I Left Shadows in the Woods de Joan De La Haye

de Joan De La Haye - Género: English
libro gratis I Left Shadows in the Woods


The Woods Hold a Darkness, and Revenge Can Be a Brutal Game.

The dense canopy of the sprawling nature preserve swallows the sunlight, casting long shadows that conceal a darkness. Whispers of disappearances have become a chilling reality. Looking for answers to her own brutal attack, Sloane Mackenzie stumbles upon a hidden clearing littered with the skeletal remains of his victims. Dubbed "The Woodsman" by the media, the killer sets his sights on someone close to Sloane in retaliation for her actions.

In order to stop The Woodsman, Sloane must shed the cloak of the victim and embrace the role of the hunter. The line between predator and prey blurs as Sloane delves deeper into his twisted game, the woods tightening around her with each step. Can she stop the madman before he claims another life, or will the cycle of violence consume her completely?

"I Left Shadows in the Woods" is a relentless first-person thriller that weaves through the...

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