Laura Anne Gilman - West Wind's Fool: and Other Stories of the Devil's West de Gilman

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libro gratis Laura Anne Gilman - West Wind's Fool: and Other Stories of the Devil's West


Gilman Publisher: Book View Cafe, Year: 2018 ISBN: 9781611387483

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Just Ok. Short stories from Gilman's Devil's West (Silver on the Grass) world (which I've not read) where the Devil rules the Old West west of the Mississippi River, and magic, demons and spirits are real, all playing on the desires of men and women seeking fame, fortune or simply escape on the frontier. A Town Called Flood and West Wind's Fool are standouts. The Devil's Hope is good. The rest forgettable. Overall interesting enough, that I'll bump up on TBR Silver on the Grass.4 s Lisa Reads & Reviews450 125

My first read in the Weird West genre, this collection of short stories in Gilman's Devil's West series was enjoyable enough to make me want to visit this world again. Here is the Territory ruled by the devil as we've seen him in playing his fiddle down in Georgia -- only this devil plays cards and runs a saloon in the town of Flood. Magicians are interesting characters who have feuds beneath trees where one of them is bound to be hung. In all, a nice creepy read without gore and a new, yet familiar Old West feeling. western2 s Robert GreenbergerAuthor 227 books139

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Another fine addition to The Devil's West series, this one being an anthology that expands our understanding of the territory and its inhabitants. 1 Heidi28

Highly recommended

Gilman pays homage to history, myth, and fiction while refusing to colonize any of them. This strangely pragmatic but mystical version of the western lands draws you in to stay a while in wandering mode. It's the sort of storytelling that lingers and haunts. Not scary, not sweet.
It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon as well - a much needed break from the shrill voices of the present. 1 Jenn28

I love this world.

This is a *deeply* realized world. And these short stories and vignettes go a long way towards fleshing it all out. I WANT MORE OF GRACE'S STORY. 1 Jaime MoyerAuthor 22 books213

A wonderful group of stories set in the Devil's West universe. I loved the deeper look into some of the familiar characters from the novels, and the world Gilman has built.

Highly recommended, both for existing fans and new readers.kindle-books owned-books1 Jen695 11

I love this version of Weird West. Just makes me really happy that this exists anthology kindle read-in-2018 ...more1 Ashley T463 3

I can’t get enough of this series. Seriously, it’s a deep love of mine. I loved every story from this collection.1 Lara4,187 346

I d this collection of short stories just as much as I did the trilogy! The world and the mythology just really works for me, and I enjoyed getting a glimpse into characters either only on the periphery of the main series, or new altogether. As long as Laura Anne Gilman keeps writing about the Devil’s West, I’ll keep reading about it!e-books fantasy historical-fiction ...more Abby228 3

Actually, 3 1/2 stars

Good stories, but the editing was not up to par. If I saw "no-one" one more time...
I have enjoyed her series set in The Territory, and will continue with the next book coming in December 2018. Hopefully the editing will be back on track. Brenda103 2

I was thrilled to find more stories set in the Devil's West. Only one was't new to me. I would suggest starting with the novel Silver on the Road to get acquainted with this weird wild fantasy/horror world that strongly resembled the old American West. J50

A mixed bag

An interesting mix of stories all set in the the land of the devil. As always with Ms Gilman the settings are well drawn and the characters engaging, an interesting additon to the series, and something to while awaynthe time until Gabriel's book comes out. Tonya Nardi368 12

This is a nice collection of short stories but a really nice insight into how the characters in the Devil’s West have grown and changed. Brandon Mehl113

A but lackluster after reading the other books, if only because some are the stories that have turned into full novels.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full reviewborrowed Daniel Cooksey363 3

4.5 Stars Fascinating to see the way L.A.G. developed her Devil's West over time. These round out her world quite nicely.read-kindle-digital Mary Kay Kare250 20 Read

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