Out of Circulation de Elizabeth Spann Craig

de Elizabeth Spann Craig - Género: English
libro gratis Out of Circulation


In the sun-kissed haven of Charleston, Ann and Grayson race to solve a deadly puzzle before more than just books are out of circulation.

When Ann's former college roommate becomes engaged, it's back to Charleston for Ann and Grayson. Before leaving, however, Ann's boss tasks her with meeting with the SC state archaeologist to help him implement a historical preservation initiative he wants the library involved with.

Charleston is another fun blur of restaurants, shopping, and beach trips. But when Ann takes a break from the fun for her meeting, she finds the state archeologist...dead. Things seem even worse when her friend's fiancé becomes a suspect in the mysterious death.

Can Ann and Grayson track down the killer before someone else is out of circulation?

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These are fun short mysteries ; this one was didn't quite hold my interest the others have - it was ok and had some interesting story points about historical restoration versus preservation but just didn't quite grab me from a storyline perspective. Maybe it was a bit predictable but still on ok read if you a light story, this series is a good one for that. Sue Ellen756

I had the same problem with this book that I had with "End of Story." I don't want to read about their "vacation" in Charleston. I want to read about the Village Library and the familiar characters. Please, dear author, if you want to start a new series set in Charleston, then do so—but please stop taking Ann out of the Whitby, North Carolina Library! Shirley42 2

Great Story!

I love Grayson and Anne. I admit to wishing they would speed up their relationship a little. As always, poor Anne can’t go anywhere without finding a murder victim. She manages to figure out the culprit but not before endangering her own life. Jacqueline Bradshaw660 11

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