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A clumsy nephilim. A vampire necromancer. The best pickpocket in all of London.

Vampire daddies are all the rage, but Armando Rose really doesn't want one.

He's always been too pretty for his own good, but when a friend inconveniently dies, leaving him with a child to take care of, he assumes he'll suddenly become less desirable to the undesirable men of the underground—a fact which would've suited him eminently, thank you very much.

But he assumes wrong.

His new charge is already the best pickpocket in London at seven years old, and there is no shortage of men willing to exploit her.

Now, the Thames is alive with corpses thanks to the vengeful machinations of Jack Wish, who wants Cecilia's nimble fingers and Armando's body for himself. As a nephilim with two souls, Armando is corpse food. Unable to tap into his powers due to his father's refusal to acknowledge him, he is forced to seek out something he never has...

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I have a lot of thoughts regarding this novel, so I will try to split it into three categories.

x/ Victorian London. I love the setting.
x/ The gothic vibe, descriptions, corpses and everything in between. There is just enough darkness to make us feel uncomfortable, but it is nicely balanced and not over-used.
x/ Uriel. I love Uncle Uriel and I would die for him. He is the most caring, precious and lovely person in history. And he has amazing shoes!
x/ Found family. The fact that the story doesn't have just two MCs, but Armando comes with a 'daughter' and trans best friend is a very nice addition to the plot. He not only deeply cares for his people, but is ready to do everything for them, and I really mean *everything*.
x/ Jack Wish. I actually d how he was portrayed for most of the story, how we got to see his POV and learn more about the magic that functions in this world.
x/ Cecilia. She is a child, and I'm not a big fan of children in books, but she was precious, funny, witty and incredibly smart while sometimes extremely stupid. There is not even one bone of her that you cannot love.

Mixed feelings:
x/ Armando could be a woman and it wouldn't make a difference in the story. He behaved a typical young naive damsel in distress that needed a strong protector to solve all of her problems. He had pretty hair, red kissable lips, and big eyes. While supposedly he wasn't small, he always sounded the smallest petite woman when compared to his lover. Even the sexual aspect of his relationship was described as close to how you would expect it with a Victorian female virgin.
x/ Daddy. I thought the subtitle was more a 'tongue in cheek' kind of thing, but no, it is a prominent and important element of Armando's relationship with Abaddon. I cannot understand why Armando was unhappy while being under the care of his uncle, with whom he didn't need to basically sell his body, but his only idea of taking care of his closest family was to jump into that deeply unbalanced relationship.

x/ Magic and worldbuilding in general. The whole story feels we are in the middle of a series, and the ideas are just randomly thrown at us when fit. I have no idea why archangels exist in this world, or what exactly they do. Vampires seem to work usual vampires, but Abaddon for some reason is special and in the middle of the story I forgot that he even is one. Well-demons? Teleportation? That's entirely random. What's a necromancer's job and skillset? I don't know, singing, I guess?? What's the deal with two souls? No clue.
x/ Telling and not showing. There are dialogues so long, that explain to the reader most of the magic and the character's motivation. Where a nice '10 years before' chapter would work much better, we get info-dumped when there is the need to start closing the story and show why exactly things are happening. They weren't written poorly per se but they made me feel the more interesting story was being summarized to me.

The whole book is written well, and most of the characters are able and interesting. Some ideas were fresh, and the book itself seemed edited well. The main problem here is that while the skillset to write well exists within the author, the story itself lacks good beta-reading and has very poorly designed world-building. It seems that the book is connected with others from different series, but it just doesn't make sense without the context.
I think this story could've been much better, and that's what's my biggest problem. I can see the potential, I love the cover, but in the end, it made me disappointed and confused.

And two points that are spoiler-ish, so fair warning, you can stop reading now if you don't want to know too much.

x/ Armando's powers. A big chunk of the book is about how a Nephilim needs to get acknowledged by his father to get his powers and lose (?) their second soul. And then... The power was in him all along?? And he still has both souls within him? I don't... Even if we assume that everyone lied to Armando regarding his powers, there is no explanation whatsoever as to why would they do that. And why Gabriel actually didn't want to acknowledge him. And how exactly was he his father, when it is said in the book that sometimes the angels didn't have any kind of sexual intercourse and then still ended up as fathers???
x/ The mandatory 'couple's split'. I hate this trope, and it didn't make any sense whatsoever. And Jesus, but it made Abaddon sound an absolute ass. He explicitly promised to protect Armando from Jack, and then he just let him go, no questions asked? Even Uriel pointed out this stupidity to him, but acknowledging it doesn't make the whole problem disappear. It does not, and the reason for the whole misunderstanding is bogus.

