drama and action, with accidents aplenty, and conflicting loyalties and betrayals

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Emily Pennington18.7k 312

Harper Dade, whose magic has been cursed since childhood, isn't good at spells and managing magic. She accidentally ends up releasing some ghosts and is forced to investigate the murder of a former sheriff who intends to cause trouble until his murderer is found. Things are pointing to the current bear shifter Sheriff. Now Harper has to solve this murder to make things right again.

This was a good story line revolving around an old murder mystery Harper has to solve. We are given more of Harper’s own backstory and meet some additional characters along the way. Grab your copy and enjoy!
reviewed Sylvie222 1 follower

What I most about Kat McGee's books is that they are fast pace, no time wasted.  You start the book and first thing you know, it's over!  In this one, Harper needs to solve a decade old murder.  With the help of the Troll community and the familiars, she will work on solving the murder but also save the life of someone dear to her.  And don't forget the familiars, who are always there to put in their two cents!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Annalisa1,147 12

This is such an adoreable little cozy. It has ghosts and a cursed witch who doesn't have control of her magic. She works in a bakery owned by her aunt and during a coven event sets loose a ghost who has a mind of his own. He is the deceased husband of opal the coven matron. I love this series. It is full of drama and suspense. The characters are very loveable and real. The plot twist is kind of cool and I was surprised who the killer is. This is a great read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Rachel N474 4

*4 Stars!!

I really enjoyed this one, I d how different creatures were brought into the story and the talking parrot Tootie! hope we see more of them in the next book. im glad that it showed that Harper had a bit more control over her magic and that its doesn't only cause problems.

Looking forward to reading the next!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full reviewarcs booksprout Penny Hickman230 2

Harper isn't good at magic. She accidentally releases some ghosts and has to now deal with a former sheriff who was murdered, and intends to create chaos until his murderer is found. Now Harper has to try to solve his murder to make things right. Great book with an old murder mystery, some paranormal with a hint of a romance in the making.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Brandy Rice1,285 16

Harper Dade is at it again. She's putting her sleuthing skills to use while her wonky magic continues to wreak havoc in Willow Hallow. The story line is intriguing as secrets are revealed and a mystery is uncovered. This is my favorite book in the series so far! This was a fantastic read filled with surprises. Can't wait to read what happens next.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.2020 arc Heather W4,026 30

Donuts for the Deceased is the third book in the Taste of Magic cozy mystery series and is an entertaining cozy read.

I am loving this series and the quirky characters. Harper and the familiars work with the Troll community to solve an old murder. There is humour, danger, accidental magic, mystery, and mayhem to enjoy in this delightful story.
I read and reviewed this book with no obligation. Shweta908 18

The witch who couldn't

Do magic properly, was considered a disaster magnet & so much more, is finally putting together the puzzle of her early childhood.

In this fast paced, mad cap 10 years old murder mystery, many things show up with crystal clear clarity.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book, hoping to know more about Harper's reality & how she breaks the curse that rules her life.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Angel Ballard722 5

Answers are a good thing
It's a full moon night and there are shifters galore. Who killed the previous sheriff? Why is the new sheriff making bad decisions? Is Harper really cursed? Will there be answers or more questions? A great story with loads of action! Loving it!
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Lynn 362 3

When witch Harper Dade’s magic goes astray and sets free a bevy of ghosts, one of which is the former sheriff, she investigates when bear shifter and current sheriff Rosenthal Is accused of his murder. More backstory on Harper and all the interesting characters make this a fun and fabulous read. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Jeanne Richardson9,558 116

This is the 1st book I've read written by Kat McGee; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.

I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review. Teresa Marzec236 3

Great book

Harper Dade, she's funny and curious and determined to figure out her magic and definitely learn to bake! She can raise the dead and then send them back again! Sad story at times yet the next sentence you'll be smiling if not laughing out loud! Read the series! You'll be glad of the up beat smile you end the story with! Aineenmarie382 3

I loved the storyline. The author really draws the reader into another world. Can't wait to read another book by This author.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Janie Fox5

I love this Taste of Magic series! When the donut loving ghost of a former sheriff hijacks the body of a local citizen, who happens to be shifter, things start to get a little weird. Sue3,633 5

Another exciting who done it with the witches. Always an exciting trip in this little town and who knows who will show up. HEA Willow Webster337 31

Good plot full of twists and turns and the characters are a riot and loads of fun. I really loved the book! Matthew Murray1,002


This was the second book of yours and really enjoyed your characters and the story line are excellent and I am looking forward to your next book. Brenda Ellis629 6

Another case solved

A long ago death and a ghost bent on revenge and mayhem in the magical town, but he underestimated our heroine. Another great read. Carol1,359 14

Book 3 and it gets better and better. Harper's magic is still skewed, so much so that she is afraid to use it but circumstances forces her hand, and it works out OK. A long dead sheriff who is not prepared to stay dead, but is ready to take the town over, working through the hottie mechanic and with an overambitious dragon shifter deputy, havoc ensues.

I am really enjoying these books, exciting, well written and clever too. I Harper and am glad that she is beginning to start to believe in herself and her magic. A lot is also revealed in this book, but no spoilers so I shall not carry on, other than to say that if you have read the previous 2, it does make this one even better. Jodi Sweet1,497 7

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