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Reanna may have escaped Atlantis, but her past just won't sleep with the fishes.
Many kids run away. Reanna did, too: only she went to another dimension.
Reanna may have bartered away her mermaid tail for a one-way ticket to Earth, but apparently, her mother - the Queen of Atlantis - didn't get the message. Now Reanna finds herself kidnapped and back on the dimension of Gaia, where a whole continent is in danger, caught up in a war over her fate.
The longer Reanna runs away from her mother, the more desperate and barbaric Queen Arana becomes. And when Reanna learns of the Queen enslaving countless elves in concentration camps, Reanna knows that she can't let her fear define her decisions.If she doesn't step up, she will forfeit not only her own life, but also the lives of the elves and her new friends - including two boys from earth, whose past and futures are inexplicably tied to hers.
Along with her new friends, Reanna sets out to stop the war,...

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Do you know what a mermaid princess and an idiot Quarterback have in common? Me neither.

Well, I didn't know until I read this book. Depths of Atlantis is a story about a human girl who one day goes missing from her house somewhere in the US, suspicions of kidnapping put the police and people at her highschool on alert, and it's left to a team of the school's resident nerd and the school's star idiot Quarterback to figure out what has happened to her for reasons that are more similar than the idiot Quarterback wants to admit.

Turns out there has, indeed, been a kidnapping. But not by some pervert with a Paedobear badge to his name, no. The kidnapping has been ordered by the girl's mother, the Queen of an undersea kingdom in a world called Atlantis that would give Snow White's stepmother master class lessons on dealing with runaway princesses. Unfortunately for Queen Arana, her minions got intercepted by a rival team of a were-fairy and a wizard that persuaded them via well-aimed violence to hand the princess over to them, and now they're the ones that have to deal with the amnesiac princess, help her regain her memories, and lead the way into a plot to free magical creatures from imprisonment by her mother and save the undersea kingdoms from her, all the while staying out of her and her allies' reach.

It sounds a simple plot, doesn't it? It really is. Simple and unpretentious, with a generous serving of tropes and genre conventions, so if you're expecting an original plot and super-shocking twists, you better not demand it from this book. Its selling point, its catch, is in the characters more than in the plot.

Let's start with the princess, Reanna. You ever wanted Snow White to show the PTSD she should have from the mistreatment and repeated murder attempts by her stepmother? You'll have it with Reanna. She is no Snow White and this is no retelling, but I couldn't but notice the parallels, which may or mayn't be intentional and doesn't really matter either way, but she does show the realistic psychology of an abused child. Her mother was brutal in her abuse, physical and emotional, and though Reanna escaped the abuse whilst still a child, it hasn't been long since, she hasn't got treatment (or at least the book doesn't specify), so her mentality is that of a timorous, shy, easily scared, anxiety-ridden, clingy, and self-loathing teenager. Exactly what you'd have if you had been abused all your childhood. She is annoying and lacks a backbone as a result of that damage, too. You might not her as a character, but if you are at least passingly familiar with the sequels of abuse, you'd at least understand her.

Then there's Laile, the were-fairy and second girl protagonist. Were-fairy? Yes, werewolf dad & fairy mum. Being the product of the union of two magical races comes with its own set of complications for Laile, who has decided to be a Guardian after failing at excelling in her mother's abilities and her father's, too. As a Guardian, she can solve problems more easily through a combination of magic and brute force, accompanied by a wizard as a sidekick. She is easy to , but the interest in her chapters comes more from her peculiar family and the insights into the undersea society and lore than from her as a character.

The nerd protagonist, Adam, has also a POV that is interesting for the information it delivers than for the character. He's the least developed of all four POVs, and not having a rich culture in the background and no eccentric home life makes his chapters the ones that feel more info-dumpy, too, because the information he delivers is through conversations and stalking the star footballer for help.

And now that we come to the idiot Quarterback, Trevor is the only son of a pastor with more time for his clerical duties than for his son, who has grown up with two gifts in life: being a nuisance to girls and sports. Unaware of Reanna's background and her true nature, he developed a Calvin-and-Susie dynamic with her from the moment they first met as children.

Not having seen a football match myself—well, not played by and in the US, watching a match with the Munich Cowboys played by semi-secretly Americanophile Germans doesn't count—I can't say if the portrayal is true to reality, so I went to ask my American fiancé.
"Are Quarterbacks really as dumb as they're stereotyped to be?"
"Nah, the Linebackers are the real bricks," he said.
I suspect he has a point, because Trevor here turns out to not be that dumb as he appears at first. I mean, nobody that loves Tolkien so much can be stupid. Of course, there's no Linebacker in this book to confirm by comparison...

In conclusion, it's a fun story with a lot of adventure and characters that can be annoying but not boring. Because it's a first book, though, there's still so much that isn't known that needs to be explained, that might make you feel there's holes in the story, and the world still feels small for the size it's said to have because we've merely seen a fraction of it through Reanna and Laile and we need more perspectives. The Queen also needs to have her motivations explained more in detail or she'll stay a bit over-the-top forever. Oh, and of course I couldn't wrap up without mentioning that this book doesn't have a love triangle, praise Jesus. A YA book without a love triangle is a miracle these days. You better not insert a third wheel in-between the mermaid princess and the idiot Quarterback in the next book, Ms Carter!