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Objective rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(4)
Subjective rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(5)

I was starting to get ARC fatigue from reading mostly ARCs the past months and most of them have been either misses or very near hits that just crashed and burned. This was one of the few that really managed to finally deliver from start to finish. I would say the impeccable writing alone (with proper English!) deserves a spanking 5 stars and more (because heaven knows I was starting to develop a serious allergic reaction to all the discombobulating regional Americanisms that have been cropping up so much in many American-authored books that haven’t gone through professional edits). My only quibble with this (which is the reason my objective rating is only 4 stars) was that there were quite a number of parts that had rather bumpy and-or choppy transitions— there were unfilled blanks or vital information omitted (either overlooked or accidentally deleted?), and it was very jarring. Even more noticeable because the rest of the story flowed relatively smoothly. Apart from that, two minor things that kind of repeatedly plucked me out of my immersion was: 1.) The very complex lore, which was probably only a lot for me to take in because I have been reading more contemporary non-fantasy MM of late, and I did not know that this was part of a series of books set in the same universe (which I might not all be able to read since I only read MM and I believe the other instalments aren’t MM?). But mild confusion aside, this was indubitably thoroughly fascinating. 2.) Armando started out as unquestionably male in portrayal but his vibes would change and become very female mostly in his bed scenes with Abbadon. It started to feel more MF than MM in those portions, and because he wasn’t established as that extremely effeminate, it just felt somewhat out of character and thus, alienating to some degree.

I will most ly update this review to include a detailed list of all the parts that felt disjointed (as mentioned above) – just to be fair and justify my objective rating, because in all honesty, I truly wanted to give this a perfect 5 stars on all fronts, if not for those. Anyway, as always, I rate a book based more on my ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment of it, which is why I still went with 5 stars with this because this was a breath of fresh air for me after so many prior let-downs! Thanks ever so much to the author and Booksprout for the chance to read an ARC of this! This was my first Inka York and it definitely whet my appetite for more of the characters of this universe and more MM from her in general.2024-most-hearted favourite-rereadables heat-level-3-open-door-sex ...more Hundred Acre1,224 27

Victorian London has never looked or sounded so different and yet entirely familiar at the same time. No, I am not that old that I was there but I am a historian and that is one of the periods of time I study so, to read this fascinating version of Victorian London was quite a lure.

It is there, through the whole story and the way that Inka York writes it you can follow the stories of the characters, or you can follow their stories and immerse yourself in the setting too, watching out for all the finer details just wanting to be seen. It is wonderfully immersing and it is a world I don't necessarily think I would want to live in but I am more than happy to visit!

So, who is it that we find. You really want to know about the primary characters, though some of the secondary ones have, I am quite sure, their own stories to tell. We have Armando Rose. He has a charge, little Cecilia and then there is Jack Wish and of course, we mustn't forget Kilgarrah Abaddon.

Now, Armando may be too pretty for his own good and an awkward angel but he has never wanted a Vampire Daddy even though it is all the rage, and he is quite happy not being noticed or desirable to the undesirables living in London's underbelly. He is certain having a charge will help with that. But what he is about to discover is that it is the opposite. Cecilia is the best pickpocket in London and men want to exploit her. Jack Wish wants to exploit her and he wants Armando too.

Armando cannot use his powers as his father won't acknowledge him but he needs to do something to protect himself and Cecilia. Welcome Kilgarrah Abaddon, disfigured by a nephilim he distrusts them all, particularly the pretty ones but this one is in need of a vampire protector, even if he doesn't want one. Can the unly pair join forces? Can Kilgarrah let down his defences enough to protect Armado and Cecilia and what is the little girl going to do about these two grown men in her life who clearly need a little matchmaking!

A charming romance with plenty of heat, action and heartwarming moments and a wonderful introduction to Cascade Apocrypha storyworld which Inka York loves to write about.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.adult angels fantasy ...more Geetha KrishnanAuthor 57 books37

This was an extremely enjoyable read for me since I'm a fan of all things queer and there was a lot of rep in this book.

Armando Rose is a nephilim who has not been acknowledged by his father and hence has no powers and has two souls. He is the guardian of Cecilia, a young pickpocket, whom her mother entrusted to Armando on her death. To save Cecilia, Bram, his best friend who is trans masc, from being forced into an unwanted marriage and himself from the inopportune attentions of a crime lord, Jack Wish, Armando offers himself to Kilgarrah Abaddon, a vampire with a haunted past and who is powerful enough and rich enough to keep them all safe.

