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Hemant Nayak Publisher: S&S Books for Young Readers, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781665921831,9781665921817

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I'd to thank the publisher and NetGalley for a chance at reading this.

25% into this book I had to DNF it. The characters are absolutely flat. The world building started off pretty awesome with the introduction of the meteorite that came and changed the world (our world). Then, 400 years into the future, and that's were we got so much 'telling' and no world building.

I vaguely grasped what the main character could do, but the author did not build it up enough to make me understand the character. It felt pieces of the plot were just there to make her 'seem' bad-ass. When her grandmother and her village were attacked, I felt no sympathy. Because we never met them, we never got to see the main character interact with them. Then, her brother appears, and he too felt under-developed.

Everything just seemed to be conveniently 'there' for the plot.

Out of respect for the author I will not rate this book because I did not finish it.arc on-kindle7 s2 comments Spiri Skye463 18

The soul arrows are so cool?? I feel getting places in this book was rushed but the rest of it is really good, would love a book two 5 s K Mart Vet740 34

Set against the lush backdrop of South India, the story follows Adya, a technomancer who can awaken electric machines with her rare magical abilities. Living a life of solitude in the jungles of India, Adya's primary focus is to find her lost sister. However, her unique powers make her a valuable asset in the ongoing political wars for control. Reluctantly, she is forced to team up with a charming yet untrustworthy thief who might have information about her sister.

This has such an amazingly rich world-building. Nayak deftly creates a vibrant and immersive setting. The concept of technomancy—using magic to animate the souls of machines—is fascinating. The author's quirky dad-slanted humor adds a delightful touch because it really aligns with my own sense of humor.

I really Adya and how she's driven by her fierce loyalty to her family and her determination to find her sister. Her growth throughout the novel, as she navigates the complexities of her abilities and the moral dilemmas she faces, is wonderful. The dynamic between Adya and the other characters is delightful. The supporting characters are equally well-developed, each contributing their own charms the story. The inclusion of a motorcycle with a personality of its own is a particularly charming touch, adding a unique element to the technomancy aspect.

While the book is aimed at a younger audience, its themes should resonate with readers of all ages. The story is fast-paced and engaging, with a balance of action, humor, and heartfelt moments. This is a great time! Thanks to the author and the publisher for the copy. This review is based on a complimentary pre-released copy and it is voluntary.2 s Online Eccentric Librarian3,123 5

More (and no fluff) on the blog http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/ I greatly enjoyed this book. It is somewhat gritty (as are most post apocalyptic) but also engaging enough that I read through to the end very quickly. The setting is quite unique and the author does an excellent job of weaving Indian culture into a somewhat magical dystopian future Earth. The human characters were a bit flat and underwritten but the personalities in the machines were especially fun.

Story: The Earth is in desolation after a meteor strike. Four hundred years in the future, young Adya is desperately trying to survive - her parents dead and she is doing all she can repairing machinery to make enough food for her two siblings. many in her tribe, she is a technomancer - the ability to wake the souls of machines. When her twin sister Priya's idealism causes her to sneak off and go to help a neighboring country protect themselves from British colonizers, pragmatic Adya only wants to get her sister back. But to do so, she will have to deal with the local warlord first - a warlord who has other plans for Adya and her talents.

I really enjoyed the worldbuilding. An India being colonized/overrun by the British who have their own magic - werewolves, vampires, and abilities from their culture. Other territories in India also have their own magic - whether it is the ability to sing magic or weave elemental spells. The technomancy is especially sought after since it is the only way to make machines live again - machines that can be used to wage war.

Adya as a character is very damaged and hesitant to take chances; strong-willed and pragmatic to a fault, she can be inscrutable at times. Side characters often felt heroes and villains from a Bollywood blockbusters; that can be both appealing and off putting (fortunately, there are no songs and dance numbers in a book). But on the whole, I did all the characters, even the younger brother. They were a bit simplistic but offset by the wonderful personalities given to the machines that Adya awakes. The Kawasaki motorbike was especially well done and easily the best character in the story.

There is plenty of action and I never got bored. The story had a complete arc and did not end on a cliff hanger though room was left open for the story to continue. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.
arc post-apocalyptic sci-fi Nicole Austin174 3

"A Magic Fierce and Bright" by Hemant Nayak is a fun and unique YA fantasy novel that blends elements of Indian mythology with a futuristic setting. The premise of this book is so unique as the setting is in the future but it’s a version of Earth where technology fails and magic resurfaces. I have never read a book this, especially one that made me emotional about a sentient motorbike, but I absolutely loved the plot and the world that Nayak created.

