Naomi de Junichiro Tanizaki

de Junichiro Tanizaki - Género: English
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Junichiro Tanizaki

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QUICKSAND...Games of deception & love & death pacts... setting is Japan 1927, story is told as a confession- by a widow Kakiuchi Sonoko of Osaka( to a man she has been intimate with). Sonoko is from a good respectable family, been married to a well to do but boring man, lived in a large house by the beach with a maid, & had no need to work so she took art classes. A rumor was started regarding a Kannon portrait who's ness was of the fair slender dazzling beauty Tokumitsu Mitsuko. This brings the 2 together & they have an affair (Mitsuko takes off her clothes in the Kakiuchi home bedroom and it drives her insane!) Love letters exchanged, ornate stationary described. Then Sonoko discovers Mitsuko has a male lover a certain Watanuki. Mitsuko says this boyfriend is "not even a man" - impotent pansy. Watanuki makes Sonoko make a blood oath on sharing Mitsuko between them, then he involves Sonoko's husband into the plot & Sonoko is found out. Watanuki is apparently desperate to marry Mitsuko, makes the husband sign a pledge to control his wife. Sonoko & Mitsuko plot a new scheme of a double suicide hoax & involve Ume (Mitsuko's maid) No one dies but now Mitsuko puts Sonoko in jeopardy by seducing & involving her husband to the extent that Mitsuko now controls Mr & Mrs Kakiuichi with sleeping meds. Newspaper scandal of the affair breaks out-was it Ume was it Watanuki?? Suicide pact with the 3 of them, but Sonoko does not die, hence this confession.1 Lou281 4

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