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Embark on the Coastal Express, where desire meets dread and darkness lurks in every compartment. Kurt and Emily seek to reignite the flames of their marriage amidst the debauchery of the hedonistic train, the Coastal Express. But when Kurt falls ill, Emily is thrust into a nightmare she never imagined.
As US Marshal Robert Colton hunts the elusive Rail Car Cleaver, a serial killer hiding among the train's decadent passengers, Emily finds herself trapped in one terrible situation after another. Tension builds as Colton closes in on his quarry, only to uncover a terror far more horrific than he ever anticipated.
Emily must confront the darkest depths of human depravity to survive. As the truth reveals itself, she realizes that on the Coastal Express, no one is safe.
Brace yourself for a ride you'll never forget, where the price of admission may be more than you're willing to pay...M.F

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Bravo to Jay & John on their new joint story! They really nailed the 90s horror movie vibes- in a good way!

Welcome to the Coastal Express: a luxurious and mysterious train line for the elite. Anything goes while you’re on board, so buckle up for a heck of a ride. Indulge yourself with fine wines and oysters, cozy up in a ménage à trois with strangers, and maybe commit a murder or two. Just don’t end up getting hurt yourself- the medical facilities are excellent, but don’t always focus on healing aspects of care.

You’re going to get a lot out of this story, so be prepared for R rated sexy scenes, violent demises, and monstrous entities (human and otherwise) on this crazy train!

I loved the variety of characters amongst the pages- some were so deranged! The authors definitely went over and above to create an engaging and insane narrative. I was never quite sure what could happen next, but the surprises and twists just became more and more thrilling. I’d love to know if the owners of the rail knew what might happen if things got out of hand on board.other-arcs-review-copies10 s Kiera ☠207 79

What a fun read! When John asked if I would be interested in reading an ARC of this book I jumped at the chance (obviously). I didn’t really look at the synopsis, I just jumped in blind and enjoyed the ride and boy was it a wild ride. A bunch of Elites pay to for a train ride vacation where you can live out your wildest fantasies. It’s sexy, it’s gory, and it’s invigorating. Sleeper Train grabs on quick and doesn’t let go until the last moment.

I really enjoyed the characters and all the side stories and how they all came together. Each story as enticing as the next. I wasn’t anticipating a creature feature which I won’t lie, kind of took me out of the story a bit though I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy the aspect, I just didn’t see it coming and would have probably preferred without it. That being said the concept was well done and very interesting; I do want to know more about them! All in all, Lynch can do no wrong in my eyes, but he is my favourite author. This is my second read for Jay Bower and I’m impressed, definitely need to check out more of his work this year. If you’re looking for a fun extreme read with great characters and a great plot, look no further. Make sure you pick this one up.9 s Meghin182 490

This book was a tad outside of my comfort zone of what I typically in my horror but it was still enjoyable. This is about a train ride for the elite where “anything goes” in terms of your fantasies if you get my drift. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose and a US Marshal is determined to figure out who it is.
This has that 80-90s horror feel to it which the authors totally nailed. This book is filled with the 3 Ps I’m not typically into but I know many people are (or 5 Ps if we include male and female genitalia idk) porn, plot driven, and POVs. If that sounds your thing I highly recommend for you.6 s Milt Theo906 66

This is exactly what I expected from a book from Jay Bower and John Lynch: sex-fueled madness, gory insanity, and no mercy to Mr. Durgin! 'Sleeper Train' has it all: sex, cruelty, debauchery, sex, carnage, serial killers, sex, monsters, supernatural baddies, and did I mention sex? In the middle of it all, stands a sort of Hostel on wheels: the Coastal Express, a old-fashioned train ride catering to filthy rich and filthy minded people, eager to realize their dirtiest fantasies no matter the cost. Unbeknownst to the passengers, two very exciting and totally unexpected plotlines will converge, heads will roll, fangs will bite, bodies will be torn to bits! Need I say more? Hop on the train and experience for yourself the Bower-Lynch Express of gore and depravity!3 s Rachal Davis 137 10

This is a fun and engaging slasher/creature feature about a hedonistic train ride where the guest can indulge in carnage and mayhem for the right price, a couple trying to reignite the flame and a Marshall tracking down the rail car cleaver killer makes for one bumpy ride, all aboard
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