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Glitz Publisher: Twyla T. Presents, LLC, Year: 2023

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Fun and cute summer read!

This book was so cute to me. You meet Rari, founder and leader of the MBC Boys (Money, B*****, and cars). The MBC Boys operate a car theft ring and they only go after the most expensive cars. Rari sets his eye on Allure, a beautiful woman with a few secrets of her own. To get her attention, he takes the very unconventional route, by stealing her prized Lamborghini. This really screws Allure up because she is already in the midst of losing her house due to her gambling addiction.

Allure knows Rari is behind the theft and she confronts him. He proceeds to woo her and try his hardest to win her over and make her see he wants her. They embark on the journey of love together, dealing with exes, secret children and more.

I loved this book so much! It was a fun read and an easy 10/10! Tiffany1,341 8

must read

Omg I loved this book so much it was worth the wait. I wasn’t expecting the relationships and friendships to be so bomb. I also appreciated there being no cheating and side babies. I really enjoyed each character and the bonds everyone had not even the guys had beef with each other or any hate. I felt bad about Savage but he needed to let go especially if he was so called upset about the twins but also still wanted to fuck. I was a little confused because I thought she broke up with him because of a side baby anyway it was a great book overall. Rishonda Brooks76

Not For Me

I wish I could say it's because I'm in my 40s but naaaaahhhhhh, that ain't it. Even in my 20s I could never understand toxic stuff. IJS. Crazy part is, I have some friends that were Ashlynn and an Allure. I never judged them, I just couldn't do it. You play in my face, don't want to label what we have, but get mad when someone else getting your time. Allure was to blame for a lot of stuff in the beginning of that relationship. And everybody was okay and back to business as usual. Enjoy the book. It's just not for me. TACORA MCCLUNEY2,074 8

MBC Crew

This was a great read. I loved all the characters. Rari and Allure had a rough start. He was wrong for what he did but he made up for it times 100. He proved to her he had her back even when she made him mad. All the M.B.C. boyz had that B.D.E. when it came to the women in their lives. I'm glad Joey let his baby mama go completely and made things official with Ashlyn. The was a great page turner from start to finish.❤❤ C369 10


This book was all over the place. The author throw a bunch of idea together and call it a book. Spoiler alert: The H and h did not know each well enough to get married. There was too many secrets among them. The H act irrational when it come to allure; don’t get me started on Allure, she was older than him but didn’t know better than him. Both of them act childish as hell. Definitely was not enjoyable for me. Amber Ganaway643 8

Great read!!!!

This story was lit from the beginning and it just kept getting better. At first Allure was working my nerves but she grew on me lol. Rari was EVERYTHING with that Boss BDE he was carrying around. All the couples were amazing together and I loved how they had each other’s back. Great job !!! Shahtia Gay-hairston2,829 27

Summer Vibes

Summer vibes
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