Not If You Break Up with Me First de G.F. Miller

de G.F. Miller - Género: English
libro gratis Not If You Break Up with Me First


Two friends who have unhappily found themselves accidentally dating try to drive the other one to call things off in this witty and heartfelt middle school romance.
Childhood friends Eve and Andrew are destined to be together—everyone says so, especially their friends and classmates who are all suddenly crush-obsessed. So when Eve and Andrew's first eighth grade school dance rolls around and Eve, feeling the pressure, awkwardly asks Andrew to go with her, everyone assumes they are Officially Dating and Practically in Love. Overwhelmed, Eve and Andrew just...go with it.

And it's weird. Neither of them wants this dating thing to mess up their friendship, and they don't really see each other that way. But they also don't want to be the one to call things off, the one to make things super awkward. So they both—separately—pledge to be the worst boyfriend or girlfriend ever, leaving it to the other person to break up with them. It...

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✰ 2.75 stars ✰

“They were just best friends. Weren’t they? He loved hanging out with her. She always made him laugh. friends do. But he’d missed her a lot this summer. Did that mean he d her as more than friends?

They’d always been friends.

Why couldn’t things stay simple?”

What saved Not If You Break Up with Me First from a lower rating than what I settled for was the ending that captured so intimately and quite perfectly the aching honesty of the vulnerability of what it feels when you're at that crossroad of harboring a crush on your best friend and not knowing if it will be worth losing a friendship so very dear in the pursuit of trying to be something more than just best friends.
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