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Orphaned Carmen is sixteen, newly homeless and will do almost anything to survive and keep her and her kid brother safe, together, and out of foster care. Ollie, also sixteen, has a life that’s all about parents, school pressure, friends and dreams of summer. The two fall into each other’s orbit, and one kiss changes everything. Ollie is captivated… but then Carmen vanishes. When they cross paths months later, everything is different.


This young adult lesbian romance novel looks at what we’re prepared to sacrifice for those we care about.

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3 1/2 Stars. This is a book YA fans will enjoy. I first read Benson's book, All the Little Moments, and loved it. It was an easy 5 stars for me. I was hoping I would have the same feeling with this book. That didn't end up being the case. I can be a little picky with YA, I have a real hit or miss relationship with it. There are certain things I look for in YA, one of them is making me feel something. I an emotional YA feel, and this book certainly had that. I think the problem for me, it was a little too depressing at times, with not enough emotional uplifts. The ending was more a happy for now, than the HEA, I was hoping for.

This book deals with tough themes, abuse, the foster care system, fighting, survival, grief. Although, I must admit, it was not as dire as I thought it might be. I was a little worried in reading some of the other . But I still could have used some more uplifting moments. There was also times I felt drama was just thrown into the book to make everyone miserable, when it was not really needed. When Ollie's mother died, I just felt it was over the top.

What I though Benson did really well is write in the voice of teenagers. I absolutely believed they were the age they were suppose to be, they acted and sounded teenagers. I also really enjoyed the main character of Ollie. I thought she was really well written, and I felt connected to her. I also really d the affection and how the intimate scenes were handled between Carmen and Ollie. Again, really well written and appropriate for a YA novel.

I don't want to get into too much more, for fear I might spoiler something. This book has a lot going on. Although, I do admit there was times when the pacing dropped a little too much for my liking. Overall, I d this book and I think YA fans will enjoy this more than I did. There was just something that stopped me from loving this, Benson's last book. It still has my recommendation, and I will absolutely read anything Benson writes in the future.

An ARC was given to me by YLVA, for a honest review.drama f-f-ylva-romance ya-or-na49 s Jem408 288

Pieces is YA lesfic for people who hate YA lesfic. While most of the characters are sixteeners going on seventeen, the issues they face are nothing teenagers should ever have to deal with in their journey to adulthood.

Pieces is about Carmen. all teens, she longs for parties, dates, sleepovers. Regular teen stuff. And she notices the girl who sneaks long looks at her. But it all feels another world to her, so far from her reality at home—a reality where she has to worry about where their next meal will come from AND, at the same time, maintain an illusion of normalcy, so people won’t notice anything’s amiss….so she and her brother won’t be hauled off again to some random foster home.

Pieces is about coming of age. But not in the usual “transition from child to adult” sense. Carmen came of age the moment her mother stopped being one. Pieces is about her journey to make the rest of the world acknowledge and accept she’s finally come of age.

I’ve come across a number of lesfic characters who’ve been bounced around in the foster system, but in every single book, it was always something the character experienced in the past. This is the first time I’m reading about characters who are presently caught in the often harsh impersonal system. To say that this is a refreshing departure is an understatement. This is a visceral kick in the gut. It’s a very realistic and gritty look at the stark and often frightening options (or the lack of it) for young people who’ve been abandoned by their parents, either by death or by choice; of vulnerable siblings being torn apart because some are easier to place than others; and the danger, desperation and uncertain fate faced by kids who’ve fallen through the cracks of the system.

Perfectly juxtaposed against this gritty tale is a sweet story of young love. The kind that all YA love stories are made of--sweet, innocent, passionate--the very definition of YA, ‘spiced up’ with all the usual adventures of the young and idle: drinking, goofing around and doing absolutely nothing. Oh, and there’s the usual teen concerns: worries about the future, dealing with parental expectations and coping with life’s unexpected curve balls. Ollie is the epitome of the average, well-provided teen whose only cares in the world are exams and how to get her parents to let her go partying. Carmen, on the other hand, is tragically forced to grow up early and learn to put food on the table, often by any means necessary. The contrast between the two protagonist's respective worlds is so vividly drawn. I was totally invested in how they would ever bridge that huge divide with dignity and their love intact.

