Bloody Foreigner de Jacques K. Lee

de Jacques K. Lee - Género: English
libro gratis Bloody Foreigner


Alain Lau, a Chinese man with French background, has escaped life in a small third world country for a more exciting one in England. As he struggles to make a success of his life in his new country, it soon becomes apparent that his skin colour is proving a bigger barrier to social integration – even his name is anglicised by people who can't be bothered to learn how to say it properly. What remains a mystery to him is why his long-term landlady, who hates foreigners, has lured him to her house and even gives him free English lessons.

Ever since Alain landed in England, his constant fear is being unmasked as a fraud by the English family who invited him here. Anita, his girlfriend, encourages him to confess all to her and promises to keep his secret safe. One night, in a rage of jealousy, she betrays him, with dire consequences for both. 

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