The happy family that Abaddon and Armando is building is interrupted by Abaddon's own insecurities and Jack Wish's machinations. Jack wishes to take one of Armando's souls to resurrect his dead brother, Dickie, who also happened to be Cecilia's father, and she was left to Armando by her mother presumably to protect her from Dickie.

I loved Armando, the hapless nephilim who is smarter and more powerful than he knows, and I always have a thing for a tortured soul who is actually a cinnamon roll and Abaddon fits that role perfectly. Cecilia is an imp and Bram and Uriel, Aramando's angel uncle are both well realised characters.

The book was extremely entertaining, but it does have darker themes of SA, abuse, torture etc. Even the character of Jack Wish is a well rounded one instead of being a cartoonish villain. I hated him so thoroughly.

The only complaint I have is that the author rushed through some of the scenes as if they were eager to get to the good parts. Some of it is mentioned as flashbacks, presumably so the reader will be appropriately surprised, but since it was very evident what was actually happening, I would have d to see more details as it happened.

That's a minor complaint though. Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy, vampires, Victorian settings and queer characters. Turquoise Day22

I was intrigued by the title of “Two Souls & a Pocket Watch: AKA Victorian Vampire Daddy,” and the story matched its cool title. With nephilims, impeccably dressed archangels, brooding and sassy vampires, and elegant well-djinns plus the most endearing young girl, the characters of the novel make it quirky and engrossing. The daddy/boy dynamic between the MLs is 100% sexy without actual incest or sexualizing of young bodies. Armando Rose, a beautiful nephilim who has little to no access to magic, decides to take help from a protector, a vampire daddy, who would help him take care of his best friend Bram (a trans man running away from his family and suitor) and his ward, Cecilia. That’s how he ends up moving to Rye to live with Kilgarrah Abaddon, a gruff but lovable vampire necromancer, who offers to become Armando’s protector. The novel’s world is gothic and fabulous, and the Victorian setting is fascinating. The main plot has underworld thugs and murders and elements of magic and necromancy, which are not fully fleshed out but are not too hard to follow either.
The plot develops steadily, so the novel is well-paced. However, I felt the characters don’t really develop much through the novel nor do we get much of a glimpse of their inner lives. Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but I thought the writing was ambiguous in parts, so some of the plot points were not entirely clear.
Overall, this was a fun read because of the historical settings and the quirky characters who complement each other, plus I enjoyed the kinky sexual dynamic between the MLs.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Yvonne63

It is not often I read books set in a historical timeline, but when I do they are usually set in the Victorian era.
From the beginning you have the feeling that you are there, walking the grim streets of London. Armando didn't have a goal in life, no steady income, lived from day to day, but what he did have was a big heart. He was always helping folk with their problems making enemies on the way. But when he was asked to be Cecilia's charge, he knew he had to change his ways. To make matters worse Jack Wish is after him and his best friend Bram is in trouble.
At the start I was a bit confused with the characters but it only took me a few scenes to understand who everyone was. Whilst Armando was slightly annoying and a bit mouthy, what he did was never vindictive, he had everyone else interests at heart and I grew to him. Cecilia was my favourite, her feisty attitude and some of her antics had me laughing. Bram was a bit of a mystery and I am interested to find out more about him in the next story and then we have Abaddon, I do love a vampire with scars and an interested history. A bit of a loner with a few close friends, whilst there was an instant attraction to Armando, he extended his protection to Armando's friends.
There were times I felt I was missing facts and at the end the authors has an extensive list of where else some of the characters appears, which I will look at in more detail.
Overall this was an enjoyable read, with action and mystery and as I said I am looking forward to Bram's story Manu3

Found Family, hot vampire, cute angel, be gay do crime

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good queer story

After Cecilia Armando's mother asks Armando to take care of her daughter after her death, things aren't easy for him (even worse than before)
At just 7 years old, Cecilia is the most talented pickpocket in London, and there is no shortage of criminals looking to exploit her for her talent.
Above all, the feared Jack Wish is after both the girl and the pretty Nephilim...

In short: Armando really needs help. Mighty help…

This is where Kilgarrah Abaddon comes into play. Disfigured by a Nephilim, he actually has reason enough not to help Armando, but...if it weren't for that damn Hero Complex of his!!

I have to honestly admit...I'm not a fantasy reader in general...but the short description of this book grabbed me so much that I started it! And I haven't regretted it for a second since. Lovable characters, exciting story and a great writing style. All in all, an incredible book that I will definitely think about more often.

(Sorry for any grammatical and/or spelling errors. Unfortunately, English is not my native language).