The book's biggest strength lies in its well-realized, easy to identify with and sympathetic characters--from the leads to all the supporting ones. Mattie is one of the best-written child characters I've encountered. His rollercoaster emotions (that reunion scene where he goes from sullen to hot anger to heart-melting sadness is especially memorable) are spot-on. Ollie and her dad also have their own memorable scene that brought tears to my eyes. And of course, there's the gang--Ollie's loyal school friends and Carmen's family of outcasts-- who round out the rest of the colorful cast of supporting characters that keep our two protagonists grounded and firmly on their feet.

Despite the seemingly gritty and grim tone of the book, this is a surprisingly hopeful and positive read. The book has managed to strike a delicate balance between realistic and 'feel good'--gritty enough to feel real but not so bleak as to turn off romance readers. While it paints a realistic view of the sometimes dysfunctional foster home system, it avoids getting too...shall we say, depressing. For example, when Carmen turns in desperation to a group of 'runaways', I was expecting the worst--, would she be forced to work for them? do something illegal? sell drugs? was Rae someone who had used her before? All those negative thoughts ran through my head. Thankfully, the author chose not to take that dark route. The 'gang' was selfless and benevolent, almost unbelievably so. I found the whole arrangement to border on unrealistic, but then, I shudder to think what the alternative would have been. Certainly the story would have taken a horribly dark turn, which in all lihood, would have been too dark for the average lesfic reader. On the other hand, I loved that the author never made it easy for Carmen and didn't insulate her completely from the dangers her choice placed her in. And no shortcuts were taken in her quest for Mattie's guardianship. So all in all, it balanced out quite well, imho. A huge bravo! for the awesome plot.

So, if I love the book so much, why isn't it getting the perfect score? I did love the book...a lot, but not the first quarter (more or less). It has nothing to do with the story or the characters but the author's overuse of elaborate similes and metaphors, which were either hit or miss (clattering arms on shoulders?)... and it drove me nuts. It distracted rather than enhanced my reading as I had trouble with some of the imagery she was striving for, so I had to keep on tuning them out. Fortunately, it got better gradually as their use tapers off as the plot picks up speed and either they worked better, were used more sparingly, or I was just too absorbed to pay them any mind. :)

4.35 stars

ARC from Ylva

Note about the ending: for me, I believe this is an HEA, not just HFN because after what these characters went through, it'll be easy as pie for them to make it to happily ever after. :)coming-of-age p-o-c22 s Agirlcandream721 4

Wow. Impressive YA read and I say that as a reader who avoids the majority of YA novels. I assume I will not relate to the all consuming high-drama of love affairs and bullies who haunt the school hallways. Teen angst is (generally) not my thing. Pieces has many angst filled moments but it is far from a simple teen drama.

Benson gives us unforgettable characters in Carmen and her brother Mattie. Carmen’s efforts to care for and support her younger brother are as heartfelt as they are herculean. Their survival story is one I will remember as I will the secondary characters who weave in and out of their lives. Ollie’s interest in Carmen brightens an otherwise dark and gritty read. She adds hope to Carmen’s hard life and bleak prospects for success. Well done.

4.5 starsfriends-to-lovers romance ya-na21 s Ted560 79

This is not a light read. Not even close. Not enough good feels to get 5 stars. This is dark, gritty, violent and.... real. That's the thing that struck me the most. I was a foster kid growing up too, so the main story arc hits pretty close to home. I gotta say though, it is a book I won't forget for a while. Recommend? IDK.19 s BadassCmd200 47

The two of them: seventeen and drowning in life.
I have been debating whether to read this book for a while, because I tend to feel too much with the stories I read and feared this book about a girl living on the street with her kid brother would be too tragic for me.
But I'm really happy I finally read it in the end.

I mean, it's still heartbreaking at times, but it's also utterly beautiful and soft and captivating.
The first time I had the thought ' Urgh I have FEELINGS about this ', I was just 14 pages into the story.

The beginning of something was always the end of something else.
I love literally every single character so much. And everything I've read by G Benson so far, the writing is impeccable.

I always start Benson's books with the intention to 'just read a few pages before bed to get a feel for the book' - and then I'm going down. They're the kind of book that just 'happen' to me somehow.
Suddenly it's the middle of the night and I've finished half the book and even if I manage to stop my unhealthy long, obsessive reading session, I probably still can't sleep and can't stop thinking about it until I'm done and can finally put it on my favorite's shelf.favorites harold subj-fanfic ...more14 s Dee1,987 83

3.5 stars

This story is told in third person, past tense and from both main characters point-of-view - my favorite style of narration.

