Silk and Smoke de Georgina Makalani

de Georgina Makalani - Género: English
libro gratis Silk and Smoke


Haunted by faces from their past, Haven and Sunshine are weary of their endless cycle of reincarnation. They yearn for peace and the simple joy of being together, free from the grip of destiny.

In a forest dark and dank, among decaying trees and muddy paths, Nara finds herself in delicate red silk, unsuited for the harsh, damp terrain. She is not alone. The forest is alive with whispers and screeching birds, and other girls in red dresses emerge from the shadows.

The forest beckons them to stay, a call that might be more perilous than any immediate threat. The edges of the forest are elusive, and reality seems to twist and blur, making it difficult to discern friend from foe.

In this dark and dangerous forest, can they break free from their fate and find the solace they desperately seek, or will the forest claim them forever?

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First I'd to mention that I love how each book in the Beneath The Fire Tree series is unique. The author throws the characters into these unique world in situations in which they have to fight against some kind of threat and try to stick together. The lifetimes that they have lived in repetitive cycle of life and death is many. You get to see the reaction to these new worlds as they discover or try to discover what started this. As a reader you slowly get to learn a little bit more about their first life.

It takes place in a horror esque wilderness coated in mud & rot, filled with darkness. With danger, deadly trees, & slight time twists.

Silk & Smoke provoked feelings of sacrifice, intrigue, and curiosity.

It was an ARC & My opinion is mine. Annemarie 719 15

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