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With a click, the bread fell into the toaster. One circuit fired the heating coils. Others monitored bread temperature and color.

Yet another circuit was quite unlike all the rest—

as exotic as it was sinister;

when it activated, 368 people would die.

In the 22nd century, the justice system is airtight in the domed city of Arcadia. Human error has been removed. Yet somehow, a well-intentioned young kleptomaniac named Rainville falls through the cracks and is wrongfully convicted of mass murder.

He is exiled to Wychwood Prison, a crumbling necropolis beyond the dome where the dead outnumber the living, where the inmates are also the guards. News of the crime follows him, and he becomes a marked man.

Rainville's only hope for survival is becoming the first inmate in history to escape Wychwood. Can he do it? The fate of Arcadia depends on it.

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What attracted me in the description was of course that it is SF, and talk of a ‘prison’ from where no one ever escaped.

I was not disappointed, on the contrary. The author wrote a very clever story full of surprises and old and new insights. We start with a bang, as Rainville, not even twenty years old, is already a very clever technician and a very clever shoplifter too! Of course it is absolutely wrong to try and rob a big store with a couple of friends, don’t get me wrong, but it is such a good scene to get to know our main character and the time and place he lives in. Arcadia is a city under a dome, and everything, literally everything, is controlled by computers. The weather, the food, the traffic, you name it. Rainville’s mother sadly passed away and he’s not exactly on speaking terms with his father, so he spends his time with his friends and helping out people with repairing their household appliances. However, one day the toaster he helped his elderly neighbour fixing explodes the first time the new owner uses it. Sadly the owner is a young woman, and she and her husband and hundreds of people die in the explosion.
Soon the police picks up Rainville and before he knows it, he’s found guilty and send to Wychwood, a prison that’s not a big building with guards but something completely different. Luckily, Rainville gets help from his girlfriend and an elderly solicitor and so we travel with them through the hidden depths of Arcadia – and find out not only who was responsible for the explosion, but also a lot of things about Arcadia itself.

This is a great book, whether you love SF or not. Rainville is a great character, although not flawless, and he gets help from a couple of interesting people. There is history (real or fake), there are some very strange and gruesome characters, there is despair and courage, there is even some romance. And all this set in a futuristic world that could be nearer than we think. I’m looking forward to the next book of John Maly.

Thanks to Highlander Press and Netgalley for this review copy.

five-stars netgalley-2024 science-fiction13 s4 comments Jay89 6

I got this book for free from BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

It's a story about an injustice in a society where justice is considered infallible and to correct that injustice even if no one believes you. It has it all, a sci fi plot, a love story, a able main character who is demonized. I don't want to give away any spoilers but check this book out, you won't regret it.

I really enjoyed this book, it takes on aspects of AI that I had never really thought about. This is the authors first book and I hope he writes another, I feel we're just scratching the surface of both the characters and the world.

It had me hooked and I was able to finish it in a few days and left me wanting more.1 SuanneAuthor 13 books1,012 Read

Juris Ex Machina is a genre-bending science fiction thriller set in the distant future. The city of Arcadia exists under a dome, and all its functions are controlled by artificial intelligence. Computers have taken over so entirely that they are the “jury” that decides the guilt or innocence of criminals. The story chapters are interspersed with excerpts from books both real (Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay) and imaginary (A Brief History of the Wychwood Penal Facility by A. R. Wilchcombe) which provide a background history of the means men used historically when judging the crimes of others.

The book starts out in a fairly light tone with a young man, Rainville, living his ordinary life. He’s a typical young adult whose crimes are limited to flash mob shoplifting and scamming pizza delivery robots out of their wares. It soon deepens.

This book has the most unusual ticking bomb I’ve ever read: a toaster. A rather anachronistic product, it works any other conventional toaster—but inside lies a lethal circuit that destroys a section of Arcadia. Rainville is captured, wrongfully convicted, and sent to Wychwood prison outside the dome. Here, the tone darkens as this relatively innocent man is subjected to the horrors of Wychwood Penal Facility, enduring the torments of being inside, seeing people killed before his eyes, and the degradation of all the inmates into their most violent and primitive state. Rainville must escape and join forces with his lawyer and girlfriend to save the city of Arcadia from an unknown terrorist.