G. Benson is a new to me author and there’s no denying she has the gift of the gab! The characters jump off the page, their plight and emotions are palpable. I was drawn in from the get-go.

While Ollie/Olivia certainly is a central character, this story is really about Carmen and her kid brother, Mattie. It’s a look into the lives of children with uncaring parents, the foster system, love, loss and grief. Oh the grief, a dark cloud hangs over 90% of the plot. To the point that it bordered on depressing. I’m all for darker plots but please show me some light along the way.

I wouldn't say the story has a happy ever after ending, I’d more so call it HFN, (happy for now).

If heavy despair, doom, and gloom, is the authors signature plot-line, I’m not sure I’d pick up another book by G. Benson.

Footnote – something which didn’t factor into my review - this story is extremely well polished. However, the overuse of the term ‘a little’ (100+ times) became ‘a little’ distracting. Picky? Who Me? Yep, I freely admit I'm 'a little' picky.

ARC provided by the publisher, content may vary upon publicationf-f lesbian-romance net-galley ...more13 s Tiff385 219

MOVING. POWERFUL. CAPTIVATING. All caps, bolded, if I could I would put in flashing neon lights. This book is all of these adjectives and so much more. This story pulls you in and holds you till the very end. I cannot do this book justice in a review. All I can say is read it, you will not be disappointed. G. Benson brings you another amazing story. She is truly a remarkable writer.

Carmen Garcia is sixteen, but you wouldn’t know it. The child of a drug addicted mother, Carmen has had to walk a tightrope all of her life. She cannot just be a student, a teen. She doesn’t know how to be those things because that was never an option for her, that is a luxury for her classmates. No, she is the caretaker to her 8-year-old brother, she pays the bills, she keeps her mother’s secrets so her family can survive. She has been a product of the foster care system before, her brother has too. To say that went poorly would be a terribly unjust understatement. It was bad enough that Carmen lived on the streets for over a year, surviving by the skin of her teeth, until her mother got clean and was able to get custody of her brother. Her worst nightmare becomes a reality when a knock at the door in the wee hours of the morning comes from a police officer letting her know her mother has been found dead. It unthinkably frightening to go back into​ the system.

Ollie is our other main character. Ollie has a huge heart. Her kindness is truly an endearing quality. She is an artist who tends to live in her head but is brought back from the clouds by an amazing group of friends and supportive parents. Ollie notices Carmen one day at school and is intrigued, and also totally smitten. She finds a way to “accidentally” bump into the newcomer. That moment bonds these two teens in a way that neither excepted but both so badly need.

I could talk about this story forever, it’s just that good. You don’t need me to do that though. I’ll ruin it for you and what truly is my main point is that you want this book in your life. Get your hands on this one, you will not be sorry. The romance is deliciously sweet. The story is enthralling and so beautifully written. G. Benson gives so many diverse characters a strong voice. This is an easy 5 stars.2017-reads family-involvement-family-issues kids ...more26 s Gaby LezReviewBooks735 465

This book is in my list of recommended books of the month:


First of all, I have to say that angsty books about young adults aren't my cup of tea. However, I've read G Benson's previous books which I d a lot and decided to read this one. I'm glad I did because it's a very good read.

Written in third person from the point of view of both characters, Ms. Benson deals with very difficult issues such as the fallouts of the foster care system, transsexualism, bisexuality, bereavement and generally the young adults struggle to grow up. The author tackles​ all these issues with sensitivity and realism. All the characters, including the secondary ones are realistic and multilayered. The balance between showing and telling is spot on and the dialogues and situations are realistic.

My only criticism is that despite there was such detail in the description of emotions and headspace of the main characters, I cannot understand why the author doesn't describe the sexual intimacy between the characters in more detail. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bothered with erotic descriptions for the sake of it, I just thought that it was more coherent with the book style. However, this didn't affect my overall enjoyment of the story.

Overall, a very good read even if you aren't a fan of YA books. 4.5 stars rounded to 5.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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I'm sitting here trying to find the best words to express how much I loved this book! It was a lot more intense than I was expecting it to be. What you will find is the topics and what these two characters are going through is dark and hard to read about at times. But the romance and the interaction between the two is so sweet and beautiful that it balances the book perfectly.

