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J. Cornelius Publisher: Fourier Publishing, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9788797494615

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I was given this book by the author as an ARC.

If you are into the supernatural with a big splash of mysteriousness and humor, this book is for you!

The mystery about the main character Daryl and his situation draws you in immediately and it makes you want to know more. And that makes it hard to put the book down.

Throughout the book you're taken on Daryl's rollercoaster ride of emotions and you get invested in solving the mystery that is Daryl and the mystery he is surrounded by.
The questions that arises in you when you read will be answered - the question you will sit with most of the time is; what is real and what's not?

The clever use of mythology, lore, humor and horror in this book makes it a great read!
This says a lot about the authors imagination and creativity.
It's not "boogeyman in your closet" scary but it does provide an eerie feeling at times - the eerie feeling of the unknown. And the humor in the book will make you laugh multiple times.

The pace of the book takes off around half way in, which needs you to focus to not loose the red thread of the story in my opinion.
This makes me give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I'm an avid Stephen King reader and I really enjoyed this book!
I will recommend this book to friends and family who I know appreciate this kind of genre.
I look forward to the next book in this trilogy.3 s Richard HouldenAuthor 2 books45

Remembering Demons throws you straight into a confusing and dynamic world, giving the reader a taste of what our main character, Daryl, is dealing with as he finds himself in an asylum, suffering with not only amnesia but companions that no one else can see.
Adding to the ordeal, Daryl is afraid to look at anything capable of holding a reflection.
How did he get there? What’s within the mirrors? Why can’t he remember?
Daryl learns quickly that all is not as it seems, both the world he finds himself in and himself.
This is an exciting read that puts the reader through the same pain as Daryl, and blues the lines between the real world and the world of the supernatural. Which is which is up to the reader to decide. Very happy to have read this and I’m looking forward to the next stage in the saga.2 s Ria2,451 9

Daryl has a lot of issues and is undergoing therapy.
But along the way it's uncovering a terrifying past.
He must confront the death of his daughter Ginny for one thing.
But something is within him waiting to pounce.
Dr. Walker is attempting to teach him to deal with all this but his own mind is producing hallucinations wherein he learns of something even more evil stalking him.
The only way he can survive and live after is to confront and overcome the memories that caused his insanity and landed him where he is.
This was a really clever story, inventive writing and great characters.
The tone and scope of it reminded me a little of King's "Dark tower."
Definitely looking forward to the sequel.2 s Joanna C90 1 follower

Wow! The story draws you in immediately from the beginning. I could feel all the constantly changing emotions that the main character was feeling throughout the story as he tried to remember his past and who he was. The story is able to flow by the way it seamlessly went from the present to memories of the past. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.2 s zanny taylor20 2

I was given this book as a arc.

I really enjoyed the story and the characters that the author has created. Great plot, I would recommend reading Remembering Demons. Thanks for letting me read your wonderful book.5-stars first-in-series series2 s Charlie Quarmby26 4


This is a happy little saga of confusion and mystery. I was lucky enough to enjoy this book as an ARC reader and can only say it put me through my paces.

I found myself confused and drawn in throughout, each new chapter made me question every moment.

Daryl our main character finds himself in an asylum terrified of the mirrors within the place and not to mention the basement but with the people along the way he’s able to muster some support and help to help put things together.

Amnesia focused on filling in the gaps. netgalley2 s Emma Hunter121 3


Whilst this book took me a while longer to read, and also longer to get my head around than other books, when I finally managed to, it was a brilliant and amazingly clever story. The plot was so unique - I have never read anything quite this - and so well written and executed. All of the character development and the world building were great, too. There were times I found myself lost in the world this author has provided us, that it was easy to forget I was actually reading, being able to clearly see it playing out. Descriptions of the places seen and the "things" that occupied them were top-notch. The way in which everything feels so jumbled up as you are navigating through the story very cleverly mirrors Daryl as a character, his mental state, and also the storyline too. This, in itself, is a very impressive feat, and I have to take my hat off to the author.
It is not my normal type of book to read, but I am so glad I persevered with it and got to the end...well, the end for now, I suppose! I can't wait to get my hands on the next one and would most certainly recommend picking this book up and getting stuck in!1 Jasmine Ramos42 2

