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You may never stop loving the one you lost. But you can still find love again.
Kate is a bit of a mess. Two years after losing her young husband Cameron, she’s grieving, solo parenting, working like mad at her university fundraising job, always dropping the ball—and yet clinging to her sense of humor.
Lurching from one comedic crisis to the next, she also navigates an overbearing mom and a Tinder-obsessed best friend who's determined to matchmake Kate with her hot new neighbor.
When an in-flight problem leaves Kate and her boss, Hugh, stranded for a weekend on the east coast of Australia, she finally has a chance, away from her son, to really process her grief and see what’s right in front of her. Can she let go of the love of her life and risk her heart a second time?
When it becomes clear that Hugh is hiding a secret, Kate turns to the trail of scribbled notes she once used to hold her life together. The first note captured her heart. Will the last note set it free?..M.F

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Sweet story. Deeper than I was anticipating. Don't let the cover fool you.

I must have read the blurb for this one before I downloaded it, but I had forgotten what it was about and was caught off guard by the emotion of it. If you have triggers, you might want to check out the trigger warnings here early-onset Alzheimer's disease, death of a spouse, infertility, miscarriage Even before I read the author's note I knew she had personal experience with at least one of these things, because the emotional impact of the story is real and raw.

Kate has been widowed for two years and is raising her son while working a job fundraising for a university. She feels as if she is barely holding things together, made a bit easier by her friends and her boss Hugh. When she and Hugh are stranded during a work trip Kate is forced to look closely at her life and see if she wants things to continue as they have been or if she wants to make changes.

Although there is some romance in this novel, it's really more about deeply felt grief and learning how to navigate through it. There are some humorous moments that provide a bit of levity, but overall it's a thoughtful examination of life, death, and everything in between.

There are some side storylines that I felt were not really necessary and kind of detracted from the main plot. It didn't make a huge difference overall, but they could have been easily removed and it would have been a tighter novel.

If you're looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and feel, then definitely pick this one up.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, all opinions are my own. 115 s24 comments Val ⚓️ Shameless Handmaiden ⚓️1,935 33.2k

4 Stars

The whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking to myself, "Wow, this author really understands grief." And after seeing the author's notes at the end, yes. Yes, she does.

That said, I read this in one sitting and was very invested in the story. I figured out the "secrets" way before the were revealed. But that's fine. I had a few quibbles with the ending (thus this not being a five star for me), but overall I really thought this was a great read.

I will definitely read more from this author. 0-in-my-library-read 4-stars book-of-the-month ...more110 s2 comments Sharon1,187 227

The Last Love Note is a beautifully written novel by Aussie author Emma Grey. Although it was the cover that attracted my attention to this book I honestly thought this would just be an okay read. I’m pleased to say I was wrong as this was fabulous not only did I enjoy the storyline, the writing and the characters, but the story itself had me laughing out loud and other times it was breaking my heart. Yes, this one sets all the emotions off and if a book can do that then the author has done an excellent job in my opinion. Highly recommended.3500-2023 aussie-authors borrowed-from-library ...more95 s2 comments Mercedes221

I was not prepared for this book. I shouldn’t have been fooled by the brightly coloured cover with cartoon drawings, or the association with Emily Henry. Yes this is a romcom, but it’s so much more. It made me cry several times before the halfway mark and I almost had to put it down at one stage, it was so raw and confronting. If I was younger and cooler, I would have filmed my reader reaction on TikTok.

To put it simply, this book was heartbreakingly beautiful and unexpectedly funny all at once and such a fantastic surprise.

It follows the story of Kate who is suffering through devastating grief and trying to hold it together for her young son. She has few people in her life she can truly rely on: her flawed but ultimately supportive mother, her best friend and her boss, Hugh. When Kate and Hugh become stranded on a work trip Kate finally has the time and space she needs to plan the next stage of her life but finds she’s caught in an impossible situation.

This book looks and sounds a typical romcom, and for the first 100 pages or so, it is. But then it takes an unexpected left turn that elevates it to another level. Grey does a fantastic job of telling a heartbreaking story with a blend of warmth and humour that is difficult to nail.

Just be warned, you will laugh out loud and you will cry.60 s The Lit Homebody99 3,932

5 ⭐️

Yeah so this absolutely destroyed me in the most healing and beautiful of ways.