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.1 Precious C Stephen15 1 follower


Two Souls And A Pocket Watch by Inka York. I have never read a romantasy book this before even though fantasy is not my thing. And for this book to be titled VICTORIAN VAMPIRE DADDY, grab me a chair please because I am going to re-read the lines out of this book. The author did an incredible job and I loved the way the book flowed. At the beginning, I got lost and confused but as I went on the pages, I got lost into the book and the relationship between a Nephilim and Vampire, melted me to the core. The scenes were enthralling that I felt the palpable chemistry pulse through me.

I am obsessed with this book and will forever be.

If you are looking for an MM romantasy where there are Archangels, Nephilims, Vampires, Werewolves, Jinns, then VICTORIAN VAMPIRE DADDY is the perfect book for you.

Favorite quote: "Do you want a Daddy?"
Yes, Daddy. Yes, I do. Suzanne Irving2,157 15

The basic story in this book is interesting but I wish that the author Inka York had chosen a few less tropes to put in the story. I think she did a great job of making it feel it was Victorian England and the characters were terrific. At times though I felt I was reading book two in a series without having read book one. The blurb emphasizes Vampire Daddies idea but the story is really not about them which makes me feel it’s one of those tropes that could have been eliminated.
One of my biggest problems might not affect other people. I’m dyslexic and have problems remembering names so when the two main characters have names that begin with the same letter it makes it harder for me to keep them straight. Also there are a lot of nicknames that made it even more confusing for me. Maybe it’s just me but I have read books where authors deal with this a lot better.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Sara39 2

I picked this book as an experiment of sorts and was NOT disappointed. I am not a big fan of the sci/fi/fantasy elements in books but reading Two Souls and a Pocket Watch is greatly changing my mind. Inka York weaved a beautifully spicy tale of vampires, angels etc set in an ethereal gothic victorian setting.
I did get a bit confused at times with the world building and the background on Nephilims, but the way Inka York built her characters made me focus more on Armando and Abaddon. I loved that Armando brought his 'family' along for the journey and absolutely loved Uncle Uriel! All the characters were enjoyable to read, not to mention very interesting and unique.

Inka York really followed though with some fresh ideas and great characters!

Please check out this book,.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Emma CollinsAuthor 4 booksRead

Two Souls & a Pocket Watch: AKA Victorian Vampire Daddy by Inka York is an enchanting MM fantasy romance set in Victorian London. This story combines romance, supernatural intrigue, and suspense in a delightful and engaging way.

The plot centers on Armando Rose, a nephilim in need of protection, and Kilgarrah Abaddon, a scarred vampire necromancer. Their relationship evolves from tension and vulnerability to undeniable chemistry, creating a captivating dynamic. The addition of Cecilia, a young and skilled pickpocket, adds charm and complexity to the story.

York's vivid writing brings Victorian London to life, blending historical and fantastical elements seamlessly. The diverse and vibrant supporting characters, including a trans best friend and queer archangel disasters, add richness to the narrative.

This book is truth a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with suspense, romance, and moments of genuine connection. It's a tale of unexpected love and resilience, perfect for fans of fantasy romance with a Victorian twist. Great for a fantasy, romance and historical fiction lovers.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Nicolle Persoom85

What a pageturner. Set in Victorian London the tale of a nephilim is told, not recognized by his archangel-father and thus looking for a protector. He also brings an orphan girl and his closest friend into the little family that needs protection.

He finds his protector, a vampire necromancer who adores him and their little family.

Toss in archangel-uncles, the dark alleys of London, a well-demon, a criminal trying to revive his dead brother and much more. Result? An absolute mustread pageturner.

Funny, dark, very well written.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Jacqualine Martinez52

In this book, you have an angel, a vampire and a pickpocket her.
The angel needs a protector and a vampire who doesn’t particularly or trust angels, but in this instant he wants the angels body and he wants to use to pickpocket her for her talents. It has drama and action in the story.
Read and find out if there’s a romance that happens between the vampire and the angel this is a page Turner. I must read and I would recommend a book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Kelly1,708 76

This is a Victorian MM vampire romance, and I found it enormous fun. I got some dark vibes from it, which suited my reading mood at the time, and the characters were awesome. There were some satisfyingly steamy moments as well, and I would probably to read about these characters again.

Thank you to Booksprout and the author for a free copy to review.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Mandy152 2

It took me a while to get into the story as there were quite a few characters that were introduced but I grew to love all of them, even the side characters. The plot, humour and storytelling were great and I got really invested in the story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Lulu Brown16

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