The Eurynome Code: The Complete Series: A Space Opera Box Set de Gorman, K.

de Gorman, K. - Género: English
libro gratis The Eurynome Code: The Complete Series: A Space Opera Box Set


Gorman, K. Publisher: Aethon Books, Year: 2021

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This quality adventure opens with Karin Makos and her friends and crewmates on the Nemina. They’re working hard at a deep-version of antiquing when an unexpected, crippling attack takes place on the solar system. The aftermath reveals that Karin and her sister Nomiki have a dark past that accounts for their having some...unique attributes.

The Eurynome Code is a space opera answer to Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous observation that if you stare into the abyss long enough, it stares back — and in this case, starts reading to you in a threatening tone from something Carl Jung wrote. The ethically-challenged, delusion-drenched gene-splicers who created Karin, Nomiki, and a veritable pantheon of others spent way too long with the abyss, which is now striking back in a terrifying series of ways. Karin has to survive long enough to go from having the worst superpower ever (“basically a human flashlight”) to realizing her destiny as our last, best hope.

This was an awesome read. K. Gorman's writing is solid, and she's created a space opera that's flavored with horror and mythology -- sophisticated touches that are enough to keep things interesting without bogging the story down. There is a lot of late 20th/early 21st century terminology floating around, including some memorable uses of "dude" which keep things grounded, though.
Throw in some strong female characters who are challenged to adapt and overcome as the world is turned upside, political skullduggery (and just banally-amoral business-as-usual) and the possible end of the world as we know it, and you have a series that's stays engaging and interesting from start to finish.

Total: 8/10 (4 stars) Lawrence Hutton7 1 follower


It's hard to believe, I actually finished reading this one. Six books? Yeah, I know, it's way too long. It's so long that by the end of the story the author and I were sick of the whole thing. I finished just so I could write this review.

So, so many things made it past the editor. I can hear the books screaming; 'get me an editor.' 'Please, won't somebody edit me? I'm a good story.' The author did a pretty good job of character development of the core actors, but the author spent much too much time describing... everything. This series could have been 2 long books, without the embellishments. I was reminded of those term papers of a certain required length; a thousand words and you've only got 900.

The last book was rushed. I don't know if the editor was on your back for copy, or you really were, me, tired of the story. The end of the series felt the 'Big Brushoff'.

Lastely, two things: always try to keep keep your timeline constant through All SIX books and don't add things where there was nothing before (a hallway bridge and hatch) in book six.

I lied.
Much this review, it's anticlimactic.

Wowie! This book drops the reader right into the action! But, ummmm... that beginning!
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