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'⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ This one blew me away'

'⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Heidi's books never fail to pick me up'

' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Same Time Next Year will have you reaching for the tissues and laughing out loud in equal amounts! I flew through it, unable to put it down'

'⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Absolutely brilliant from start to finish'


Sisters Bel and Marie are poles apart. Whilst Marie is a free spirit who spurns alcohol, casual sex and material possessions, Bel needs all of those things just to make it through to lunchtime.

When their mother dies suddenly, leaving them a rundown house on the Norfolk coast, they are unexpectedly thrown together. Because there's a condition: before they can inherit it, they have to live in it for one year - together.

Marie invites some old friends to Orchard House to form a working party, and Bel is drawn to the devastatingly handsome, yet silent and brooding, Nick. The only problem is, they want entirely different things . . .

If Bel can make it through the year unscathed, she'll consider it a success. But that means dealing with everything she's been sweeping under the rug for decades. Could it be time to leave the past behind and embrace the future? And in doing so, will the sisters finally find their way back to each other?

Same Time Next Year is the hilarious, heart-warming and joyful new novel from award-winning author Heidi Stephens about love, life, hope, family and the importance of taking chances. Perfect for fans of Beth Moran, Milly Johnson, Lucy Diamond and Jill Mansell.

Readers LOVE Heidi Stephens!

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' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ A delightful and addictive read that ventures beyond pure romance exploring the complexities of love, marriage, and self-discovery'

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About the Author

Heidi Stephens has spent her career working in advertising and marketing; some of her early writing work includes instruction manuals for vacuum cleaners, saucepans and sex toys. Since 2008 she has also freelanced as a journalist, liveblogging Strictly Come Dancing for The Guardian. Now, in May, Heidi can be found somewhere around the world, liveblogging Eurovision. Her debut novel, Two Metres From You , won the 2022 Katie Fforde Debut RomanticNovel Award. She lives in Wiltshire with her partner andher Labrador, Mabel.

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My first book by this author, and I absolutely loved it! We meet two sisters, Bel (Bluebell) and Marie (Marigold). Their mother has just died and has left them a house they didn't know she had. The only stipulation is that they must live together for a year before they are able to sell the house. Bel and Marie haven't been close for years, so the thought of living together for a year is unthinkable. Will they be able to last the year together?

This was such a wonderful read. The premise of the book was right up my street and I loved the idea of seeing Bel and Marie try to live together with the history that they have. I have to admit to initially liking Marie the most out of the two sisters, finding Bel difficult to connect with. She definitely has some past issues which she finds very difficult to let go of, and this makes her more than a little prickly, untrusting and unapproachable! I do find myself liking her more and more as the book moves on though and you find she has a wicked dry sense of humour. The book is filled with other able characters - Maggie, Dan, Jenna and of course Nick! Nick is another character with lots of past issues, and his development from "cute but mute" Nick to the man we know at the end is captivating! I do want to know however, where I can find a man Nick because he is absolutely gorgeous in every way!

The majority of the book is based on the Norfolk coast and the scenery from this area gives great images of what life is for Bel and Marie. I loved the beach scenes and could imagine myself with a coffee and a sausage roll watching the North sea coming in. We also get to see the delights of wild swimming with Bel, Nick and some of the local women swimming every morning in the sea, no matter the weather. It sounded fantastic, if not a little chilly at times! The story however isn't just about swimming and the beautiful Norfolk coastline. It's full of every emotion you can imagine, and will have you reaching for the tissues and laughing out loud in equal amounts! There are some sensitive moments, which are handled just perfectly, and Bel and Marie's storyline will have you hooked throughout. A word of warning however, there is some bad language throughout and some references to sex.