I received Remembering Demons as a ARC for a honest review.
I started the book and was taken into a thrill ride. This books has everything.
Sometimes I had to question myself what is happening actually and what is a fantasy.
This book is a combination of horror and fantasy and it gets in your head. I was so invested in the characters and the story that I was actually living it. I am a very very picky reader and I always give honest as an ARC and I was not disappointed with “Remembering Demons”

If you enjoy horror and fantasy and both combined this book will be for you. And if you don’t this book is recommended.
Daryl is a strong character and the book is very well written.
I don’t give out spoilers as I want the next reader to enjoy the book as much as I did.
Read this book you won’t be disappointed
I give this books five stars for the perfect way it was written and for the author taking me on a journey of fantasy and horror and amazing story.
I was given a free advance copy for my honest review.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1 Truls Mosegaard1 review

"Remembering Demons" is a novel that starts as a slow-burner but gradually picks up the pace, creating an unforgettable journey into the darkest corners of the mind. I enjoyed this novel a lot, and I believe it's best experienced without any preconceived ideas—much avoiding the trailer of a suspenseful film to fully savour the ride.
I highly recommend "Remembering Demons" to readers who enjoy in-depth character, a bit of dark humour and exciting plot twists. I may not have fully understood all the twists and turns on my first read, I'm looking forward to a re-read when I get the paper version of the book.1 Sarah Hancock11 1 follower

A thrilling and captivating story!
This is a must read that I’ll be recommending to many family and friends who enjoy this genera. I was hooked but chapter 2 and invested by chapter 4. If you edge of your seat thrillers with characters that draw you in. This is for you!

This brave author has created something unique that brings your own emotions out with the trials and drama of the main character. The writing style is fluid and easy to read without being too simplistic.

Wonderful creation and I can’t wait to read more! 1 Dawn Alexander89 1 follower

What a fantastic read , so full of mystery and magic . When I first started the book I did not think the story would end up how it turned out . I loved the angels and demons and different dimensions, there are so many things that I study or learn as a spiritual person and I loved how this author took spiritual and scientific concepts and made a truly remarkable story out of that . This book ends on a crazy cliffhanger you won't be expecting, I cannot wait to see Daryl come into his full memories and powers I know it's going to be truly remarkable.1 Destiny Imperati372 14

ARC Review ✨️
☆Captivating horror mixed with fantasy☆
Our main character, Daryl, is currently in an asylum and must face his demons. Not only does he have to do that in the real world but also in the hallucinations he has due to psychosis. I enjoyed this story and all of the different aspects. It's humorous, dark, mysterious, and impossible to put down. I'm throughly impressed by the author's writing capabilities and this complex yet easy to read storyline!1 Emily860 5

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an e-copy of this book!

It took me a while to really get invested in this book. While I was a little interested, I was mostly just confused. It wasn't until we started getting answers at about the 2/3 mark that I started actually getting into it. I still don't really understand the world, but I feel it would become more clear in the sequel. 1 Eric192

This was so much fun to read. The characters were realistic and relatable while bringing a sense of humor to the story that I really enjoyed. It’s definitely a book I would revisit and I look forward to seeing what else the writer brings us in the future.

Thanks to NetGallery and the publisher for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.1 Kammi Manchester38 2

Confusion, madness, and utter psychosis. All in the best way of course. This thriller/suspense/paranormal mystery definitely keeps you on your toes and keeps you guessing all of the way through. Daryl is a great main character, and his sense of humor throughout the whole process kept me chuckling. This fast paced book was a great read!1 Jen102 1 follower

A dark, edge of your seat thriller firmly outlining life when you have to dig deep to delve into personal demons and overcome them in perilous circumstances.

This book made for a fast paced, fun read.1 Lisa83 6

This story is a very much trust the process story. There are times you may have no clue what you’re reading and why. Have faith.
This gripping story of guilt, buried feelings and trauma and the effect on a person will have you in a very confusing thrall from the first to last page1 Mary Brannian1,006 13


Even angels can die...

