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de Jessie Ellis - Género: English
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Jessie Ellis Publisher: anonymous, Year: 2024

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A hot, steamy romance combined with a psychological serial-killer thriller, and a paranormal mystery. It doesn’t get any better than this.
Visions of Scarlett: Cursed in Clayton Book 1 by Jessie Ellis is a gripping page-turner, and a book that combines my favourite genres into one. It definitely ticks all the boxes.
Widowed Scarlett relocates to Clayton from her home in Florida and, on the very first day, she meets the handsome, older Callum Sullivan. Lucky girl!
They connect, and their desire for one another positively drips off the pages. He is a handsome hunk of a man who owns a hardware store and has a dog named Ginger. What more could you ask for?
Scarlett and Callum connect on a romantic level but there are dark undercurrents to this story because Scarlett works as a psychic criminal profiler for the FBI and various state police forces. Her gift, or her curse, is her job in that she can see dead women and lead the authorities to their killers and their last resting places.
In many ways this book puts me in mind of the TV series – Millennium – which I loved, and this is why I loved it.
If you enjoy a good psychological thriller with some paranormal thrown into the mix and topped with hot, heavy romance, you will adore this book.
Go and buy it now!
2 s Leslie Salamander9 2

Visions of Scarlett by Jessie Ellis is a well-written tale that is easy to follow along with due to its clear formatting and error free writing. The style of the author is minimalistic, which is something that I appreciate in a world where many authors tend to lay on the purple prose at a nauseating rate. The author appears to have control over how they want to write this story and how they navigate along the multiple protagonists. I also found the title itself to be clever, due to it being a double entendre of sorts. Most scenes in this story are short and punchy. Not all of them add to the overarching plot that is being developed, but they are at the very least adding depth to the characters and showing how they deal with and react to the events that take place. The only prose critique I have for the author is the use of passive voice. This detracts from the immediacy of the writing, but it’s not a complex fix and something that I imagine she will get better at in future works. I enjoyed both the paranormal aspects of this and the romance (which is usually something I could do without in a novel this, but surprisingly it works to add another element to the plot and the character depth.) Though this is the first book in a series, it is tied up nicely at the end and leaves the reader satisfied that they’ve been given a full story with a way for the story to continue. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work and I encourage anyone who is a fan of paranormal mystery and romance to give this book a try. 1 Jacqueline CarmineAuthor 17 books8

First off I love Callum and Scarlett. Both have over the top reactions that appear cliche until you find out the reasoning behind it. Callum's over protective streak and Scarlett's vulnerability are justified. I saw the major plot twists coming and I found that comforting. There are dark scenes, and topics so I advise reviewing the trigger warnings.

I love that the age gap between the two isn't a major plot point. They discuss it, they move on and then it's only brought up when relative to the overall plot.

I loved all the banter and the tropes. Scarlett moving into a long abandoned house and the small town hardware store owner offering to help her renovate. The insta love from Callum was wonderfully done. He didn't lie to himself or to anyone else about how serious their relationship was either.

Reading this book felt watching a Criminal Minds episode but with steamy sex scenes.

Chemistry between Callum and Scarlett was perfect.

Can't wait to read the next two books in this series.1 Vicky PeplowAuthor 38 books42

A paranormal romance with extras!

I absolutely loved this book. It has everything I loved from a heroine with psychic abilities, serial killers, and the most realistic setting for the book, I could imagine it in my mind.
A summary for the book would be Scarlett moved to Massachusetts from Florida after escaping an abusive husband who she killed in self-defense. She then meets an older man, Callum, in a hardware store that he works at and owns with his brother Robbie. They quickly become close, and Scarlett begins to open up to him about what happened to her at the hands of her dead husband, Jeremiah.
Anyway, Scarlett realizes that she has been brought by the spirits of dead girls to solve their murders and to bring the killer to justice, and it's closer to home than Callum would .
There are some sexual scenes within the book, so if you're squeamish about that kinda thing, then maybe this isn't for you.
I would highly recommend this book and will definitely be downloading book 2 of the series. 1 Cathy Lynn BrooksAuthor 8 books29

The story starts with Scarlett, a twenty-something widow from Florida soaking in a hot bath in her new-to-her early twentieth century home in Massachusetts. She’s weary from the long road trip where she seems relieved to have escaped from. The reader learns she has physical scars and trauma from her past. She sees a ghost in the window and realizes she has not left the past behind, as she had hoped.

Then we meet Callum and his dog, Ginger who live close by. The two meet at the hardware store and immediately find one another attractive. Callum walks Ginger by Scarlett’s house the same evening and sees her fall off a ladder. He rushes in to help her after seeing her bleeding.

Scarlett and Callum enter into a relationship, but that’s just the beginning of the story. At a party Callum’s brother and business partner, Robbie is waiting for his girlfriend to arrive. Scarlett and Robbie go to great Julianne when something mysterious happens. The two women know each other from the past.

I enjoyed this page turner. It’s romance and paranormal but much more.

1 Annette Aguilar809 4

Guess Who!

Wow! Just wow! A fantastic plot, that keeps you hooked to the very end! You get swept up into the story as you try to guess who the killer is! How do all the pieces fit together! Lots of clues, fascinating characters, and more victims than you might imagine! New favorite author! Well done!1 Sam40

Visions of Scarlett: Cursed in Clayton Book One by Jessie Ellis is the first book in the paranormal series. I especially picked up this book after watching all 5 series of the 'Intriguing' series and couldn't stop thinking about how awesome and unexplored this genre is.

The novel is well-written, engaging, and clear. I loved how the author mixed elements of thriller and romance, even though I am not usually fond of relationships with such a significant age difference between the partners. However, in this context, it felt right, perhaps due to the erotic undertones of the story.

What truly stood out to me was the captivating atmosphere of the story—a small, old-fashioned city, a girl with paranormal abilities who sees dead women spirits, and her mature lover with a dog that has a strange name—all of it felt surreal.

I give the story 5 stars, and I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book.1 Coco.V50k 20 Want to read

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