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Jez Cajiao Publisher: MAH Publishings Ltd, Year: 2024

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Well developed and captivating series!

Imagine discovering that humans were evolved/created by an ancient space-faring race called the Aendari as Biological Weapons Variants (BWVs) infused with nanites, then abandoned as the first generations deployed to fight in space wars rebelled against their creators! This fascinating series written by Jez Cajiao (who has written several engrossing series with well thought out backgrounds and captivating storylines) follows a somewhat shady Steve who inadvertently enters a submerged and long abandoned creator ship, and gravely injured ends up in a medical capsule that completely rebuilds him and awakens his nanites as the original BWVs were intended. The first 4 books deal with building his team and their adventures dealing with other BWVs such as werewolves, vampires and the original Greek gods whose nanites have made them immortal. However, only Steve has access to and control of his nanites, and only he can harvest them from other BWVs to prevent their further resurrection. In book 5, Steve and his team are required to go to the cosmos to meet the original humans and other races in opposition to the arrogant Aendari. A compelling background and storyline shows how Steve, now developed into a Devourer, has more powers than members of the current species.

Cajiao has become one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy writers because of his plausible backgrounds, well developed characters, and compelling storytelling. I heartily recommend this series, but please start at Book 1! William Howe1,553 66


I d this. I also disd it.

Some of the concepts are fascinating. Some scenes are amazing.

And then there are the others.

Long discussions or dissertations on whatever topic…during an active combat period. The absolutely immature, over-the-top, unprofessional screwing around…while they are racing a clock and/or in contact with an enemy.


I will probably get the next book. There’s cool stuff happening, and (god help me) I want to see how it ends. But I can’t really recommend it. Too many times I stopped reading to do something else. Because the narrative would get caught up in the details instead of advancing the plot. Bert Babb394 6

Wow, from sketchy bartender to interstellar conquerer

The MC and his team have only a week to do the impossible. They must defeat a rogue alien, then figure out how to get to a deepspace rendezvous with two warring empires, all while locked out of some of his upgrades. They dont even have a working spaceship or a nav system and local governments are trying to steal their tech.

Then they really have to do some even more impossible stuff. This is some serious space opera, at an Indiana Jones pace. They jump from crisis to emergency to being under attact, to counterattack. Then the realy hard parts show up. Kim Boutillier113

Amazing LitRPG / SciFi Novel!!!

And Jez does it again!! Jez is the absolute best LitRPG author and with Arise he combines SciFi and urban fantasy, along with his signature action scenes and humor! There’s just no way to put this book down! Action scenes so well written you can feel right in the midst of the fight. A plot with surprise twists and turns I could never have guessed. Then add the light hearted banter between characters and great humor. Oh, and character growth! I’ve been following these wonderful characters through 5 huge novels and now they’re my close friends! Thanks Jez! Can’t wait for book 6! Scott1,345 9

Wow just Wow

With so much amazing action, this series goes off world as Earth can't contain the story. This gives great reason to go even more into Cajiaos' imagination and experience the best book of the series. Love the new side of the adventures and makes the next awaited finale even more eagerly anticipated. Fnd AY188 2


Oh what an adventure. So looking forward to reading about Steve 2.0 in the coming books. I also appreciate the detailed summary of previous books in the beginning. Dava26 1 follower

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