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Based on the true story of a Dutch sea captain who traveled with an Indian rhinoceros called Clara across 18th century Europe, THE RHINO KEEPER evokes both the thrill of discovery in the archives and the wonder felt by a world in which no European had seen a living rhinoceros.

2022 – College student Andrea Clarkson uncovers a historical mystery while studying abroad in Holland. From hidden desk drawers come unusual historical documents featuring a rhinoceros. On a lichen-covered eighteenth-century grave, the same animal is carved. When an expanding river forces exhumation, what she finds buried there is life-changing. Andrea faces her nightmares to retrieve what a grave robber steals: valuable proof of a long-forgotten history.

1740 – Ship captain Douwemout van der Meer has something not seen in two hundred years: the only rhino in Europe, called Clara. Douwemout and Clara tour Europe, enthralling peasants and queens,...