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Karenza Grant Publisher: L'Ours Books, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781915737090,9781915737106

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This installment takes us to Lucas’ home in Fae, where Camille learns more about Lucas, his family and the evil trying to tear apart the world. Loved getting to know Lucas better, and seeing his partnership with Camille grow and strengthen. We get to meet new characters, learn more about Fae, and see the characters we know grow. Well written story, with vivid description, immersed in French, a great addition to the series.

I received a free copy of this book and I’m voluntarily leaving a review
1 Peter736 27

Third book in this wonderful series. Read the books in order. Urban fantasy with a French setting. Action packed, lots of humour, magic potions, and a selection of characters to entertain - cheer with or boo. The border between human and Fae realms continues to be challenged. As does Camille’s relationship with Lucas. She can’t make up her mind about her feelings for him. Maybe being introduced to his family will help her decide. Then again maybe not as she soon finds out that they are completely dastardly and up to what could only be described as possibly catastrophic deeds. Honesty is going to be her best ally. Thank you to Karenza Grant for the ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.arcs-from-indie-authors karanza-grant1 Victoria Golby814 7

The Dark side of Fae

A brilliantly written UF read (the series keeps getting better), set in a small village the south of France. With folklore, magic, humor, family and friendships, action, adventure, great characters, a dash of romance and an army of tiny men with axes who live for pillaging and a good fight (though they're very polite).

This follows on nicely from "Folkloric Lure" with Camille settling into her training as a Keeper. After a fight with his brother, Elivorn, Lucas is called away to visit his family in Fae and tells her to stay at home, but when she gets a warning from Mushum that Lucas' life is in danger she knows she has to find away to help him, though when she gets to Grimmere where his family live she's not prepared for what she discovers.

Lucas hasn't been entirely truthful about who he is but he had been honest that uninvited guests don't last long. His solution is for them to pretend to be mates, though you get the feeling that he isn't entirely acting. But what are his family up to with the Bounds and, ignoring her attraction for him, can Camille trust Lucas?

I loved how we learn more about Lucas and his Drac family in this (the sibling rivalry is brilliant); as well as meeting new characters, learning about different Fae and watching characters and relationships grow. I also love how the tension between Lucas and Camille is growing, as well as the moments of humor (particularly the mix-up with the potions).

Another great story by Karenza, with a huge mix of fae, goblins, elfs, and other creatures; and not forgetting the Men of Bedeilhac.

I received a free copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review. Sarah Metcalf438 2

Another wonderful book in the Folkloric series! In this book, Camille is now an official Keeper. She has been training with Lucas and Grampi in the human realm, but still does not have a lot of actual experience in Fae. After a huge fight between Lucas and his brother, Elivorn, Lucas tells Camille he needs to go to family home in Fae. He tells her she has to stay, but when she gets a warning that he is in grave danger she decides she needs to make the journey to save him. But she did not realize just how dangerous the journey or his family would be.
While in Grimmere, Camille is exposed to the very real danger from the drac family. She learns secrets Lucas has kept form her and is torn as to whether she should trust Lucas or not. The family is set on tearing the Bounds apart and someone close to Camille is pulled into the plot. There is a lot that happens in this book and I can't say much more without giving too much away!
I love learning all the new (to me) French folklore and history. It is woven together beautifully! And the tension between Camille and Lucas is definitely getting thicker (esp after Camille gives him the wrong potion!!!!) Still trying to deny her attraction to Lucas, she must decide whether she wants to trust him or not.
If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend going back and getting book 1! Another book that I can't wait to see where this goes! (Both the plot and the possible romance!) Pippa Humphries9 2

The more I read in this series the better it gets!

I hadn’t been sure where the story would go next at the end of the last book (book 2). I was really looking forward to seeing where the story would take us next with Camille’s crumbling relationship with Alice, how she felt about becoming a keeper and of course wondering whatever would happen between her and Lucas next.

What has amazed me is how the author has opened up this world and run with it. We’re treated to an amazing expansion into the fae world, and written in such a way that of course it all feels so natural.

You can really see Camille’s development in this book, where she’s starting to trust in things that she wouldn’t have previously, and becoming more confident in her intuition, despite not always seeing the whole picture. And along the way she kicks some serious ass!

Learning more about Lucas has been both enjoyable and eye-opening, especially when it comes to Camille. We meet some more new characters along the way and learn more about some of the others we’ve met before, which really helps build the story into a much richer world.

