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Harley Wylde Series: Raven's Vale Psychos 01 Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Year: 2024

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This book is quite the departure from Harley Wylde’s normal stories. Riot is a true Anti-Hero and when he sets his sights on Hollis her life is forever changed and not necessarily for the good. There are those the want to tear them apart and will go to great lengths to succeed.1 Ilse89 1 follower

Warning! This is a very dark story, so be prepared. :

Psychopaths Riot, Crash and Kane have total control of the small town of Raven's Vale. They also control the mayor and the sheriff....to the point that a human is given to Riot a minimum of three times a year for the sole purpose of torturing and killing to sate his blood lust. Of course, more residents are killed than the one that is sacrificed for the welfare of the town.

Hollis Crane is a sweet young lady who has had a less than great life. She has one close friend, Lyla, but is mostly a loner. Suddenly, she is being watched the Riot Tredway, the "butcher". Imagine her terror when one day the mayor's goons snatch her and drag her to Riot's meeting spot. She is to be the next victim. What really hurts was that her best friend didn't speak up for her and, in fact, seemed to smile smugly when Hollis was forcibly grabbed and forced into a car by the goons.

Riot is cruel in words and actions but can't seem to bring himself to kill Hollis. He doesn't understand why he is drawn to her. Why he wants to torture, torment and be cruel to her but can't take the final step of ending her life.

This is a huge departure from the author's usual stories, but she pulls it off. In the beginning, I had a lot of empathy for Hollis...not so much as the story went on. Riot is a very unlikable anti-hero...a real cruel, heartless, monster with no redeeming qualities. Be prepared for dark beyond your expectations. Matee54 1 follower

Okay let me start by saying that I own every HW book she has written. Love Harley!!! This book was awful. The Anti-Hero was cruel to the point of I wanted to kill him myself and then have a cup of coffee because it would have not bothered me a bit!! Hollis was a door mat and appeared to me to be so desperate that she would do anything for Riot and to have someone to call her own. Yes, she knows she has to go along with him or die but she was attracted to him all along. This was the worst book I have read to date this year and I read one or more books a week. It had no plot except evil and killing and sex. Then to top off a really bad couple she gets pregnant and wants to raise it to be a good child/adult. Please spare me!! Lets not forget that there are two more books to come. Sorry Harley but I work in a field that I see abuse on the daily and books are an escape for me so when I read this it was another day at work for me. I do not plan to continue with the remaining two books but will gladly buy all of your MC series. This is just my opinion and I have been the only review that is low so maybe I just didn't get the book but I don't need harsh comments because I don't agree with the 4 and 5 star . Will be happy to go back to reading HW's books that are nothing this one. I do realize you warned your readers but Lord I did not expect SUCH darkness. Nina39 3

This book is so un anything Harley Wylde has ever written. If you’re wanting this to be similar to her MC books then this is not the book for you. It is much darker but OH SO GOOD! I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this book. At first I wasn’t entirely sure how much I’d enjoy Riot but I ended up loving him. He doesn’t know/understand many emotions especially the ones Hollis invokes in him. He just knows he needs her. Hollis is a great character. She’s much softer than Riot but still has an edge that he brings out in her. I wasn’t sure if I d the direction in which their relationship was heading but as the story went on, and you continued getting glimpses into both of their inner thoughts, you realize they work for each other. They give each other something the other lacks. I can’t wait for the remaining men to get books. I’m so glad Harley decided to branch out into something darker because it did not disappoint.harley-wylde Laura Criddle72

Fascinating read by Harley Wylde. Completely unexpected characters but strangely captivating. Riot is not your run of the mill serial killer….he’s a bit extreme. But he fits in perfectly in the unique town of Raven’s Vale. He is condemned to remain there or lose his freedom. Freedom to continue his serial behavior. He’s ruthless and hopeless until he sees her. Hollis is supposed to be his latest victim but there’s something about her. Something that soothes his demons. Quiets his past. Can she change the monster? This book was definitely a different vibe than most Harley books but none the less interesting! Take a chance on this one. The only thing I wish for was a longer book! You’ll see why. It’s it’s just the beginning… Jan1,782 9