I flew through the book, unable to put it down until I'd finished it. My first book by this author, but I will definitely be looking out for more. Loved the storyline, loved the location, loved the characters... it was truly wonderful!! Would definitely recommend!!heidi-stephens netgalley-2024 netgalley-books ...more Agi1,611 101

Oh my. It took really, really long to read this book, simply because I didn't feel the need to get back to it when I put it down. I couldn't engage with it. I couldn't engage with the characters. I didn't understand them, the way they were, why they were this. It was only when the Trade Nomads, or whatever was their name, appeared on the scenes, that the story started to feel a bit interesting. Nick brought life and light and humour, the banter between him and Bel was brilliant, and actually, from then on, the story started to feel lighter, easier and just more lively, without so much shadows in the corners. Yes, there was still the background story of Bell that she couldn't let go of, yes, there was still the thing of this complicated relationship between Bel and Marie, and I still often couldn't understand Bel, but the book just started to live its life and it was brilliant to follow it and the characters. There were still moments that I wanted to bang Bel's head on the wall, but less and less, and it was a real joy to read the story from then on. So really, from meh - read, it exploded into a brilliant, engaging and also emotional read that, in the end, I simply loved.
The book is filled with many characters, but they are all great, all of them with their own pasts and background stories, adding so much to the story.

Altogether, before I lose myself completely in gushing and gushing and gushing, it was an emotional roller - coaster about family bonds, about complicated relationships, about second chances, about letting go of the past and trusting again. In the end, it left me feel warm, it was a hug and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Never thought that a book could so change my mind about it - but it did. It just worm its way into my heart and the characters grew on me - a great read in the end.2024 2024-releases KathVBtn585 24

This was a warm hug of a book which left me feeling uplifted and full of happiness and positivity.

Two sisters, Marie and Bel, have been estranged for years and are only brought back together at their mother's funeral. Their mother was a free spirit who lived on a canal boat her whole life, so they are both surprised to find out that they have inherited her rundown family home in on the coast of Norfolk. It comes with one condition - they have to live there together for a year before it is legally theirs.

The sisters baulk at the idea of living together but agree to do so in the absence of any other options. When they move to the house, they discover an aunt that they never knew about as well as a host of friendly neighbours, all keen to support the sisters and make them part of the community.

They are very short of money so find creative ways of funding their house renovation project including calling in a bunch of nomadic tradespeople, who travel the country carrying out renovation jobs in exchange for bed and board. Amongst them is the handsome and enigmatic Nick; he sets Bel's pulse racing but is unwilling to take up her offer of no strings fun, only able to offer friendship instead.

I enjoyed discovering how both Bel and Marie developed and changed over the period of the book, slowly rebuilding their relationship after years of neglect, as well as accepting parts of themselves that they had been trying to push away. The community around them provided a wonderful network of support and assistance. The side characters including Aunt Mag and lawyer Dan were fabulous characters with their own lives and back stories that fed well into the story of the sisters' year in their house.

A solid 4 star read. Sara Oxton3,527 17

What a warm and funny five-star read. I simply adore this author, but this one blew me away, I have always found them funny and relevant, but this one just has that extra something that adds the chefs kiss to it. You will be put through the ringer by this story but come out feeling all the better for it at the end. It is true that we are all different flowers from the same garden, it just happens that it’s a very large garden with us all in it and we all have different patches. Bel and Marie are such different characters, but you can see small parts of the special Lily in them both, even if they don’t see it themselves. What a difference a year makes, Marie is the me I would love to be, free spirited and fly by the seat of your pants type and Bel is the me more in my younger years, hiding my grief in drinking and other things. I must admit I loved how the Trade Nomads are highlighted, my cousin did something similar in Nepal for a couple of years, and when I told him about it in this story, he was super happy to see that more people will get to know about the tradition and hopefully become interested. Pick up this story if you are looking for a story that will suck you in, and make you care about a group of ragtag people who will worm their way into your heart. It may also have you running to your nearest wild swimming spot as well. Angela Owen140 1 follower

Omg where do I start? I have never read a Book by Heidi Stephen’s before and I didn’t know what to expect but it was absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

It’s all about sisters Bel and Marie and their whirlwind year together after their Mother dies.

I think i must have felt every emotion reading this book. It was heartbreaking in parts and tackled some really tough issues and I cried happy tears for some of the chapters but I loved it.

The setting of the book was beautiful and I loved the thought of cold water swimming, but the best part was the characters. I loved them all (apart from one) and my favourite by far was Nick he was just perfect.

