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Elise Noble Series: Blackwood Security 18 Publisher: Undercover Publishing Limited, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781912888870

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There were so many reasons to love this story and as usual the Author, Elise Noble has an incredible talent for leading her readers into such fantastic adventures that allows you to get so caught up into this wonderfully created world of romance, mystery, suspense and humour and feel so content.
My one piece of advice would be to read the previous book, The Devil and the deep Blue Sea beforehand only as it has the same characters that rolls through "Blue Moon" but it isn't a necessity to fully understand this story but just gives you a bigger scope over the storyline. In actual fact after finishing this book I've just returned to the previous title, as a refresher.
Anyway its obvious the lead female character of Lunar Maara, hence the reference to Moon had so much going for her in the previous instalment that she got her own story and believe me she is such a character. One that will make you see things quite differently. Loved her sense of naivety and innocence and how she interpreted life around her. Then of course when it comes to any Blackwood security personnel, well its hard not to fall in love with those characters.
An extremely well created plot filled with so many great scenarios that include romance, and not always the 'vanilla' type so enough heat to really keep you glued to the story, moments of humour that left me in fits of laughter, an affectionate sense of friendship that Lunar has with characters throughout and the whole warm and fuzzy sense of unrelated family that bonds together in times of need. The thing I have learnt with this Author's works is that readers are truly blessed with such a variety and a large number of incredible characters that will entertain you from the moment you start reading, even though one might need a mind map of all their connections to one another. If ever you want to find yourself falling into a storytelling world this is definitely the one you need as with each story it just seems to get better with each one, maybe complex but ever so deliciously so! action alphas arc ...more Amanda OC71

Blue Moon centres around the relationship between pop diva and social media queen Luna Maara and former Navy Seal / current Blackwood special ops guy Ryder. We met the two in the previous book, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, where the pair seemed inseparable. Unfortunately, Ryder has messed up and as Blue Moon starts, Luna no longer trusts him and they have split up.

Luna's life has fallen apart. She's fired her uber-managing, manipulative mother, who has put Luna's house and her business in her own name, making Luna homeless; her accountant has run off with her money, her record label has fired her for a 'wardrobe malfunction', and she has never been allowed to make a decision about anything, from what to eat to who to be, and has no idea how to live by herself. Luna is trying to refresh her career, performing in Vegas, when a stalker suddenly starts sending her gifts. Scared for her life, and completely overwhelmed with navigating life, in a weak moment, Luna calls Ryder for help. Ryder, who was trying to trace Luna's money and get it back, of course, comes rushing. We are then taken on a journey full of snarky humour to keep Luna safe from the stalker, get her money back, and get her life back on track.

The twists and turns keep readers engrossed and, in true Elise Noble style, run between deeply touching and hilariously ridiculous. Elise does great research and this book is a fascinating insight into fame, especially for a young woman in today's world. It's also a fun read with some great guest appearances from the Blackwood team, especially Emmy, and some great new characters who will hopefully get their own books. I have no idea how Elise writes so many books and keeps things fresh, but she does. I have read all of her books, several more than once. I recommend this book, which can be read on its own, but is probably better after reading The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Christine McCracken33

It is finally here!
This is the 18th book in the Blackwood Security series by Noble. It is also the second book of a longer story beginning in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I have been looking forward to this since I read the last page of the first book, and it does not disappoint! We rejoin Luna and Ryder as they are moving on with their respective lives, after falling out at the end of the previous book. Never a good idea to lie to someone you care about! But when Luna is threatened, Ryder is never far away. These two characters have wonderful chemistry and that makes for an entertaining read. Obviously, the dog steals the show!

This is our first introduction to Tulsa, a salty member of the Choir, who may or may not really hate another character in this story. Emmy also takes on a significant role in this story – always a treat to read about her sass, courage, and big heart. This story includes lots of other Blackwood characters. It is fun to read about them, but the story can still be read as a stand-alone.

SylviaV563 8

Blue Moon by Elise Noble
Another great installment in the world of Blackwood Security, this is book # 18 and the set up for this relationship started in book # 17, but can be read as a stand-alone book. Keep in mind that Elise Noble writes for adults (18+ due to explicit sex scenes on the page and adult themes). There is romance, suspense, snarky dialogue, plenty of action and the usual shenanigans you expect from the Blackwood Security crew and their associates.
We were introduced to the main characters in a previous book called "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea". Ryder is a member of Emmy Black's special projects team and Luna is the pop princess who was forced to spend 1 month at a turtle sanctuary as part of her community service order. This book continues their road to a Happy Ever After with some unusual detours. Characters from previous books make a welcome appearance.
The story is told from various points of view and I was engaged with the story-line, which for me is the measure of a great read.
romantic-suspense Noel13 1 follower

A gripping tale of love, danger, and the high stakes of fame.

I just finished reading "Blue Moon" by Elise Noble, and I’ve got to say, it’s a page-turner. The story follows Luna, a music star who’s navigating the highs and lows of fame. She meets Ryder, a mysterious secret operative, and sparks fly. But there’s a twist—Luna’s got a stalker who’s hell-bent on making her his.

Luna’s mom is a real piece of work, making life tough as Luna tries to break free from her control. And then there’s her cousin, who used to be her assistant, trying to wiggle back into her good graces.

