The Blunt and the Blue Devils de Jane Hedwig

de Jane Hedwig - Género: English
libro gratis The Blunt and the Blue Devils


Jane Hedwig Publisher: Beastie Press, Year: 2024

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I took a while for my memory of the other books to come back but it did. I enjoyed this mystery. The romances are super slow burn but there was progress on several of the budding relationships. The supporting characters are all well developed and many are able. I enjoyed the story of Kate's debutante season on the supportive relationship between Kate and her cousin Sylvie. The mystery was interesting and the ending was quite heartbreaking but I am looking forward to continuing this series as the books come out. Marianne K. Benvenuti418 2

I had a hard time figuring out the characters because I read the second book some time ago. It was also confusing because sometimes people are referred to by only their first name or their last name or their title. Once I figured out who was who, the book got more interesting. Piper1,492 1 follower

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