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"If you're looking for a read that's equally entertaining and horrific, you MUST pick up one of Shortwave's Killer VHS books, specifically Teleportasm." —Anna Dupre, FearForAll

Four friends unearth a unique VHS tape that, when viewed, causes short-distance teleportation with euphoric after-effects, inadvertently launching a perilous trend.

As copies of the original tape are made, the results become less predictable and ultimately gruesome due to analog generational decay. Despite the danger, some will risk everything for just one more trip.

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Huge thanks to Shortwave Media for the physical arc!

Holy cow. This book was freaking awesome, and so compulsively readable. I know the blurb ns it to Goosebumps already, but it really felt an amped up, adult version to me. The chapters that flashed forward, featuring different sets of people, all read Goosebump-infused interludes. And with some pretty horrific outcomes.

When bong hits and spliffs aren’t enough, best friends, Barry, Lars, Frankie, and Snaps, take a fateful trip to Lars’ sleazy uncle’s house. All for the promise of a great high… through teleportation. Some clearly explained, and rather scientific reasonings linking the story to The Philadelphia Experiment, make the reader buy in immediately. The rest is history. Some dangerous, mutilating, and deadly history.

The four best friends convince Lars’ uncle to give them a copy of this killer VHS, the ultimate teleportation device, which leads them to make their own copies. The years that follow are different for each of them, but no less gruesome across the four.

Millican does a great job of creating some unique and awfully gross body horror. And I really enjoyed the evolving and differing scenes he painted in each instance the teleportation goes wrong. Some of them brought to mind the multi-zombie from The Walking Dead: Dead City, and the murderous blob from the end of Evil Dead Rise.

The single human world, the differing dimensions, infiltration, as well as the ending, really introduced some intriguing and really unique thoughts on how teleportation could possibly work, and how it could go wrong. So while this story was an absolute blast for me, it also introduced some things that I’ll be thinking through for some time.

https://fanfiaddict.com/review-telepo...arcs horror indie-reads ...more9 s Dana138 2

This. Was. So. Much. FUN! I read this in two days and had a hard time putting it down. It read sci-fi with extreme horror elements, and I loved every minute of it. Sprinkled in were some laugh out loud moments that I felt were perfectly placed. This is the 3rd in the Killer VHS Series from Shortwave Publishing, and all of them have been superb.8 s thevampireslibrary389 164

Reminiscent of The Twilight Zone this delivers all the nostalgic vibes we've come to love in shortwave's Killer VHS series, Teleportasm has tons of rather creative *side eye* body horror scenes and Joshua combines sci fi and horror to give us this slick novella that is not only a gruesome good time (it gets real gross) but also a surprisingly evocative exploration of addiction and power, and who has that power really? why do such tapes even exist? the scope widens to include a conspiratorial tone which adds a layer of depth to the story, in under 200 pages the reader has surely learnt their lesson (was this a science class? Millican really made science FUN) actions have consequences and you shouldn't really mess with things you don't understand kids, especially the fabric of space and time....8 s Matt M77 23

Teleportasm lives up to the Killer VHS moniker. It’s about a video tape that allows for teleportation that gets the user high. This one is a fast read, filled with nostalgic 80’s horror fun. Lots of body horror, gore, and existential horror. It’s a lot of fun!

Thank you to Shortwave for providing me with an advanced eBook in exchange for an honest review.8 s Alix361 108

This was a fun yet horrific story at the same time. Teleportation sounds cool in theory, but as I soon discovered, it can lead to grisly results. The book is told through a series of vignettes where we see this teleportation videotape-and its copies-make their way through various people. Each person’s experience with the tape is different, but one thing they all experience is the best high ever. But is the high worth it? Where did this tape originate from and how does it cause someone to teleport? I feel this story would make for an excellent horror film, especially with Brandon Cronenberg at the helm, due to its intense body horror elements.