I love a young adult book with strong mature characters and you most definitely get that here. The group of friends that these two have around them really added to this book as well.

Wouldn't change a thing! Loved, loved, loved it!
8 s Kitty McIntoshAuthor 10 books51

‘Pieces’ is an emotionally deep story, dealing with very difficult subject matter. At one point I found the issues upsetting and hard to read but the characters really got to me and I had to find out how their story ended.

Carmen has been looking after her brother Mattie since he was a baby, as their mother was a neglectful junkie/alcoholic. The teenager showed such strength and determination and her desire to keep them together was astounding. After meeting Ollie at school she has something of her own, something beautiful. She has a very difficult journey ahead but so many good people want to help. There is so much about this book that I want to recommend, I’d be here all day extolling it’s virtues. A well deserved 5 stars!

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

lesfic romance ya7 s Megan135 4

I cried. I loved it.f-f-drama f-f-romance lgbtq ...more7 s Katherine Jensen68 7

This is another amazing book from G Benson. So well-written! She tackled tough topics homelessness, death, and the dark sides of the foster care system. The relationship between Carmen and Ollie was great, and the one between Carmen and her brother, Mattie, was even better. She also does a good job with representation in terms of race, sexuality, and gender. Highly recommend!

ARC received from Ylva in exchange for an honest review7 s MaxDisaster629 65

3,5 stars
Ok, this was heavy as hell. I have literally no experience with the system and if it's even half as bad as described here, I'm honestly surprised some people come out well adjusted.
Now I'll stop writing a review and continue digesting what I just readwlw-teenagers7 s Liz138 8

I will confess the last time I read an YA novel I was a YA and that was some time ago. I thought I would give it a go. I now realise it is just not the genre for me, however well written it is.

To be fair the story is well written, a little depressing in parts, but overall handled well. I just could not engage with 16/17 year olds. That is down to my personal taste and not a reflection on the story.

I would be interested to read more from the author, but in my age range.

Received Arc for honest review.lesbian ya6 s Jane Clements161 6

I would give this book 3 and a half stars if I could.

This is a gritty and sometimes bleak novel for young adults. It chronicles two years in the lives of its main protagonists: Olivia – “Ollie” – and Carmen. Benson doesn’t pull any punches in her story, referencing issues such as drug addiction, underage drinking, child neglect, the perils of the foster system and death. Our heroines have a lot to deal with.

It has some beautifully written moments and it’s good to find a YA novel willing to write about some of more difficult challenges that people who live on the fringes have to deal with. It is refreshing to read a story that’s so inclusive and embraces difference. It’s also creditable that the author tries not to be too judgemental or polemical, allowing the reader to make her own value judgements. However, the characters naturally have their own views on these issues so some judgements are voiced. I was therefore surprised that no character in the book is alarmed by the amount of alcohol consumed by its sixteen year-old heroines and their friends. Even Ollie’s mother finds her drunken daughter amusing. Don’t get me wrong, I know that young people drink, but the large amount of binge drinking that these characters indulge in seems both unhealthy and dangerous. I would assume that a mother who is a physician would want to talk to her daughter about these dangers and try to encourage responsible drinking, at least. Still, I recognise that’s my own perspective and it may not trouble other readers.

As I read further into the book, I wanted to it more than I actually did. Some aspects just did not gel for me and at times I had to force myself to continue with the book. I’m glad I persevered because it did get better.

The aspects I most enjoyed were the warehouse and Carmen’s relationship with her younger brother. The romantic scenes were actually the least interesting parts of the story. Although there was heat between Ollie and Carmen and the sex scenes are quite realistic – although not too explicit – the romance seems less important than other aspects of the book. And given the events our heroines deal with, this is understandable.

The book almost, but not quite, descends into melodrama at times. I’m sure that many of the young adults at whom this book is aimed will enjoy and relate to the angst. But somehow, it left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied. I’m confident that others will not feel the same, however, and that most readers will enjoy this book even more than I did.

Note: I received a free advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
coming-of-age lesbian young-adult5 s Jade203 16

*ARC provided by the publisher for an honest review*

I have read other books by this author and I really enjoyed them but this book just wasn't for me.

