Cake and Crystals: A Witches of Willow Hollow Mystery de Kat McGee

de Kat McGee - Género: English
libro gratis Cake and Crystals: A Witches of Willow Hollow Mystery


Cake, crystals, and chaos converge in Willow Hollow, where every tier is laced with mystery.
As Harper Dade scrambles to prevent a wedding disaster, the best man is found with his face planted in the groom’s cake. Amidst lingering ghosts and secretive whispers, Harper races to solve the murder and save her best friend’s chance at happiness, especially when the groom is a prime suspect.
Navigating layers of deception as intricate as a multi-tiered wedding cake, Harper encounters increasing challenges. The situation grows even more complicated when her ex reappears, stirring up old emotions and threatening her blossoming romance with Crank Cranson, Willow Hollow’s enigmatic wizard-mechanic.
While her black cat familiar, Knox, prowls the confection-scented shadows for clues, a mysterious vampire enters the mix, adding a tantalizing twist to the pot of suspects. With the wedding day approaching and plans unraveling faster than spun sugar, Harper must separate confusion from clues.
If she can’t sift through the confection of lies in time, the chance for a magical happily ever after might crumble away. Join Knox, Crank, and Harper as they whip up a solution in Cake and Crystals, blending love, mystery, and a dash of magic to restore a wedding meant to be unforgettable.
Savor this charmed Witches of Willow Hollow expanded second edition, now freshly conjured with additional magic and mystical intrigue!

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I swear, they all were involved in the crime! I mean, all of the suspects had a definite motive, but who did the actual killing? And why did Harper’s ex show up? What a creep he is too! I love Bub. What a funny familiar. That catnip and turn green thing, too much! Harper held it together really well, even with all the chaos going on. Really good book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.1 Emily Pennington18.7k 312

As Aunt CeeCee wheeled in a cart with a three-tier floral decorated cake in preparation for the evening rehearsal festivities, Bethany dragged Harper over to talk to Bryce, who was single and a lawyer and Bethany thought he would be good dating material for Harper. After introductions, the group left Bryce and Harper to chat. He told her that, in his investigating of the umbrella company that bought out the local business loans, he brought in a forensic financial investigator, and it looks as if Harper may be indirectly involved. The money trail was traced back to accounts connected to Harper, who doesn’t even have a checking account! Then she realized it was because of her ex-husband’s joint accounts! As he told her, it seems highly ly Sebastian Grainger is involved in the loan takeovers, which included the loan hanging over their bakery.

There seem to be people there angry over a witch/shifter wedding, such as “The Society of Traditional Witch Values”, and they threaten to stop it! Bethany had also seen Les and Georgette, her and Tate’s ex’s from years ago, and they stared at her. Why would they have come, unless they wanted to interfere with the wedding? Bethany, naturally upset, takes off looking for Tate. He comes back without her, asking where she went. Then a scream came from the tent and Bethany stumbled out, babbling about someone dead and a dagger in his back, and they find the best man, Bryce, has been murdered and is face down in the cake!

Harper’s ex-husband shows up, a vampire Isaac Darklington is there, Harper’s necklace with its special locket and key to control her magic is stolen, and things are so mixed up and confusing. There are many suspects, making it difficult to pick out the most ly culprit!

Harper has to try to solve Bryce’s murder. Her ex-husband seems to know all about the goings on in Willow Hollow and may know more about the paranormal than he ever let on. Can Harper solve this murder, get Bethany and Tate’s wedding back on track, and find a way to stop her vicious ex who is trying to destroy the town? Grab your copy and find out where they all fit in here!reviewed Sue-Dee Numb321 4

A wedding, a murder and as many questions as answers!

Harper has to try and solve the murder of the groomsman found face down in the cake, can she solve the murder and get the wedding of her best friend Bethany back on track?
Harper had already heard a voice that chills her to the bone, relayed by a parrot, her ex husband has shown up in town and he seems to know an awful lot about the goings on in Willow Hollow, including the fact she is a witch! Harper always thought he was clueless to the paranormal, seems not!
Can Harper solve the murder, have the wedding back on track and find a way to stop her sleazy ex and save the town?