Things get really crazy in the second half and teleportation has a lot more implications than I could have ever imagined. I loved the wild ending of this story and I think it could have been expanded into a longer novel, with more time spent developing the various storylines. Overall, this was a great read that incorporated several different horror elements. 5 s Hannah | Reading Under Covers915 106

Four friends unearth a unique VHS tape that, when viewed, causes short-distance teleportation with euphoric after-effects, inadvertently launching a perilous trend. When they decide to make copies of it, things get a bit out of hand as we see people across time chase the same high.

TELEPORTASM by Joshua Millican is the third installment in the KILLER VHS SERIES and oh, what a fun time this one was!

This story was nostalgic, had old-school horror roots, and had such a great premise!

I loved jumping from one timeline to the next and seeing new characters experience the tape for the first time (some of them get downright gritty and goopy).

It was also an interesting lens through which addiction was explored! How far and how much are people willing to risk for that ultimate high?!

Another great read in this series!

Huge thanks to Shortwave for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Publication Date: June 254 s Mother Suspiria143 78 Read

TELEPORTASM is #3 in Shortwave Publishing's Killer VHS series. Joshua Millican contributes a fun tale that pays homage to the gory, glorious films of the 80's/90's with a fresh, modern take on body horror and cursed media: tapes that offer trips that tantalize and torment, with no cure for their lure.4 s Anna Dupre107 11

A huge thank you to the publisher for the eARC!

Teleportation, the art of transporting yourself from one place to another, seemingly in an instant, seems an idea of sci-fi fiction. But what about horror? In the newest installment to the Killer VHS Series from Shortwave, the terrifying nature of messing with the fabric of space and time is put on full display.
Four stoner friends get their hands on a VHS tape that facilitates short distance teleportation. If that isn't seemingly cool enough, teleportation also yields a high no other, making it possibly the hottest drug on the market. However, these things have ramifications, some too grotesque to even fathom.

Teleportasm delivers on A LOT of really interesting concepts and theories by executing gnarly scenes of body horror. This story does wonderful on a surface level as multiple chapters focus on unsuspecting characters getting their hands on this VHS, leading to some rather violent outcomes. However, Millican essentially does a deep dive into the lore and consequences of such a tale existing. Even though this is a novella coming in under 200 pages, I was utterly blown away by how much detail was included in the various stories told. This reads a weird case of The X Files, the haunting spread of terror in Talk to Me, and the possible apocalyptic outcome of Fallout. And most of all, IT'S SO DAMN FUN.

If you're looking for a gory good time exploring what can go wrong with physics, you simply must check out Teleportasm which releases on June 25th!4 s Jamedi541 105

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Teleportasm is the third standalone novella in the horror series Killer V/H/S, written by Joshua Millicam, and published by Shortwave Publishing. With a crazy premise, Millicam weaves a story that puts together body horror with a twisted plot, leading to unexpected and even humorous situations, creating an authentic rollercoaster of reading experience.

Four friends get their hands on a VHS tape that will teleport the viewer six feet due north; if playing with the laws of universe is not enough of a hit, it also rewards with a great high, a sensation not comparable to anyone. As you can imagine, things soon go out of control when each one gets their own copy, and even new copies start circulating, progressively degrading with each new generation.

In the years that follow, we see the consequences of this decision, and how the high associated to teleportation (teleportasm) have created authentic addicts, that at this point doesn't care of the quality of the tape as long as they get their dose, in analogue to drug consumption. Intercalating short episodes with the story of the friends, Millicam takes the opportunity to pay homage to the X Files and zombie movies, including really gruesome body horror scenes that are an authentic delight to read.

It is true that the structure can feel a bit confusing at points, especially with the first time jumps; you could think this is a collection of short stories with a main plot that connects all of them. Said that, the pacing is really on-point, and those minor gripes are just a consequence of the non-lineal structure chosen by the author.

Teleportasm is a great novella, a perfect fit on the Killer V/H/S series, and that will be loved by those that are looking for a more gory entry; Millicam shows his ability to change the tone in short lengths, having written a remarkable book.3 s Aaron Esthelm143

The vibes of this books were
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