I enjoy a book that has depth but this book was a bit to deep and the characters spent most of the book in their own heads and I couldn't concentrate on each ones existential crisis for very long before I lost interest.

The book is well written and neither character lacks a compelling storyline and the storyline itself is quite interesting but I found the book a bit to depressing.

5 s Linda131 7

Be ready to immerse yourself completely in the world of Ollie and Carmen. Life is not always easy and it's sad that kids have to find that out so young. Benson's writing is so descriptive of the life she's created. You also get all the emotions that the young characters are going through. I could see and feel all the sadness and joy the story has to give. That's why I'm giving this 5 stars, G Benson is a complete writer. Nothing is left out. Kids fall through Children Services cracks and people die in real life. But the hope for a better day is what keeps us going. april-reads5 s AndreaAuthor 1 book4

Wow this book left me speechless...it was powerful, captivating and very moving. The book talked about a lot of issues grief, guardianship, street kids, foster care, loss, LGBT and more but it didn't feel overloaded on issues or that they were just put in to get another one in. Each one of them was handled perfectly and natural. I d how the transgender issue was handled - I don't think it was ever said straight out that Sarah is transgender, just through the plot and narrative, which I found very empowering to show that Sarah is a character and being transgender is not what should be front and center about her but her being a former foster child with problems and now having found a great family and being smart and a great friend.
The two main characters, Ollie and Carmen, have the same tragedy happen to them and it shows how different but yet the same it is in their opposite situations. Their relationship was one of many topic in the book and wasn't put in the center of the story. the other books by G. Benson, the relationship was just part of the story along with hard and deep issues that the main characters have to overcome, apart from their relationship. I ho she doesn't write her stories in the typical cookie cutter style and takes on some hard topics that are not talked about enough and need to be put in peoples minds. in this book the problem with foster care - there are many issues with the system and many kids end up on the street or in bad foster situations. It is great to see an author write about a topic that is not popular to write about and how she put in a success story of the system with Sarah to show how it could be and Maddie's last foster family was good as well.
I had to put the book down a few times because it became hard to read and turned kind of dark when you thought they would finally get a break, but that's what made the book so great for me. It was definite not a light reading story but a story that will follow e for a while.

*I received a ACR from Ylva Publishing*5 s Starsandsun18258 1 follower

I can see that a lot of people don't really YA genre. As for me, I'm one of those who loves to read them. Maybe I the sweet young love and a bit of angst. But this one is full of angst heavy! Carmen is one of the best YA mc. She's been through a lot but you can see a positive aura in her. She's not the typical I hate the world teen considering all the things the happened to her. She's strong and reliable.
And you can really feel the love between her brother and her and with that kind of relationship it's just wow for me. And I also Mattie he's smart and very sweet. I'm really touched with their story especially the trial part. I can't even stop my tears.
Ollie is also a great character you can also feel her pain especially on what happened with her mom and also with her relationship with her dad. Actually, this book had a great secondary characters that you will love.

You have to give it to G benson. Very well written.
I still haven't read her Flinging it due to the storyline. I will take a look again.
5 s Alealea647 8

Reminded me of the movie Gracie's Choice.
It's sad, sweet, and not surprising.
The best part is that most of the cast is part of a minority. And that even minor characters are complex.f-f romance4 s Alex329 21

It's an interesting book. Obviously people know about the problems with people living on the streets and a vague idea of what hardships they suffer, we know about the government programs that help homeless children and although you have knowledge of the faults and omissions, it hardly enters your mind unless someone points it out or it happens to someone close. And although the system in the United States has flaws and is insufficient, in my country it's practically non-existent, so what you have, no matter how lacking, is envied.

I went in knowing the topic was about homeless people, but I was not expecting something so full of angst. Reading about that situation (which I assume is a hundred times better than the real thing) in this time of "love, family and gifts" was not a good idea.

It felt endless and dragging. At the beginning, when Ollie was describing how she sees the world around her, I was sure this book was going to be a DNF, but the dynamic between the teenagers was so cute and puppy that I had to keep reading. It has good things but it's a 3.5 stars for me. That said If you things a little heavier this book is for you.4 s Pam Holzner693 51

Meh. Well written drama. Romance just adds some hopefulness to a dark (but ultimately hopeful) family drama. Other elements are almost scifi: instant attraction/connection, zero fights between honies, hacker genius friends, a home for runaways run by the best people ever, a parent with a convenient apartment for rent ...