Thank you to the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.fantasy121 s Cassandra HammAuthor 23 books61

This is such a unique book. A portal fantasy with contemporary vibes, lovable characters, and mental health rep, The Depths of Atlantis is a book that will suck you in and maybe even make you cry.

There was so much going on in this story. I loved the worldbuilding and the complexity. The plotline of rescuing the elves from the concentration camps was so heartbreaking and impactful. And Reanna’s struggles hit me a punch in the gut. She has been through a lot of trauma, from her mother’s abuse to her adopted parents’ divorce, and it expresses itself in various ways. Self-condemnation and self-doubt (very relatable), anxiety, depression… self harm.

Though the self harm doesn’t happen during the course of the story itself, it is mentioned, and later on in the story, there is a mental representation of Reanna’s younger self after she self harmed that could be triggering. So if that’s a trigger for you, please note that. <3 but I thought it was tastefully and realistically done. Reanna’s mental health struggles definitely hit me right in the feels and made me cry.

Now for my favorite character, Laile. Laile is a tall (we love tall girls here—I am a tall girl myself), bubbly, vivacious gem fairy who has both a human form and a tiny crystalline form that she shifts between at will. She is hilarious and loves fiercely and deals with prejudice and is hopelessly in love with her clueless best friend, Gregory (very relatable). LAILE AND GREG FOREVER.

“‘However, I do have some other suggestions, if you’re willing to hear them…’ Mostly, they included confessing their feelings and making out. Actually, Laile was good for just making out without confessions, too.” If that ain’t a mood XD my poor girl went through some real crap during this book and I wish I could hug her. <3

Adam’s crush on Reanna gave me Kataang vibes. It better not come to pass—Kataang is one of my least favorite ships. :P but Adam is adorable and is truly a feral Hufflepuff and I love him! Just not for Reanna. I think I ship Trevor and Reanna… haven’t fully decided yet.

Also, the art inside is pretty. I do love beautiful formatting.

My one issue is that I didn’t really understand Trevor and Adam’s role in the story. It felt it was setup for the next story, which could have been fine, but I don’t remember them actually impacting the current story. I wish they’d been more interconnected in this story. I was definitely more invested in the Gaian storylines over the Earth ones.

Still, definitely a great read for Mermay. Can’t wait for book two!mermaids10 s Maseeha SeedatAuthor 13 books5

There are no words to describe The Depths of Atlantis, but I'm going to try anyway. This book sucked me in from the first page, and Hannah's unique voice and style will keep you hooked until long after you reach the end. Even when I wasn't reading, her characters and their struggles rested in the back of my mind. Her characterisation skills are on point and absolutely incredible! Hannah has the ability to create memorable and relatable heroes (and villains) that can resonate with any reader. The worldbuilding of Solis is fantastically unique and gripping. The world allows for this manic, heart-ripping plot that will twist your emotions inside out and upside down in one go. To say this book has changed my life is an understatement. I was fortunate enough to read it at a time when I needed some sign that I was doing the right thing, and Hannah's amazing protagonists were able to voice what I was going through. Depths of Atlantis is a must-read for all ages, readers and non-readers. This high-stakes adventure is gorgeous and I can't wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with it as I have.fantasy humor plot-twists7 s NathanielAuthor 26 books199

This is a solid debut novel from Hannah Carter. I’ve enjoyed her short stories a lot and I’ve had the honour of being in several anthologies with her. I think Hannah is a very talented writer.
I keep making the mistake of buying indie books that I wouldn’t read if I didn’t know the author. Obviously, I won’t fall in love with every single story I read. Even if I want to.
That said, this story didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, this is a well written, well plotted novel that I highly recommend. I just don’t gravitate toward urban fantasy this. It’s not my personal preference. At all.
Carter had amazing characters in this book. I loved the cast so much. While I don’t expect to continue in the series…I do want to know their ending.
The plot was fast paced and explored some really fun worlds/concepts.
The writing is so fun. I loved the American culture references. They made me smile.
The book itself is STUNNING. I love dark blue books. I own so many and I want more.
So overall my rating is based on personal preference and not quality. Carter always delivers high quality stories. This is one I think many people will love and I hope people pick it up. fantasy6 s Brooke J KatzAuthor 4 books6

Flying Fig Whit's that was awesome!

Flying Fig Whit's that was awesome! Whoa I don't even know where to start. Hannah writes in such a way you are instantly sucked into the story. I'm saying from chapter 1 you are sucked into this magical tale from the first page and on the edge of your seat the whole time.
She is brilliant at weaving in history, real world issues, faith, and action into one story.
I felt I was in a epic DnD battle with the characters.
I love a duo in this story they totally remind me of Steve and Dustin from stranger things.
This felt a pilgrims progress story too epic and enlightening.

Note to readers: this story deals with trauma and abuse Hannah does a fanatic tackling this extremely difficult topic.

I highly recommend this story
5 s Madelyn1 review

I absolutely loved this book!! Hannah Carter’s debut novel has been one of my favorite fantasy reads so far
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