Kareza Grant’s writing is so smooth and intuitive you get swept along in the narrative - I really didn’t want it to end. Emma Goldman303 2

Another excellent chapter in the beating of the fae bounds - otherwise known as the extermination of both fae and human worlds. A sly attempt to seduce Camille is thwarted violently by Lucas, resulting in mayhem in the cafe. Camille drags Lucas out of the mess, and discovers the embarrassing truth that her would-be seducer is Lucas's ill-intentioned brother in disguise, and using his fae powers.
The revelation of his family's involvement in a plot to sever the boundaries completely leads them into Grimere itself, where Lucas's family rule over the enslaved goblin population. Lucas claims that Camille is his mate, a guarantee of acceptance into his family, although not of safety from his older brother.
Chaos is already guaranteed by the sneaky pursuit of two trainees, curious and unprepared for danger, walking straight into ambush. Rescued, they continue to pop up unexpectedly, and certainly unasked for, throughout the subsequent hunt for secret parchments, the rescue of Camille's estranged best friend, lying captive in a dungeon, and the evasion of seduction by the persistent brother.
The finale has fireworks involved. GG330 9

This is France-based Urban fantasy at its most fun. (Trying saying that 10 times fast – I’ll wait) – Countryside fantasy? Anyway… it continues the story from the first 2 books and Our Heroine, Camille, her ‘partner’ Lucas and the rest of the gang are in fine form. We’re not restricted to France though and we get to see Lucas’s home place.

More will ruin the surprises, but Cain and Abel have nothing on his sibling rivalry! And of course others are drawn into this.

I loved the pacing and story development. And of course, the characters. Author Grant does a nice job further developing them and show how actions from one impact the others. I really enjoyed this third book and can’t wait for the fourth. (hint, hint)

Side note - I really the depictions of various mythologicals and especially Slaughter and his crew.

I read an ARC of this book and choose to review it. Kendra40 1 follower

This is my favorite book in the series so far. Action/adventure and demons to be fought. Camille is now a full fledged keeper. She has accepted her role and fights with all she has. She wants to keep the boundry between the human and fae world intact but there is evil that wants to bring it down. Camille struggles with her trust of the other main character Lucas. She is must enter the fae world and save Lucas from certain death. What shes finds is not what she expects and now she really doesn't know what to think of her partner. She fights will everything she can to save her friends and save the world.
I am absolutely loving the flow and world building of this series. I can't want to find out where it goes next!
Triggers: some brief force and implied force that is fought off
I am an Arc reader for this book and it is expected to be published August 31.urban-fantasy Dayna97 6

Another great book from Karenza in this folkloric fae series. As Lucus heads to his home for answers, Camille is left back to keep things secure. But then there is a message that Lucus is in trouble and Camille is the only one that can save him. As Camille sets off to save her partner, she is also hoping to learn more about him and his true nature. Whoa boy, does she find out the truth on all accounts. From hiding from hunting parties to formal dinners with his family, this is a full contact visit. She has to use every skill she's learned plus every ounce of her intuition to know who to trust in such a dark and treacherous place. With new friends as well as old to protect, it's hard to come by the one thing she needs to do, trust Lucus.

"No matter what, trust me." Jennifer23

Karenza has hit this one out of the park. The World building in this series has been absolutely immense, but visiting Grimmere has really drawn us further into Fae with some amazing scenes from these not so far off places. The introduction of some New characters has really expanded the world that Camille and Lucas are fighting to keep safe. I have loved reading this series and this one in particular kept me up till way later than I should have been up reading until. But honestly is there anything better, in the dark, reading something you are fully immersed in. Karenza is also great at making me think I know what's going on and then completely pulling the rug from under me and I am so here for it. I cannot wait for more in this series. 10 out of 10 recommend. Sheila White66 1 follower

I've had the amazing opportunity and pleasure to be an ARC reader for every book in this series and this one hasn't disappointed me, Karenza has this amazing ability to grab me by the thoracic cavity at the start of her books and not letting me go until the very last word of it.
This time she introduces us to Lucas's family and the goblins who had a hand in his upbringing and how Camille reacts to meeting them all for the first time is quite interesting and am so glad that the gulf between Camille and her bestie has finally been resolved and that they're back to being how they had been pre-keeper and can't wait for the final book to come out, but am sad to see it end so soon 4 books plus the prequel short story/novella as I'm not sure which she called it just doesn't enough1 1 comment Taylor Chandler3

Camille is trying hard to fully accept her role as a keeper. Though with trust and friendship struggles, she faces a challenge when she is suddenly forced to enter the birthplace of her partner. A dark land that feeds on her inner turmoil. Her ability to trust is tested and her many budding friendships and long time friendships are shaped in the third installment. A great addition to the series. Un the first two books where climatic fighting and battling kept you invested, this book using suspense to keep you reading. This change was perfect to help build the characters more and helps the reader really connect with all that is Camille and Lucas’s journey together. G Taylor109 1 follower