Benson writes better than many lesfic writers but of the 3 I've read, I d this the least.

Your mileage may vary. I wanted to read a romance and this is a drama.scribd4 s Jamie193 68

I've read most of G Benson's books at this point, and she has never failed to disappoint. And while this might not be my favorite of hers, it holds up really well. It's also definitely darker than her other books too.

Pieces explores the lives of Carmen and Ollie, and how they respectively cope with loss and radical change in their lives. That loss brings trials to their lives of different kinds and magnitudes, and how their romantic relationship with each other grows out of their other losses. It also explores Carmen's relationship and protection of her much younger brother.

This is really a heartwrenching book and a moving one that shows what we are willing to do for the people we love and are close to. Carmen will climb mountains to protect her brother and you can really feel her devotion to Mattie, and it's so very moving. And Ollie. Ollie has such a giving heart and is so open to the people she loves. I loved both characters so much.

I really appreciated the juxtaposition in this book between the dark story of teenagers literally trying to survive on their own, with a very YA-esque love story. As someone who appreciates both genres of books separately I think this is a really good combination of them.

One thing that I think makes Benson's books stand out is her absolutely wonderful secondary characters she puts into her books, and I think these are some the strongest secondary characters I've seen too. Sara and Rae both are vibrant and rounded characters that not only help color the world Benson creates, but have depth to them too and you feel for their lives just as hard as our main characters. Dex and Ollie's father were also really interesting to see different kinds of parenting. And as a side note, I really appreciated Benson having Sara as a transwoman in a wlw relationship with Rae. That's a pretty underrepresented group in lesfic. Maybe someday we'll get a main character in a book with a major release .

This was a really powerful and great book by Benson. She's very quickly become one of my favorite writers in lesfic. This book was darker and a little different thematically, but still really good. 4.5/5trans-or-nb-side-character3 s Jasmine408 28

I teared up when this book arrived on my kindle, my subconscious already knew this book was going to be a doozy. From the very first sentence I had goosebumps and I was lost in the magic of this story. Every richly crafted sentence was your favourite decadent desert. I loved this book so very much. If I could give it six stars, I would.

Ollie and Carmen connect one night at a party typical teenagers, a little alcohol and a lot of kissing. They're sixteen, it's sweet and it's anything but complicated. But these formidable young women have to grow up way too fast. Carmen and her little brother are living on the streets and Carmen is doing everything in her power to keep him safe and to prove herself responsible to gain custody of him when she turns eighteen. Ollie is working through her own losses when the two reconnect. This is a story of hardship, loss, friendship and love. A love that has no bounds.

The narrative is poetic, lyrical, abstract, and in any other story it might seem too flowery and unrealistic for a 16 year old's voice. But because Ollie is an artist it absolutely works - it's just how her mind perceives the world.

It feels so weird to be out in the real world after finishing this book. I'm so emotionally raw. I cried many times and a cheered many times. I swooned at the adorable romance and my heart ached for these girls and everything they, their friends, and their family, went through. I keep wondering how people can go about their days and just be so blissfully unaware that such a masterpiece exists, that something so special and so so incredibly important exists and people are none the wiser.

I will be buying a paperback copy of this book ASAP. I will be casually offering it to anyone who is willing to read this book (And quite possibly begging everyone else to read this book). It's special. It's important. Thank you G. Benson. Thank you for making the world a better place with your words. Thank you for sharing this story.

I received an ARC from YLVA in exchange for an honest review.3 s Sandra466 92

Whow! Powerful read

This was my second book from G Benson and it’s a fantastic one, it captivated me from the beginning. It isn’t just another young adult novel, it’s one for everybody.

The main story is about the two sixteen year old girls, Carmen and Olli and Carmen’s brother Mattie. They face very different life circumstances, but when they meet at school, there was a connection from the beginning. Also the third characters, their friends or Olli’s parents are well developed and integrated in the story.

Benson describes the situations their living in, in every detail and the reader get a good feeling of the struggles, fears, wishes and dreams of the two girls. There are some very hard and violent situations to survive. I can’t even imagen, how it is as a foster kid, or living on the street, but Benson shed some light on these topics, and some of this stuff is hard to swallow. But there are also friendship, loyalty and love. She also mixes different themes sexuality, gender, race and foster homes in a really great way.

