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Julia Quinn Publisher: HarperCollins, Year: 2008 ISBN: 9780061737275

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3.5 stars

How does one lose a Duke?

Well, apparently if his father dies without letting his family know he married a girl, and the girl's family had no idea that he was anything special before the girl died in childbirth, said child then becomes the lost heir of a dukedom.

And how does one find a Duke?

Well, apparently, if you're a highway robber who knocks over the wrong coach, your douchebag grandma might recognize that you look exactly her dead son and force your ass back home.
Admittedly, this is a stretch.
Welcome to the wild world of romance novels!

That's just the start of this sucker. And to be very honest, I wasn't sure who was going to be the Duke of...whatever until the very end of the book. A surprise? Yes. And that doesn't usually happen to me when I'm reading a fluff romance.

I know, right?
This one was one of the cuter Julia Quinn novels I've read lately. And maybe that's because I'm burned out on Bridgertons for the time being. But maybe it's because this was kind of adorable.
Plus, I'm looking forward to reading the flip side of this story from his cousin. I was completely dying to find out about his and his fiance's side of the story the entire time I was reading about the hero and heroine of this book.
Well done on making me curious, Ms. Quinn.

Kate Reading - Narrator <--she's good stuff!audio libby-app read-in-2021 ...more90 s Lacey (laceybooklovers)2,133 11.8k

I am so surprised by how much I loved this one because no one really talks about this duet from Julia Quinn! It’s definitely one of her underrated ones. I adored Jack, our charming highwayman turned long lost duke. He falls for his supposed grandmother’s companion and tries to woo her crazy. There’s so much good, juicy drama and the romance was swoony and full of banter. It was so good! 4.5-5 stars.adult historical-romance57 s Merry 740 175

This was a nice book that had an insta love theme. I should have loved this book. Smart aleck hero, spunky heroine and overbearing duchess. I found all of it just ok. Suspension of disbelief was required that Jack found just the right coach in all of England to hold up and the story was off and running with so many happy coincidences. Even a beautiful companion who falls in love with Jack 2 days after they meet. Again, nice but nothing that hasn't been done before. The end has a nice twist but there were some page skipping done by this reader.duke napoleonic regency ...more52 s6 comments Beth F389 361

I had a one night stand with this book. Or more fitting, I had a 24-hour stand with this book. I started it on Friday evening and finished it on Saturday afternoon. And in between reading it, I reorganized my closet and my dresser, cleaned the bathroom, opened some windows to get some fresh air circulating (it was over 40 on Saturday—a virtual heat wave!) and put together a bag of old clothes to donate. I almost never finish books that fast, especially when I'm multi-tasking.

So all in all, this book most assuredly fit the bill for a fast read. It was very lighthearted, Julia Quinn writes dialogue quite well and the hero’s name is Jack, which is a name I am partial to because I married a Jack. The plot was also driven by an identity crisis and when it comes to romance novels, the dual identity or mistaken identity storyline gets me every time.

Jack Audley is a highwayman who makes the ill-fated decision one night to stop a coach carrying the dowager Duchess of Wyndham and her companion, Grace Eversleigh. Once the women have exited the carriage, her grace comes to the startling conclusion that Jack Audley is the spitting image of her dead son (even though he’s wearing a mask) and that she is most ly his grandmother.

Audley steals the dowager duchesses ring (a feminine version of his own ring) and steals a kiss from Miss Eversleigh, but then panics at the announcement the dowager has just made and disappears into the night.

So is he the true Duke of Wyndham or isn’t he? That is the plot and there is very little else to say because I don't want to spoil the ending (even though it isn't exactly unique).

This book is worth the read because the dialogue between the characters is enjoyable, Jack Audley is humorous and the dowager duchess is a nasty old biddy, which is also quite amusing. This was also the first book I’d read by this author but I wouldn’t be opposed to seeking out another.
2009 dudes-named-jack historical-romance ...more30 s Jenn (The Book Refuge)2,176 3,376

Still loved this.

Jack is so swoony.

It was fun.

Love this sweet duology.historical-romance read-202125 s Suzan609

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