The Sacred Seed 2 de Jack Pinkhunter

de Jack Pinkhunter - Género: English
libro gratis The Sacred Seed 2


Jack Pinkhunter Publisher: Independent, Year: 2024

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Marriage proposal is turned down by the princess from a neighboring kingdom an Darian must duel .

With Darian repopulating the kingdom after a nasty years of war . He learns the skill to tell how to approach each female individually or as a group with all the love an care during an after as well their never left wanting unfulfilled . With winning the heart of the kingdoms princess as his own . He must duel a neighboring kingdom as they try to assassinate him for winning the princess hand for they think of him as a commoner out of his class an to save the kingdom from going to war again so soon again . recommend reading excellent series .
S Seaberg184

Great Storytelling

The character development was outstanding. The plot was clear and easy to follow. The basic theme of good vs evil was also easy to follow. Some of the oddities that didn’t seem to follow the medieval setting of this book include tissues and bras. It was a fun reading. Frank Geimer446 7

What an ending!

What a great story. I love the world Jack built and all the characters in it. It is full of action and adventure, and you feel you are there yourself. The ending is abrupt and to get there you have to read the entire story. I can't wait to read what comes next. Ben Martin33

Better than the first!

Great continuation! Again , same as it was the first book I came in, expecting a very sexy slice of life, and what I got was a super wholesome and sexy love story! I'm all for it! Paul Vlasek86

Excellent second book

After bringing the Princess and Marcia into his bond. He defends the Princess and defends the kingdom in a duel. It is about time he gave the Queen a kiss and now book three hopefully expands on that and brings more women into the bond. Kris Solstice103 1 follower

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