This is a good series,  there is an arc that goes throughout the series and to get the most enjoyment I highly recommend that you start from book one, but it is definitely worthwhile putting a weekend aside to read the series,  If you HAVE read the previous book you do not want to miss this instalment it's action packed answers questions but raises more! Bring on book5!!! Aimee Bower1,181 8

Harper is at the party for Bethany and Tate, she introduced to his best man Bryce. He tells her about the investigation he is doing into the loans. Harper learns some interesting information. The party is disrupted by the appearance of people from Bethany and Tate's past. They discover that Bryce has been murdered as well. Harper must deal with her ex-husband being in town and what he is doing. Harper joins the investigation due to her beliefs but will Harper get it wrong. Will Harper be able to save Bethany and Tate, and everything else that is going on or will Harper fail.

There are some major twists in this book for the characters, especially Harper. Harper will have to face her ex, deal with her magic, try to figure out what others mean about her. Really would to see her relationship with Crank move forward. There is some things that were discussed in the beginning of book about loan and Harper, that I hope gets explored in next book. Molly5,177 33

Harper has a very unhappy reunion with her ex, and learns of his connections to her hometown and his desire to destroy it, and ly her as well

Her bff Bethany suffers a series of Bridezilla moments in the wake of the destruction of the rehearsal for her wedding and the planned fall festivities

Will she lose her groom and more of herself with the interference of a few jealous exes and a traditional witch determined to prevent Bethany’s witch-shifter union?

The town seems poised to become something different with the interference of Sebastian and his co-conspirators

The dangers continue

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Judy Gittleson Hendrickson5,572 58

Harper and the quirky townspeople are at it again, figuring out the next great mystery and murder. The characters are terrific, with a wide variety of skills and problems. Bethany and Tate are getting married but the best man is found dead. The ex of Harper is causing all kinds of trouble and is linked to who know what. Who do you trust anymore. Plenty of research is just part of figuring it all out. Love this group and can not wait for the next storyline.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Angel Ballard722 5

Gloom is not always doom
Although the sad part is the loss of the best man and best friend of the groom, the story flows smoothly. A good cast of suspects and loads of sleuthing creates a fast moving investigation that reveals the underhandedness of this crime. Well written and full main characters ensures a hard to put down book. Loved every minute of it!
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Lynn 362 3

At the rehearsal dinner for Harper’s best friend Bethany and her fiancé Tate, someone is murdered and there are a few who don’t want the wedding to take place. Harper’s ex husband shows up, her special necklace is stolen and she is trying her best to save the town. Lots of suspects and plot twists. A fun, magical mystery. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Brandy Rice1,285 16

Harper Dade and friends are back with another quirky cozy mystery. As Harper's best friend is set to get married another murder occurs. Harper works to find the murderer and tries to stop her ex-husband from causing trouble. There are a few new characters introduced who have their own motives to cause some mayhem. This story is a lot of fun with a lot of twists and turns. I really enjoyed this read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.2021 arc Anne1,267 61

I didn't realize when I requested the book (I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.) that this was the fourth book in the series which may have impacted my enjoyment.

I could not get into the story or the characters and their actions didn't ring true or make sense to me at times. Gave up at 80%. Patricia A Spring881 1 follower

Cosy murder mystery

A cosy murder mystery, this time with more questions than answers. Her best friend was quick to blame her for the trouble when it was Bethany fault. She apologised and then did worse, still blaming Harper. Brenda Ellis629 6

What a loser

Harper's ex, along with another group of evil beings bring their own kind of drama to town. I cant wait to see if they get what's coming to them in the next book. I can only hope so. Teresa Marzec236 3

Good book

Twists and turns with every paragraph!. Harper has her work cut out for her! She's lost her magic again and now to learn how to get it back! The wedding began and now to learn of its finishing! Enjoy! Rebecca Brown1,154 4

A wonderful cozy mystery by author Kat McGee.
Harper is a wonderful character. Really loved reading this wonderful book...

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Matthew Murray1,002


I have enjoyed reading this latest book of yours the story line and the mystery of your writing was exceptionally wonderful. Carol1,359 14

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