Cry counter: 7 total

You must read this, but please read TW’s before you do.58 s1 comment Brandice1,039

The Last Love Note delivered all the feels — I laughed, I teared up, and I definitely d it. It’s a story about Kate, a 40 year old grieving widow and mom, trying to keep the wheels moving on her son’s life, and her own, including her job in fundraising and her ambition to write a novel.

When Kate finds herself in a beach town unexpectedly due to in-flight problems on a work trip, she finally has a little time to reflect on her life, all that’s happened recently, and where she wants things to go. Her boss, Hugh, who’s also become a family friend and been nothing but supportive, is still by her side.

The Last Love Note is a touching story about family and a reminder that grief isn’t linear. Even with its serious themes, there were many funny moments too — Highly recommend56 s11 comments Meagan (Meagansbookclub)531 3,455

All the stars for the audiobook!

Phenomenal! So sad. And so beautiful!

*miscarriage and spousal death and mourning49 s1 comment Karen2,050 556

How does one get over the loss of great love and begin again with their child? This is the dilemma facing Kate. It has been two years since the loss of Cam, and she and Charlie are clinging to hope and humor through pain.

Her best friend, her mother and even her boss are all cheerleading her on, but she knows she isn’t adjusting well, even two years later. So, she does what she believes will help her and Charlie. She decides to leave and fulfill a bucket list adventure.

This is a beautiful story that addresses deeply all the typical feelings associated with love and loss and starting over again. It is well-paced and emotionally engaging.

But will the end satisfy or be too perfect?been-here-before cute easy-to-read ...more47 s10 comments Hannah45 5

1.5 Stars
I feel a little bad giving this book such a low review because of the authors personal connection to the story but I was bored. I'm a massive sap and love to have a good cry and this kind of book is something I would normally love and I didn't. I didn't cry once. It's an impressive skill when an author can write fictional characters that have so much depth you get connected to them and in turn get sad when something that isn't even real doesn't exist anymore. I nearly didn't finish this book and I was so close do DNFing 80% of the way through but decided to push through and finish it. The end of the book isn't that bad either and it's not until the end of the book we actually hear about what happened when Cam died, that part of the story was quite sad but the rest of the book took so much away from that moment I couldn't be sad about it, I just wanted the book to end.

Kate was an annoying character and Hugh didn't really have much depth to him until the last 10% of the book and poor Cam was kinda just there until the last 20% of the book. Also spoiler alert there is no last love note. Well I wouldn't classify it as a love note, but there's a note.

So much of the Kates drama takes away from Cam and Kate's story. It was really unnecessary to the story to write, the first quarter of the book I was confused as to how this had anything to with the story that the book was advertised to be, the grenade, the motorbike, justin. It was all so unnecessary to the plot and so chaotic.

There were an insane amount of references in this book to Grey's anatomy, Bridgerton, Harry Styles, Bridget Jones, Say yes to the dress, Pride and Prejudice, Maid of honour, Anne with an E and Anne of green gables (yes technically they're the same but both are mentioned) Mamma mia, Pretty women, Hallmark movies, Emily Henry, Eat Pray Love, Love Actually and I'm sure others I didn't notice. Other things tik tok, 'tea', hashtags and I kid you not a side character says "OMG hashtag dad hack". It all took away from the story. Some references are fine but that's A LOT of references. I understand the book was trying to be funny but it's almost trying too hard.

This really could've been a great book and some people loved the book as it is which is great for them, but it wasn't for me. This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full reviewaudible46 s14 comments Janssen1,696 4,655

I read this in 48 hours - so compelling and sweet and heartbreaking. 2024 romance44 s Jonetta2,335 1,168

the setup
Kate and Cam Whitacre are having the best times of their lives. They have a wonderful relationship, including their young son Charlie. Cam’s a university English literature professor and Kate’s ready to return to work. On the day she interviews for the job, it becomes apparent she’s met her prospective boss, Hugh Lancaster, earlier…during an embarrassing gym incident. He later turns out to be her lifeline, providing invaluable support when life deals Kate a devastating hand. Cam is diagnosed with a cruel terminal illness at just 38-years old that will cut short their idyllic life and immerse Kate in grief that she’s unprepared to manage.