Overall a brilliant five star book which really shows you the power of family and friends.

Now that I have finished this book I cannot wait to read every book Heidi has ever written while contemplating cold water swimming considering I live a few minutes from the beach.

Thanks to Netgalley, Headline Books and Heidi Stephens for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Megan Jones1,388 22

I loved my time reading this. Stephens has written a compelling, immersive story that I enjoyed being a part of. We follow two sisters, Bel and Marie as they are thrust together living in a house for a year following their mother's death. The sisters have never got on and the year is a chance to see if they can build a relationship together. Along the way we meet many people who come in and out of their lives as well.
Bel and Marie really made this book for me, I loved them individually and I enjoyed reading about their relationship and in particular, how it changes over the year. They were easy to relate to and understand and I relished reading about them.
The plot is wonderful and Stephens has packed in so many different threads, I never got bored but I never thought things were rushed either. Everything happened at the perfect pace. There was a bit in this for everyone from love, loss and hope to sea swimming and decorating. I loved everything about this book and am sure you will too.
Thank you to NetGalley and Headline for an advance copy. Zoe Radley1,300 19

A wonderful, heartwarming and moving book about learning to open up about the good and bad stuff that happens to you to people who care and that regardless of what may have happened in the past, the sisterly bond is always going to be the rock that you can rely on. It’s also about forgiving yourself and knowing that sometimes it’s better to let the past go and not constantly reach out to fuel the flames of anger, hurt and rejecting of anything that might look it could be too good. That sometimes the best men are going to stay beside you regardless of how you treat them. Bel and Marie are so strong in their own ways but also incredibly flawed and spikey, though really that’s all Bel but she feels there are reasons for how she is and that’s what sets her apart from her sister who she feels makes her feel less than. I love how these two swipe and snarl at each other and that gradually over time they start to warm and actually each other. I won’t say more than that but this one is definitely one that feels a hug. Nancy1,197

I love books about sisters! This book was packed with so much emotion between sisters Bluebell and Marigold. I love that they go by the names Bel and Marie.
When their mother died, they were left her house. The catch being that they had to live in the house a year before they could sell it. This would have been an easy thing for them to do but they had not been close for several years and they were both dreading the thought of being together that long. Being with them as I read this book was fabulous. To be able to see and feel them doing what they could to survive the year together was packed with a lot of feelings and emotions.
The author did a great job of putting characters in this story that fir so perfectly together.
I am anxious to read more books by Heidi Stephens. I can not wait to tell all my fellow readers to grab this book as soon as they can and sit back and enjoy the ride.
netgalley Frank Thaxton2 Read

I really enjoyed getting into this book – it has an unusual story-line, was well written, and clearly by an author who knows her Norfolk and its coast (I lived there for years). Whilst the ending was fairly predictable, there were enough people and ideas to keep me well involved throughout – albeit the middle section was a little slow. Believable, up to a point (e.g. would Dan really have followed through?), and interesting characters and stories. Well-studied views on some family issues and very funny in parts. Having read it, I’d agree it’s not the sort of book I’d normally have chosen. I was intrigued by the title (see the film of the same title with Alan Alda), but I’m really glad I did! Molly82

This was really good. To be honest, if I’d gotten it from the library or something, I probably would’ve DNFed early on, because I found the main character pretty annoying and kind of an asshole at first. And then I almost DNFed a second time when it pulled a certain trope I hate, but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Bel has shit she’s been through and seeing her character growth made me emotional. Her and Nick’s relationship was really sweet, stuff about sisters always gets to me, and the ending definitely made me cry, so I’m glad I read it.

Thanks to NetGalley and Headline Books for the digital ARC. All opinions are my own.fiction netgalley romance Em Reads Romance141 61

This book had me in my feels the entire time. I don’t have a sister, but the relationship between these two siblings brought tears to my little green eyes. Books about found family always hit me so hard, and this was no exception. Bel was such a fun character to go on this journey with, thanks to her pessimistic outlook on life and dark sense of humor. Nick was an absolute dream. I’d read this again and again. Trini38 4

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