Wow what a ride! An age old tale taken in a fresh and unique direction, with unexpected plotlines and unusual characters melded into a stew of angst, terror and righteous anger. Thoroughly enjoyed this book! 1 Tara41 3

Review to follow1 Mads Damgaard77 1 follower

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair review. Overall, I give this book 3 stars although aspects of it definitely deserved 4.

Let me start out by saying that this book is very unique for a couple of reasons. It is an interesting blend of horror and urbanesque fantasy, but rather than ending up as a mix of the two, it is instead composed of two storylines of which one is horror, and one is fantasy. The contrast between the two is quite stark, but I must say that it works. Readers would probably have to enjoy both genres to fully enjoy this story, although the horror part never gets check-under-the-bed creepy, in part due to a healthy dose of humor that I will return to later.

Another interesting facet of this story is that the author has gone for a hard (magic)science approach when it comes to worldbuilding. I can’t shake the feeling that some readers would be turned off by this, but I loved this approach and it felt fresh. I cannot fully speak to the accuracy of the physics discussions as I am no expert, but as a reader with above-average knowledge of physics, I can say that I did not stumble upon any mistakes or inconsistencies in this regard.

If we move on to structure, I found that the pacing was a little bit off. There are many mysteries that are only gradually revealed, which is great, but I found the first ~1/3, before the introduction to the 2nd storyline, a little slow – nothing ruinous, but I would have to see the 2nd storyline (or hints of it) start a little earlier. The middle part of the book I thoroughly enjoyed, with perfect pacing. Unfortunately the ending felt a little bit rushed as big reveals started rushing in and most of the plot points were neatly tied off in a manner that seemed too easy for the subject they were dealing with.

The book is very humorous, with especially the MC cracking jokes in every other sentence, and with funny, almost whimsical, undertones throughout. For the most part this works very well especially because the comedic timing is on point, but occasionally the story veers into straight silliness, which is to the books detriment in my opinion. The MC’s propensity for wise-cracking is also a double-edge sword for me. It is clearly a character trait that our MC spits jokes when he is insecure or nervous and I will not claim to have avoided involuntary nose exhales while reading, but there were instances where the MC should be literally petrified with fear or writhing in agony and still found the headspace for a witty remark. It got on my nerves a little bit over the course of the story both because it disrupted my immersion, but also because it removed some of the tension from the scenes. As a result, some of the more mundane struggles in this book (if indeed wrestling with demons can be called as such) felt they need a little bit of oomph. On the other hand the book also handles a few battles of will, and while first confusing me a bit, they were absolutely amazing! The way they were described gave a sort of abstract substance to the power of will, and you could almost feel the struggle.

I hope to read the rest of the story some day.1 Kim256 5

This had everything that I was hoping for in a psychological thriller novel, it had me questioning what was real or what was in my head. The characters worked perfectly with the story and I was invested in what was happening to them. The way J. Cornelius wrote this was great and left me wanting more.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.1 Lars Stormlund1 review

From the first page I was enthralled by the immersing Universe unfolding, where the author skillfully mixes topics from cosmology with phantasy, sprinkled with humor. Add an evolving and captivating storyline that twists and turns throughout, and you have one of the better books in the genre that I have had the pleasure to come across.

Being the first book from author J. Cornelious, it's certainly a very promising start!

I whole heartedly recommend you to give this book a place in your library, and I look eagerly (and may I add impatiently) forward to the next adventure of our "back-scratching" hero ... :)1 Judy Quinn2

A breath-taking, electric odyssey. Remembering Demons of J. Cornelius is laced with alternate realities, shifting levels of consciousness, and the elastic interplay of the metaphysical and the physical. Yet, notes of humour, terror, pathos, and heartache are ever-present. The experience of this novel unfolds in mesmerising cinematic scenes, conveyed by effervescent and complex prose. As a tableau, one might conjure Escher or a cubist Hieronymus Bosch. The themes and images intertwine in their own lemniscate. For fellow seekers, luxuriant fractals mark the terrain.