the heart of the story…
If you’ve ever suffered the unexpected loss of someone close and dear to you, Kate’s experience will feel familiar but extraordinarily so. Rarely have I seen grief portrayed in such a meaningful and authentic way, addressing the minor moments that strike at unpredictable times as well as the more pivotal ones. Kate doesn’t try to pretend or power her way through it, allowing herself to just be in the experience until she’s ready to emerge on her own terms. But at her side throughout is the steadfast Hugh who became close to Cam and was that proverbial solid shoulder for Kate and Charlie.

the narration…
The story is set in Australia and I loved that the narrator reflected that in her dialect. She’s a great storyteller and captured Kate beautifully.

the bottom line…
As the title implies, Cam’s note writing was an important element of the story but not the focus. This was all about Kate finding her way for not only herself but her young son, being able to manage through the cycles of grief to a different life, one to create and hold onto while figuring out how those lovely memories can transition from painful to providing joy and solace. It’s clear the author is writing from experience because she captures this so remarkably. I’ve been Kate, felt everything she did quite viscerally. Despite the subject matter, this is a beautiful story told with sensitivity and honesty. Listen to it if you have that option. 4.5 stars

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Sometimes you just need a book that will make you feel the full range of human emotions. THE LAST LOVE NOTE delivers laughs amidst the tears and a heaping side of hope.

This debut by Emma Grey follows Kate Whittaker, a young mother who finds herself in the uncharted waters of grief after losing her husband. This story is vulnerable, heartfelt and so clearly evident that Emma writes from a place of personal experience with deep loss.

Reading THE LAST LOVE NOTE felt an intimate glimpse into the life of a woman fighting to redefine her future after her best-laid plans had been stripped away. You will fall in love with the coastal Australian setting, the way Kate navigates conflicting yet coexisting emotions, and how she learns to reimagine big dreams that weren’t entirely lost after all.

This is so much more than a love story, but the best 5 star reads always are.

-Books by JoJo Moyes touch your heart
-Closed-Door romance strikes your fancy
-You want your heart utterly shredded and put back together again

PUB DATE: November 28, 2023

Many thanks to Zibby Books and NetGalley for an electronic ARC in exchange for an honest review.39 s Heather Adores Books1,189 1,187

Genre ~ women's fiction
Setting ~ Australia
Publication date ~ November 28, 2023
Est page Count ~ 360 (49 chapters)
Audio length ~ 10 hours 32 minutes
Narrator ~ Leeanna Walsman
POV ~ single 1st
Featuring ~ debut adult fiction, multiple timelines, infertility, miscarriage, single mom, grief, death of a spouse, early onset Alzheimer's, slow burn, second chance at happiness, no steamage

We follow Kate on her emotional journey as she still grieves her husband two years later. She has wonderful friends by her side, especially her boss, Hugh, who is a main part of the story, even if it takes ages to get to the meat of that part.

Overall, a little to slow burn on all fronts for me, especially on the title, but I can appreciate that each person's journey is unique. Who knows how one will cope unless you're living it yourself. I can see this appealing to those that an emotional roller coaster that dives deep into grief, loss, single motherhood and how everyone deserves a second chance at happiness.

The author's note is not surprising in how this novel came to be.

Narration notes:
She was alright. I could have went for a little more emotion from her.

Connect with me ➡ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter2024 audio-2024 libby51 s11 comments Diana | LatinaWithABook186 103

This was my BOTM pick for November and I’m so happy! It’s beautifully written. Great character development, gut wrenching, with a happy -considering what has happened- ever after. books-i-own botm29 s1 comment Melany787 111

This had its good moments. A bit drawn out in different moments so it kind of made me want to DNF it a few times. The end was worthwhile though.25 s1 comment Stephanie932 857

Crying too hard to write a review right now… Be back soon.202325 s3 comments Book of the Month285 14.9k Read

Why I love it
By Anne Healy

Grief is a fickle thing. Often described as coming in waves, after you lose someone, you never know when it will hit. If one thing can keep you sane throughout it all, it’s the feeling that you aren’t alone. The Last Love Note is an ode to clinging to hope and humor through pain, and of finding love again after it’s been lost.

