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Born into a bloodline tainted with a dark history, Izzy Beswick has accepted the life chosen for her.
Her boyfriend Riley is a hunter, and he's compelled to kill witches. With his eighteenth birthday approaching, time isn't on their side. Izzy and her friends must find a way to stop this curse, or they will be torn apart forever.
But in this world of magic and curses, hunters aren't the only threat. When an unexpected visitor arrives, it throws everyone into a frenzy. Izzy needs to quickly learn to harness her powers to keep her loved ones safe, and Callen is the perfect person to help her. As she grows closer to him and their undeniable bond intensifies, she pushes Riley further away.
Can Izzy and her friends find a way to stop Riley from transforming into a cold-hearted hunter before other dark forces intervene? Or will Izzy have to give up on the boy she loves?

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I received a free ARC of the book from BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

My true rating is somewhere between a 4 and 4.5 stars, and I definitely admit I enjoyed this one more than the first book!

I feel The Bloodline Curse was more getting to know the characters and what they could do and how they were connected, meaning we didn't really get into any "serious" action until later in the book. That said, The Hunter's Curse picked up immediately where the first book ended, launching it into a fast paced novel with constant happenings that easily kept me invested in the reading. I didn't want to put it down!

I also enjoyed the small nuggets of backstory and information that made it pretty easy to catch on to what was going on and refresh the memory of those who may have forgotten some of the previous story. Not to mention, the previous happenings (ie, the Jeep plotline and Anna's plotline, etc. ) were still an active part of the story and didn't just get brushed under the rug to disappear.

I feel we get to know the characters so much better in this one too! For example, being able to see Jessa's reaction to being nonmagic in a magical group brought a lot of questions of how it would play out once she found out, but despite being bitter, she's still the same "wanna-be-the-best" girl from book one, and honestly I loved that. Tahlia and Margo were still just as great, and I kinda d the fact that Margo wasn't in as high of focus as she was in The Bloodline Curse, and instead we see a lot more of Tahlia's side of the story and how she's taking in all of the new information and understanding how this could really affect her down the road.

And then there was Callen, who got so much screen time here! I couldn't care less about him in the previous book, but I fell in love with him through this one, so I can't wait to see how his relationship with Izzy develops!

The two things that still prevented it from being a 5-star read:

(1) Without being too spoiler-y, I don't that the ending did not resolve the issue and instead created yet another thing we have to deal with… despite the title. I can't fully say I hate this choice without knowing how the last book is going to play out, since we did have a lot of new info drop near the end, but it was mildly frustrating to realize we don't yet get that resolve.

(2) I still feel Riley got the short end of the stick here. He still doesn't seem to get a lot of time on the page (despite this being about breaking the hunter's curse… which I know doesn't just apply to him, but still), the relationship between him and Izzy still comes off as extremely awkward without any spark, and I still know nothing about Riley from when he and Izzy were children. At this point, Callen could steal Izzy away and I wouldn't even care how Riley felt about it because I was never able to relate with him or get invested in his character compared to the others.

Despite everything, I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for when the third one releases!3 s Crystalclearwpg257 7

I can not express how much I enjoyed this story. We started off right where we left off with "The Bloodline Curse" which is a great way to start a story. No recapping here! This book definitely has more meat to it because now we are in the thick of the curse. We get to see more development between the opposing sides and backstory while also character bonding. We seeing how the curse can make or break friendships and lines between different fractures of the paranormal and this is great to read. It's hard enough being a teenager let alone finding out you are a paranormal on top of it destined to live out a ancient curse. Well this is Izzy's life now. She must overcome the curse to help herself, her family and her friends.
This is an actual ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 star rating
I received an advance review copy through Booksirens for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
arcs3 s Beth357 7

I'm sorry but how am I supposed to wait until the end of April for the next one?! I actually want to cry that I'm finished. I'm in love! I'm so bloody in love. I haven't been able to take my eyes away.

I love the characters. I love the setting and the back stories. I just really love everything. I really enjoy all the action but I'm also happy to sit back with the characters while they drink their coffee and have a natter.

I won't say much because it's the second book in the series so I don't want to risk spoilers but these books are excellent. The second one was just as good as the first which can sometimes be rare in a series.

If you love all things witchy, then please read this book and come chat with me about it! I cannot wait until April!2 s Rebecca166

I absolutely loved this and would have finished it in one sitting if I didn't have to stop to go to work. That is the absolute worst
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