Riot and his buddies Crash and Kane owned Raven’s Vale. No one did anything in that town without them knowing. They were considered Psycho’s and that is the way they d it. Hollis wasn’t going to make it easy. It seemed she was the next sacrifice to the psychos. Things go dark but there is more then it seems. I have to say this is a bit dark. Yes, Riot is an anti-hero along with his merry crazy fools. But there are times that it gets uncomfortable. He is jaded and when you think he has a soft side it turns again. This story isn’t for everyone. It can be a hard read if you don’t that dark abusive feel. Crash and Kane are defiantly crazy but not so much as Riot. I feel Hollis is lost in this world but hopefully she will find a happy medium with Riot and the one to come. Alice76

Fair warning this has plenty of TW in the book. This is a departure from Harleys usual books but it’s a really great read, very interesting but very darkly written with wonderful world building and characters. This has romance drama, intrigue and plenty of action.

Riot is a true anti hero, but is very true to himself with learning new things about himself and his emotions. Hollis learns new emotions and how to handle them and how she can still be herself but also a new person.

Their relationship is an interesting one with a lot of depth and understanding later on between the two, it’s not just a regular relationship. I recommend this read. Leslee2,472 71

Hollis and Riot's story was dark, very dark. I was completely mesmerized by their tale. Riot and his buddies are killers, certified insane. They rule Raven's Vale with a bloody fist and the citizens live in fear. I usually root for good villians and this one hits the spot perfectly. Riot isn't a good guy but he is good to Hollis. Sure, he isn't warm and fuzzy but he protects her, cares for her as much as he can. This is, at times, brutal, scary, twisted and intense. I cannot wait for the rest of this series!! Dawn Greaves88 5

Obsession is such a different story, one that is un anything that this author has written before. Harley Wylde has defied normal boundaries with this dark romance. She taps into our deepest and most secret fears and desires to bring us a story of an emotional intensity that it will keep you enthralled to the very end!
Riot is not your dream man, he is not a hero, he isn't even an anti-hero. He is a horrible man that does horrible, twisted and in humane things. Hollis is an innocent that catches Riots eye and is forced to become an unwilling part of his world. Crash and Kane are the other two men that make up Raven's Vale Psychos and almost as bad as Riot. We get a little taste of their personalities in this story.
Obsession is very dark, sadistic and twisted. There is no redeeming the men of this series. Be warned! After saying that, I loved the book and, in my opinion, Harley Wylde's best work yet. Chrissy Millrr14 2

Obsession Harley Wylde

It took a while to get into this story, but once I did, I started to enjoyi t It is dark and heavy, but once you get into the heads of the characters, it starts to make sense of the turmoil of their lives. It's a story that should be read only if you the darkness that's doesn't scare you. Cheryl Wells227

Omg so different and dark but so delicious of a read for me from Harley she writes so amazing and captivating Riot and Hollis loved their characters so much and the suspense and chemistry they had together and how Hollis drew Riot in so much he didn't understand why she captivated him just love love this book a must read Lisbeth1,585 1 follower

Not Harley Wylde's, usually style. It was dark and twisted and unrealistic, but I d it, made me laugh, snorting and grinning, which I really needed. Probably wasn't Harley Wylde's attention since it was a dark romance, but I found it funny, which probably says a lot about my twisted brain. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.dark-romance julie winslett458

Obsession was astounding book, had great character building that left you on the edge of your seat! With that said, it was a little too feral for me. I would still recommend this book for people that dark fantasy! And let me just say that you can’t go wrong with anything that Harley writes! Ashley6

While this is not Harley’s regular writing/style it had me captivated and unable to put it down. Carol Roll1,583 2


What a different type of book. Definitely dark and twisted, but oh so good! Keeps you interested from the start. Looking forward to the next book. LeslieAuthor 3 books12

This is completely different from Harleys other books. Riot is obsessed with Hollis. It is a dark and gritty story that will definitely have u on the edge. Tina Price441 10

Very very DARK and outside this authors normal work. However, I still enjoyed it. JennaAuthor 11 books5

Obsession was a very well written and Dark book. 5 stars for an amazing storyline and graphic content. Merry Jelks-Emmanuel7,850 120

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