I highly recommend this book to everybody. It’s one I will reread. I give 5 stars. And I’m looking forward to another one from G Benson.

Thanks to Ylva for receiving an ACR for an honest review.
Sorry for my bad English, my native language is Swiss German.
various5 s Star476 201

Content warnings: homelessness (central theme), parental death, violence, blood, hospital visit, foster care, classism, alcohol consumption, parent with addiction, underage drinking, references to child abuse.

Rep: Carmen (MC) is cis, Latine-American and lesbian, Ollie (MC) is cis, Black and bisexual. Side cis Black characters, side transgender character, side cis sapphic characters.

Please note: This is a hard hitting contemporary that doesn't shy away from a lot of hard topics regarding the American foster care system.

*exhales* How do I even begin to describe this book in a succinct way? I just can't.

Carmen's life has not been an easy, or a good one. She's newly orphaned when she and her brother, Matty, are put into foster care, again. This time, they both run and end up homeless.

This book made me cry. A lot. Yes, I cry easily, no that doesn't matter in this context.

Carmen just wants the best for her brother - she tries so hard to give him everything she possibly can. She's been raising him since he was born (when she was just 8 years old) and the love she has for her brother is shown so clearly.

I need these two to live a long and happy life because they absolutely deserve it.

Ollie is very sweet and provides the much needed hope that Carmen needs. That isn't to say that Ollie isn't without her own troubles, of course.

I love the found family aspect in this book. These characters all mean so much to me after this book.

There are times when I could really tell that these Black and brown girls were written by a white person. I am glad that Benson wasn't writing the POC experience, these characters just happened to be POC.
However, I do have to point out the fact that life for BIPOC kids, especially homeless ones, and ones in the foster care system (especially Black trans girls) is a lot harder and more horrible than is depicted in this book.

Carmen and Matty deserved a happy ending. These kids deserve so much love and support.

And honestly, my heart hurts for every single person who has to go through anything this. I have a lot of feelings on this but this isn't the time or place for those feelings.

This one hurts but it's worth it.

I talk about books at these places: Instagram / Twitter / TikTok / Blogcontemporary f-f-relationship f-f-romance ...more2 s Tiffany Shamaly82 4

I really do enjoy G. Benson's work. This one was no exception. However, I wasn't completely convinced this was really targeted at Young Adult. Certainly the two main characters are young adults, but the story was very mature and the writing was more adult. I'm not sure a young adult would have enjoyed it, but seeing how there as so many angst driven movies for teens these days, they might. However, I enjoyed it throughly and the main characters of Ollie (a name I loved) and Carmen were vivid and watching them go through the trials that they had was painful at times, but seeing the support they had from so many different people was inspiring. Seeing Carmen's relationship with her brother and how fierce and protective she was was lovely. And Ollie's relationship with her father eroded but events in your life and the other people that come into your orbit bring you back and that was just as lovely to see as well. I'd suggest this book to anyone, not just young adult. It really was a very good read. This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review2 s Barbro-Katrin307 14 Shelved as 'sadly-dnf'

I have loved G. Bensons other books but even when just reading the blurb for this I knew I wouldn’t love this as much but decided to give this a go since I’ve loved her other books. But sadly I was right, I had a hard time connecting to it, I found the story boring and some times confusing. I never knew that Ollie was black, I spent a long time wondering when she broke up with her bf and wondering when I had missed that. Add to that that I knew this was a Clexa ff, I spent a lot of time figuring out who was who, and I hate that every time there’s a Clexa story hat has been turned into a book they have to give Clarke a unisex/male name.
I gave up on this around the 40% mark.

Hoping the next Benson book is better :)2 s Julie196

A powerful read. I would agree with another reviewer who questions whether this is YA but in the end it really doesn't matter. It's extremely well written, a gritty look at life on the edges of society where good kids are let down by those who are supposed to care for them. It's a book that is not for the faint hearted; it's for those who want an unflinching look at what is around us, the poverty, the violence, the hunger, the grief, the loss, the longing, the trust and the sense of camaraderie that comes with found family.

Strong and realistic characterisation, a diverse cast of supporting characters, great pacing, tender and uplifting moments all combine to make this a compelling read. A very impressive book.favorites1 Betty286 8

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