The base of the novel is a kaleidoscope of fractured slivers of reality, offering Daryl, the protagonist, portals into horrific, yet wildly entertaining realms and beings----warping time and space. A gossamer-thin membrane teases osmosis between his everyday life and the fluid, transcendent, morphing faces of reality. Alas, Daryl has little choice but to enter; inky tentacles reach from beyond.

Daryl’s unwavering will and his perfectly timed humour are the only buoys for this reader.1 Noriboo343 30

Occasionally, I read books without romance. This was one of those times!

This paranormal fantasy thriller took me by suprise!
It starts slow and really keeps you guessing. It has a bit of a "Shutter Island" vibe. I was trying to piece the puzzle together, was left just as confused as our mc Daryl, and I d the suspense. Is it psychosis or is there more to the story? I didn't find this story scary, but it does get under your skin. I enjoyed it!

My favourite parts of this story were the ones in the 2nd half of this story, when the action picks up.

This is a very good debut story and the first part of The God Cycle trilogy.


I received a free ARC from the author. My opinions are my own.1 Timothy Frandsen52 2

This is a terrific book. The author has an incredibly creative imagination. The story began leaving me a little confused. However that changed quickly.
Some of the dialogue caused out loud laughter. This was an enjoyable experience. If there is a follow up I would definitely read it.

1 Trish Strong145 3

....Was slow going at first but as the book progressed it got better. Very interesting and novel premiss. d the little twist at the end.1 André Hansen2 1 follower

Great book! Funny, wierd, sad and interesting. Especially the dialogues make the characters come alive.1 Sean Farrell257 11

Originally published on AFPLJournal.com

Daryl is an unusual patient at an unusual mental hospital. His verifiably “real” friend group is largely made up of a surprisingly large number of physicists who also happen to be admitted there. The group spends a lot of free time involved in freewheeling conversations about topics that intrigue Daryl while often flying over his head. He also counts amongst his friends however, a gnome with a penchant for drink that only he can see and who emerges from the walls to keep him company. Additionally, in the facilities’ mirrors, and especially in the basement, he can see another world, one filled with frightening creatures that also appear to be able to see him and want desperately to cross onto his side of the glass.

His psychiatrist Dr. Walker is doing what she can to build a rapport with him while also trying to get him to learn to ignore these “hallucinations”, believing that if he does so they will stop, and Daryl does his best to follow her advice. His scientist friends however aren’t so convinced the things he sees aren’t real, and his visions are getting stranger, more threatening, and more convincing with every passing day.

J. Cornelius has crafted an immediately involving story in Remembering Demons. The hospital and the occurrences within it are genuinely creepy and the beings that haunt Daryl are suitably frightening. Feelings of tension and dread permeate nearly every page as we try to puzzle out just what is real and what is all in our hero’s head, leading to a satisfying conclusion that takes the story into some unexpected directions.

Unfortunately, the characters are mostly underdeveloped, with only Daryl receiving much of a backstory, and the writing sometimes veers into using the sort of unnecessarily pretentious words that rarely impress anyone aside from the author. Those flaws though don’t detract much from the overall enjoyment readers should get from this book. It’s the first part of a planned trilogy, and I for one am eager to see where he takes this eerie, engaging story from here.1 Nana Prentø1 review

Loved this book, and not just because I know the author and know why there is a chicken named Esmeralda.
The story has three great strengths: the worldbuilding is fantasy based on physics, which means the author has to do some serious thinking to make it believable (no cutting corners by stealing from all the other fantasy worlds), the protagonist has amnesia, which is a great trick for letting the reader discover this new universe along with that person and there is no romantic subplot to add a hundred boring pages we have seen a thousand times before (they always feel the authors got bored with their story and started daydreaming).
The story opens slowly, letting us follow the MC around the asylum, first wondering if he is more or less insane, and then slowly realising, that this is not the world as we know it. By that time, the clues start piling up, and the fun part is guessing who and what all the characters are. Some are easy, others hard, but they all make sense when you get the answer.
It could have become a horror story, but the MC is not scared of the world, just of his own past, and the author gives us plenty of laughs along the way.
I am SO looking forward to the next book!1 Emil Bach3 1 follower

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