The world building here is extraordinary. I was easily able to suspend disbelief and enter life in Arcadia. The author has degrees in law and computer engineering and has worked in computer technology litigation, so he is well-versed in his subject matter. Juris Ex Machina is well worth reading for its insights into artificial intelligence.sci-fi Donna Thompson616 43

***I won a copy of this book through a LibraryThing Early Reviewers Giveaway. My review is strictly voluntary.***

Everything about this book was enjoyable. From the opening pages to the final breathtaking ending, there's not a dull moment to be had. I immediately threw my expectations out the window and just went along for the ride. And what a ride it is. The premise is very timely as well, as every day we see people innocently playing games with and watching AI generated videos and memes, reading articles and , without realizing how insidious and potentially harmful, and even downright fatal, AI has the potential to become. This book explored what definitely could happen when complete autonomy is given over to technology and no checks or balances are put in place to prevent the dominance of the human race, without it even knowing it's being dominated.

The world building and characters really pulled me in and I hope the author explores these again, in some form or another. For a first novel, I was very impressed with the level of detail and the depth of experienced writing that went into this massive story. This is a cautionary tale that needed to be told. Whether people take heed is another story altogether. But this is one rousing good yarn and one you won't want to miss.2024-read giveaways J.C. BurnhamAuthor 1 book183

In a not-so-distant dystopian future where justice is meted out by AI jurists, Raineville is framed by an unknown foe. Now he must break free from prison to prove his innocence for a mass murder he didn’t commit. Navigating the prison’s underworld, he soon finds himself trapped in a digital labyrinth that not only threatens his life, but all of humanity as well. Only the beautiful Vyanna believes in his innocence and works on his behalf with a mysterious benefactor to piece together the alluding clues. But will their effort be in vain? Can Raineville survive long enough to see the outside world again and unravel the nefarious frame?

Deftly balancing reality and science fiction, Juris Ex machina presents a what-if tale of frightening proportions that forces the reader question the state of AI in the modern world. Intriguing. Frighteningly realistic. A futuristic look at the modern world. Dave MilbrandtAuthor 6 books47

This book was a bit hard to get into and the dual storylines, at times, left me wanting to stay in one character's head or the other. Also,, while I get the idea of the prologues to each chapter, they were a bit much from my POV and could have been dealt with in one prologue at the beginning of the book that matches the chapter at the end.

Other than these elements, it was a pretty good story once it got going. If you made "I, Robot" about the legal system, that would be your story here. While I know we are supposed to be rooting for the protagonist, I particularly d how the developed the "evil" AI in particular, though I was surprised that it had not adopted a name for itself beyond its own sentience. Karen O'Connell4

Juris Ex Machina is a wildly inventive futuristic showdown between the law, AI and an innocent young man. It is compulsively readable and written with intelligence and wry humor. Maly reveals a deep understanding of both technology and law—creating a compelling story and characters that keeps the reader on the hook until the final page.
read-again Anastacia155 13

An excellent techno thriller! Rainville is a hacker who meets a young woman in a store. Things go nicely until a toaster explodes with force. Rainville is blamed, and sent to a horrible prison. Can he prove his innocence?

This was a fast paced and interesting book. Humorous and sad in places,but makes you think about technology and how it affects society. Fran807 13

This was a thrill ride! A little something for everyone here…a little sci fi, romance, crime drama and a whole lot more. This is a tale that lures the reader in, then sends them hurtling through page after pulse racing page. This is an outstanding debut, and I’m looking forward to more from this author. Kari3

What an exciting first novel by John Maly. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the first chapter. Wonderful vocabulary and engaging story. A must read for sci-fi enthusiasts and people who enjoy fantastically placed words. I highly recommend this book! Caroline250 15

John Maly's debut novel, Juris Ex Machina, explores the dangers of artificial intelligence in a futuristic world where juries are made up of these "less fallible" entities. What happens when one of the systems goes rogue? Sally Mander757 22 Currently reading

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