This is the 3rd book in the series and they just keep getting better and better.The world building in this series is phenomenal and the characters are diverse and interesting.
In this book we discover more about Lucas"s background and family. Camille is now a keeper and training hard when Lucas has to return home to fae he tells Camille not to join him. Camille finds out his life is in danger so follows him and what she finds out makes her start to question her feelings.
It is important to read these books in order but I highly recommend that you give them a go. You really won't regret reading this fabulous series. Loveta Pope3 1 follower

Camille has decided to jump into her keeper role with both feet. Lucas' brother shows up and tries to seduce her, and it gets physical between the brothers. Then, Lucas tells Camille he's going to be in Fae for about a week. However, Mushum shows up and urges Camille to follow Lucus because he's in danger of dying. Camille follows and begins to learn more about Lucas than she could ever guess. But, the more she learns, the more she fears that she doesn't know enough and the less she trusts his true intent. This is another great story by Karenza Grant that continues to delight and reveal more about Camille and Lucas and how they are bound together in more ways than one.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Perri Corbett28 1 follower

This is a much darker adventure for Camil and Lucas. After fighting with his brother, who used his incubus charms to try to seduce Camil, Lucas has to return to his fae home in Grimmere and Camil follows him. She meets the rest of his drac family and has to pretend to be his mate to explain her presence among them. She learns a lot about Lucas’ background – which doesn’t help her with her doubts about trusting him.
Once again, Karenza Grant has painted a rich tableau, drawing us back into Camil and Lucas’ world, where plots and sub-plots, deception and betrayal abound. An excellent read.
MandiAuthor 8 books73

This was by far my favorite book in the series so far. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Camille and Lucas.

And Lucas' family ... Grant could have made them purely evil for evil's sake, but she didn't. She showed that there are two sides to everyone. Well, except Elivorn. He's just not a nice guy.

The setting was great. The group of goblins trying to make the world better was perfectly written.

This was just an all-around great read with so much potential for future books. I can't wait to see what happens next. Lindsey26 1 follower

I absolutely love the progression of this book. The story continues to get better and better with each book in the series. Camille and Lucas continue to grow as partners. Also, I do believe there was definitely some foreshadowing, and if I'm correct, it makes me extremely happy, and I can't wait to see it play out. To address everything I love about this book would give too many key moments away. So, I will leave it short and simple, and say the book was fantastic, and I would recommend the series to anyone who loves a good fantasy/lore series. Jan Mansfield4

Another fantastic read. I love all the indepth detail that goes into creating these stories, not my normal reading material, until I started this series, I find myself drawn more and more into its realm. Karenza's fabulous vocabulary keeps you right in the zone. The hope that good will come out of all the intriuge and mayhem makes me want to not put the book down and find out what is coming next. I am enjoying this series. What Next?? is my Question
Mandy152 2

This is a continuation of the series. The story picks up with a visit to Lucas' home and Camille finally learns more (both good and not-so-good) about his family and his drac side, while dealing with the bounds problem and her broken friendship with Alice. The story was action-packed with some dramatic, dark and emotional moments but there was humour as well to lighten the mood. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next book. Charlotte Badger87 2

I love this series and find the world building continues to develop incredibly well in this book. Camille and Lucas's adventures continue to advance the story, and the new characters introduced in this book keep the story interesting (of course the plot helps too!) It leads really nicely onto the next book in the series, but doesn't finish on too much of a cliffhanger which I appreciate. Kris Cobb60 3

It has bothered Camille that some could see Fae and others could not. She could not tell them, though, nor did she consider Verity fair.

She goes to Grimmere, Lucas' family home, prompted by Mushum, to protect Lucas, but finds herself in the middle of several deceptions, several ruses, involving Lucas.

Can Camille trust Lucas? Can he trust her?
Shannon2,686 20

Great continuation of the series. Camille is now training to be a Keeper but takes some time off to go save Lucas when she is told he needs it. I that we get to learn more about his family in this book. Cindy Kriek35 1 follower

Camille and Lucas must face his family. But she sees a side of him that makes her doubt him. Can she put her prejudge aside to save to bounds. I totally recommend this YA series. Can't wait for the next one Jen Davis176 4

What can I say. I LOVE this series and I can’t get enough of it. I need an intervention because now I want to read more and the next book isn’t out yet. I adore Lucas and Camille. This book was darker than the others but it made it where I couldn’t put this book down. The world building is fantastic, the characters are amazing, and the story is mind blowing. Karenza please get the next book out quick! I need more of Camille and Lucas in my life. I got this as an Advanced Reader Copy and this is my honest review. Raeleane134 2

Another superb Folkloric story. Karenza Grant knows how to hook her readers and keep their attention with her amazing world building and her lively characters. I enjoyed this third book as thoroughly as the first and second one.I can't wait for the next book. I seriously recommend reading this series. Penny2,539 72

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