The Space Between You and Me de Julie True Kingsley

de Julie True Kingsley - Género: English
libro gratis The Space Between You and Me


For Clem, summers are for Maine—for wandering the blueberry barrens, helping her grandmother on the farm, and stargazing with her parents. But her grandmother is gone, she hasn't talked to her mom in months, and her dad is devoted to the family business. Now, all Clem wants to think about is a dance audition that could get her into Juilliard. She doesn't need another distraction. Then she meets Rico. He's nothing like the boys back home in LA or the boys in Maine, either. His secrets rival her own and as they grow closer, she must confront the hidden realities of places she thought she knew. In Julie True Kingsley's debut novel, Clem and Rico's worlds are threatening to tear them apart. Can they bridge the space between them before summer is just a memory?

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The Space Between You and Me is a heartwarming story from the blueberry fields of Maine. The love story of Clem and Rico is a beautiful portrayal of the complex relationships between locals and immigrants working the summer harvests. Kingsley beautifully integrates Maine culture, the power of love, and the importance of a strong local community into this page-turner. This story is a must read for young adults and readers of all ages. A perfect summer read! Jennifer1 review

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