A Man of Remarkable Restraint de John Breneman

de John Breneman - Género: English
libro gratis A Man of Remarkable Restraint


Charles is definitely going insane. Has been since he was a kid. But with intense focus and remarkable restraint, he has managed to keep a tight grip on his inner psycho... until he gets laid off from his newspaper job. Uh-oh. Something's gonna blow. Good thing he meets rowdy Vietnam Vet Stanley "Apocalypse" Nowell at the bar—at least now he has a friend. An unlikely love interest enters the picture, too. But when he gets work ghostwriting for an arrogant soldier-of-fortune type, things seem destined to go down in flames. Come along on this darkly comedic odyssey with a deeply troubled, self-antagonistic protagonist—Charles [last name withheld to protect the innocent].

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In the beginning the author repeatedly makes the point that the main character has anger issues. That could have been trimmed for a more in depth exploration of his relationship with his love interest. The ending comes all too quickly and the dramatic climax is handled in one sentence!?! Some very good use of language but the structure was a mess and the story adolescent. It would make a good comic book. Clarke Beaudry4 2

A piece of all of us

I think all of us can find connections to the characters in this book. Extreme emotions are part of our lives. John develops his characters in ways we can relate to and in ways that may be uncomfortable. It is a wild ride and I suggest you take it! Robert Morgan Fisher605 18

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