We meet our protagonist Kate two years after she lost her husband, struggling to cope with work, single parenting, and her grief. While she is surrounded by people who love her, including a well-meaning but suffocating mother and a best friend determined to get her back out into the dating world, Kate feels she’s constantly coming up short. After a series of mishaps leaves Kate and her boss stranded on a work trip, they are forced to share more time together than they had bargained for. As she works through her feelings away from her family, Kate discovers that she might just be strong enough to move on after all.

Emma Grey beautifully captures how time becomes something amorphous and nonlinear to those in mourning. Kate’s rocky journey to new love is filled with heartbreak and vulnerability (and plenty of jokes). If you are looking for a book that will have you feeling every single one of your feelings and leave you full of hope, The Last Love Note is the perfect read for you.

Read more at: https://app.bookofthemonth.com/all-bo...22 s Zibby OwensAuthor 6 books20.9k

One of the best books ever!

The Last Love Note intertwines romance and humor with the complexities of navigating life after the death of a loved one. Set in Australia, the story is about Kate, a thirty-eight-year-old woman processing her husband's death. When an in-flight problem leaves Kate and her boss, Hugh, stranded on the east coast of Australia, she finally has a chance to process her grief and see what's right in front of her. Can she let go of the love of her life and risk her heart a second time? When it becomes clear that Hugh is hiding a secret, Kate turns to the trail of scribbled notes she once used to hold her life together. There are two big love stories: the love of her lost husband and the potential of a new future with Hugh.

This is a Zibby Book, and I was obsessed with this book from the moment I picked it up. The way the author intertwines romance and humor with the complexities of navigating life after the death of a loved one is brilliant. This is so much more than just a love story. As in real life, Kate is balancing motherhood, friendship, and work while feeling she can't do any of them one hundred percent. There was something so relatable about every piece of this novel that anyone in today's crazy world will be able to find themselves in. The Last Love Note is a gorgeous, charming, and heartrending story.

To listen to my interview with the author, go to my podcast at:
https://www.momsdonthavetimetoreadboo...21 s Tiffany446 12

My heart certainly wasn't prepared for this one, but overall, it was a great book. I loved the characters, and despite the sad plotline, it was executed well.

"Every choice I make either brightens our lives or darkens them…death is a wisp away at any moment. Our grasp on our lives is so precarious. Maybe we need to cherish every chance we're given."

"She's one of the golden threads running through each of our lives. Hope, in human form."

"I've learned that love outlives death. It holds steady through despair. It won't fade, even as time elapses and distance increases and your world shifts."

"His absence will be the eternal backdrop to everything else I do until the day I die."21 s Julia Kline425 10

Un the description states, this book neither made me laugh nor cry. This book is CHAOTIC.

There is so much going on. Multiple timelines. A dead/dying husband. Postpartum depression and motherhood woes. A friend with fertility problems. A new flirty neighbor. A work trip. A complicated relationship with a mother. A dream of being a writer. But also a dream of being a photographer. A sudden desire to drop all these things and travel the world. And way too many exclamation points.

The worst part of all though was Kate and Hugh’s relationship, which is supposed to be the central theme of the book. She has an awkward interaction with him at the gym; a week later he’s her boss; and two months later he’s by her side guiding her through the most traumatic time of her life as if they’ve known each other forever. And they don’t seem any more connected in the present day scenes than in the past ones. At times they seem best of friends, and at times it seems they’re strictly professional. Maybe it’s because he knows legitimately EVERYTHING about her and she knows literally nothing about him because apparently she has never once asked him a personal question?

Equally perplexing is Hugh and Cam’s supposed relationship. They meet when Cam is rapidly losing his memory, yet they become close enough that they are “thick as thieves” and calling each other brother and Hugh is keeping his deepest secrets?

With both relationships, Hugh’s role as Kate’s new boss just isn’t working for me. They all just seem weirdly emotionally intimate for people who have just met. I need more of a backstory: maybe Hugh and Cam were friends through the university for years and that’s how Kate was recommended for the job. , just anything more substantial, please.

And the ENDING. What? WHAT?!

I’m giving this two stars instead of one because the author clearly poured her heart into this and did make some really beautiful comments about grief (from her very personal experience). But man I just did not this book one bit.