The story follows Adya, a young technomancer with a rare ability to awaken electric machines, as she navigates through political intrigue and personal challenges in her quest to save her sister, Priya. This book has the found family troupe, which I always adore, as well as some unique heist moments while also focusing on the politics of this unique world. Also, there is a cat in this book named Useless who I loved and was incredibly invested in even though Useless was just a minor character. In my heart, Useless was the star of the slow (I love the name!).

From the very start, Nayak's writing style draws you in with its gorgeous prose, creating a vivid world filled with unique characters and unexpected twists. Despite facing constant pressure to use her powers for political gain, Adya remains determined to reunite with her sister and protect her family, showcasing her strength and resilience throughout the story. Her drive to reunite with her sister is the foundation of the book, and I loved how Adya never gave up no matter what happened, even a specific traumatic incident about halfway through the book.

One of the other highlights of the book is the dynamic between Adya and her love interest. Their partnership adds depth to the story, as they embark on a thrilling adventure filled with bickering and a tinge of romance that only grows as the plot progresses. Additionally, the inclusion of sentient beings such as a motorbike adds a touch of whimsy. As stated earlier, going into the book, I wasn’t expecting to become attached to a motorbike, but I think the motorbike ended up being my favorite character (behind Useless the cat).

While the pacing may feel rushed at times, especially when important details are glossed over, the overall storytelling remains compelling, keeping you engaged from beginning to end. Overall, "A Magic Fierce and Bright" is a spellbinding tale with such a unique premise that I hope to continue reading about this world as well as other stories that Nayak creates.
1 TeriAuthor 6 books150

It was the Iron Widow comp title and the gorgeous cover that first caught my attention with this novel. Trust me, the cover is even more stunning in person.

This story is set in the jungles of South India four hundred years in the future. It’s a world full of magic, and the world-building is explained well and woven into the narrative. Adya’s unusual and highly valuable power is technomancy – she uses her magic to wake machines and communicate with them. One of those machines is a big-hearted Kawasaki motorcycle that became a favorite character and has a significant impact on the story. I d the idea of machines having a sort of soul. Adya’s twin sister Priya is missing, and the journey to find her is full of obstacles – the first being a towering ring of fire surrounding the city where she was headed. Adya may communicate better with machines than people, but she’s fiercely loyal to her family, determined to find her sister, and keep her younger brother safe. Technomancers are nearly extinct, and Adya risks being captured and/or sold every minute during her search.

Usually I’m partial to one or two of the supporting characters (besides the previously mentioned motorcycle), but this cast is especially likable and well-drawn. I found myself rooting for the unly group of soldiers and snickered over their names. Besides the humorous moments, this story is full of tense action scenes and even some heartfelt moments. There’s a hint of romance between Adya and Dsouza, but it’s a very minor portion of the story.

This novel releases today and appears to be a standalone, but there’s potential for a sequel – which I’m totally here for. Recommended for readers who enjoy futuristic settings filled with unusual magic, unexpected characters who’ll steal your heart, and strong sibling bonds.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. Adreanna King53 3

A Magic Fierce and Bright by Hemant Nayak is an interesting and unique dystopian type YA fantasy that centers around Adya, who is a technomancer, and her journey to find her sister. The uniqueness of the story is what originally drew me into reading this book but unfortunately, after several attempts to finish reading this book, it was a DNF at 40% for me. I tried to get drawn into the world, magic, and story but the writing style just wasn't for me. What I read of the book was decent enough that I believe it will be a great book for some it just didn't hit the mark for me.

I would to thank NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing for providing me with the ARC ebook. Sierra366 7

3.5 stars. Amazing worldbuilding but not a ton else that appealed to me.

What I d:
- magical sentient machines
- accurate portrayal of sibling relationships
- I don't think I've ever read a YA fantasy set in India. I've read lots of worlds inspired by various aspects of Indian culture, but I really appreciated that this one took place in the future of our world.

What I didn't :
- Dsouza (the love interest) was trying to hard to be a brooding tragic past antihero
- The characters in general weren't overly compelling
- Everyone is constantly getting hurt; there is a ton of description of pain

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Kimberly ChristensenAuthor 3 books6

I loved the storytelling in this book, and could not believe that the author got me to care so much about a sentient motorbike! I haven't read tons of books set in India, and enjoyed the chance to explore fantasy that introduced traditional elements of Indian mythology into a futuristic setting where science and tech are failing and magic is re-emerging. Aadhya was smart and capable, and I loved her devotion to her sister. This was a fun read!

Disclosure: I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.2 s mai ♡1,072 462 Shelved as '2024'

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