EDITED: I dropped this to one star after sitting with it. Maybe in a perfect world it would be a 1.5, but I can’t find myself ever recommending it to someone, so down to one it goes. 202320 s5 comments Carly Rivlin49 524

I love to cry for almost 400 pages straight 20 s Essie145

I’m sorry, I’m going to be the one who didn’t this novel. A rom-com? Not if you think all the mishaps, catastrophes and dread that occur in the first half are fun or funny- (SPOILER ALERT!) grenades, fear of flying, reproductive issues of every sort, insecurity with job applications, treadmill accidents, the list goes on and on. Even visits to the beach are fraught with danger! I only kept listening because I wanted to know the mystery behind Hugh. And poor Cam barely gets any air time! It’s all about Kate! The love notes are barely mentioned until the last 10% of the story- an afterthought that would have worked better if the author had written them into their love story and not part of Kate’s never-ending drama. And the timeline…..talk about confusing…..the present, 4 months ago, 3 years ago, present, 2 years ago and 6 weeks later, and an epilogue!! I feel it would have been a stronger book without all the unnecessary drama unrelated to Kate AND Cam and a bit more of their romance. I guessed the Hugh hook just over halfway through so I fast-forwarded the audiobook just to be finished! Laughable quote “No books this time, I’m writing one.”This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full reviewlistening19 s2 comments Marianne113 18

3.5 ⭐
I love how light this book was despite all the trauma!
It's a cute love story but sometimes it was boring. There was a lot of talking and unnecessary descriptions. there was something missing to the plot but I can't quite figure what.
However this book has an amazing depiction of the post-death/ grieving state. Only for this, it's worth reading. (that's why I rounded up my rating)
I enjoyed reading it very much and if you're searching for a book talking about grief and how life continues afterwards. Then it's worth giving it a try!australia fade-to-black fiction ...more16 s Brandon271 10

This was my November BOTM pick.

I hate rating this so low, especially after reading the authors note and seeing how connected they are to this story...But oh my gosh this book just dragged and dragged. There was so much unnecessary filler in this that I was heavily considering to just DNF it.

I will say there were some parts that did get me a bit emotional. However, I feel the emotional impact this had on me was not as big as other books that I have read, nor do I think this book will stick with me for long.

I feel the constant switching between the past and future made things so much more confusing then they needed to be. I was expecting a lot more focus on the present/future and how one grieves and processes the trauma that comes with it. But instead we got ALOT of backstory on how her husband passes.

I also didn't really the MC nor the romance that developed for her. It just seemed way too romcomy/cheesy for me.

If you're looking for another story that deals with grief and death I would highly recommend The Collected Regrets of Clover instead....15 s2 comments Jessica Paige (Exercise_Read_Repeat)1,396 215

4.5 ⭐️ A really strong debut about a young mother coming to terms with the recent death of her husband and her journey towards healing.

Read if you are looking for:
-An emotional, messy love story
-Books that touch upon grief and moving forward
-A tearjerker that will also make you laugh
-Past/present timelines
-Friends to loversemotional-romance loss-grief21 s Creya Casale | cc.shelflove453 374

What a devastating novel! It was amazing to read in the acknowledgements just how many pieces of Emma Grey herself were included in this story. Kate’s husband died two years ago, and she wonders if she will ever be able to remove herself from an unending spiral of grief. Can she open her heart to Hugh, a friend who has been there through every step of her loss, and a man who will drop everything for someone in need? I felt that the scattered timeline of this novel took away from the story at times, but even still, the pages had my emotions flickering between sadness and laughter. I definitely teared up a couple of times. I would recommend this for fans of Abby Jimenez—that woman always rips my heart out.

⚠️ Trigger warnings: death of a loved one, grief, suicidal ideation, pregnancy, miscarriage 14 s Taylor220 83

This book took me over two weeks to read. Not because it wasn’t good or was boring or anything that, but because I never wanted it to end. Is it odd that a book about loss and will make you cry could also be a safety blanket wrapping around you in a big warm embrace, holding you tight? Perhaps. But that’s exactly what this book was to me. I normally avoid emotional books that folks describe as a tearjerker, but I’m so glad I gave this one a chance since it was so loved by so many readers.

This book is sad, yes, but it’s better described as “bittersweet.” This is a book about loss, illness, grief, and all-time lows but it’s also a book that epitomizes love, hope, resilience, moving on, and LIVING.

Thank you so much to Emma, Zibby Books, and Libro.Fm influencer program for the advance listener’s copy and the finished copy
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