Amidst all this drama, Luna kicks off a new show in Las Vegas after a career slip-up. She’s also wrestling with the idea of stepping out of the spotlight for a bit. The book balances romance, suspense, and the challenges of fame beautifully.

If you’re looking for a gripping read with a mix of love, danger, and personal growth, "Blue Moon" won’t disappoint. Give it a go—you won’t regret it! Spear3

Sweetest love story ever .
I was so happy while reading this book from blackwood security. I am a sucker for romance and anyone even remotely interested in romance should read this . My favourite part about the book was how much Ryder cared for luna, how when she needed him Ryder just showed up , then the small but very important part about educating people about some common but not so known diseases in females and it's reasons, again and again underlining importance of education and all the while combining the story of Ryder and Luna with all this so effortlessly. I am as always waiting for Emerson to show up in her books , she is my favourite character but in Blue Moon Ryder took the whole stage . I recommend this read to anyone who action, history( you will know when you read ) and obviously romance . Sandra390 1 follower

Luna total changed for the better

When you read Devil and the Deep Blue Sea you already know Luna and she hasn't been a lovely person, well at least not from the start.

That was quite some time ago, this story now plays in Vegas where she has her own show. It's a new start and everything goes well until she gets creepy presents and messages. Scared Luna leaves a voicemail on Ryder's mailbox and that's how he returns into the picture.

It's a fantastic story and it takes a lot of effort and manpower to solve this case but it's a brilliant read and I love that we get to know the members of Priest's team better.

Thanks for another page turner Elise. This is my honest review in exchange for an advanced ebook copy. Jenifer Hozail7 1 follower

This is book 18 of the Blackwood Security series. But don’t let that put you off because it is once again a great book by Elise Noble. It is the sequel to The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. So, you will want to read that first, but make sure you read this second book. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Ryder and Luna in the previous book, but this one did not end in their favor. Lies get in the way. But in this one they both get new beginnings. Luna is entertaining again, though on a scaled down level in Las Vegas. Sadly, she can never seem to avoid her toxic mom and cousin. This book is about love, new beginnings, and, of course, danger that comes with both Luna’s and Ryder’s careers.
Maria170 2

Blue Moon is a humorous, fast-paced, feel-good adventure story. The plot, cleverly structured with many intriguing and captivating threads, is full of unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The cast of characters is quite numerous and diverse. The heroine, Luna, is a sweet, talented, and good-hearted young woman but sassy and resourceful when the need arises. A significant representation of the Blackwood team, a diverse group of individuals with unique skills and backgrounds, is involved in the story, together with the Choir, a fascinating team of skilled and mysterious young female operatives.
I was sorry when the book ended, and had to say goodbye to such a great cast of characters.
I look forward to hearing about new thrilling adventures soon! Karen106 1 follower

Blue Moon (Blackwood Security 18) by Elise Noble

Wow, every other book in this series, this is action packed with a mystery no other.

A Pop Star with a former Navy Seal as her bodyguard, that just conjures all kinds of images, and Elise doesn’t disappoint.

As with all Elise’s main characters, she sets the scene and you get to know the ins and outs of their lives. We’re given a bigger glimpse of other characters from previous books and am pleased to see Emmy Black back in the mix.

I would recommend that you read Blackwood Security 17, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea first as it paves the way for this story. April Kelley21 1 follower

This book has it all! Blue Moon is Ryder and Luna's story. Luna Marra is a showbiz sensation who has had enough of the glittering lights...especially since her Vegas show has attracted a stalker, styling himself after Marc Antony. In a panic, she turns to the only man who has ever made her feel safe. But Luna & Ryder have a rocky past...as they race to figure out who Luna's stalker is, they rekindle not only their friendship but a steamy romance. During the book, Luna learns to rely not only on Ryder but also herself. Oh and Rocky, her newly adopted dog who ends up being the real hero of the book! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this read! Monica R50 1 follower

Luna is a beautiful and talented singer who's been placed in the spotlight her entire life. After breaking away from her abusive mother and with next to no education she is struggling with every day life. When a new stalker sends her gift at work and home she calls the man who broke her heart in a bid to feel safe.

Ryder is a former Navy Seal with a soft spot for broken women. After destroying his relationship with Luna, he's determined to help her get her life back even if he's not in it.

A continuation of Luna and Ryder's story in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea this is a fast paced novel with action and romance. RAYMOND P15

Great Book!

Been waiting for this 1 to come out for a while. Told myself I was gonna read it in 1 day, and I just about made it. But 4:00 AM came along and I had to stop and get at least a little bit of sleep.

Wonderful addition to the Blackwood series. Now I have to wait a while for the next book. Not sure what series it will be part of but I really don't care.

Elise Noble's books are wonderful! Lynda Custer283 4

Blue Moon begins in Las Vegas two months after Luna has left San Gallicans. (The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea).
This is not only a love story but also a story that allows the reader to observe Luna’s inner strengths during her personal and professional growth.
There are many trials and dangers that Luna faces, however Blackwood Security helps her on her journey.
This is a wonderful read filled with many twists and turns. Kenisha Lewis43

Elise Noble never fails to excite your senses with her writing. Luna and Ryder's story has it all love, suspense, jealousy, and a whole bunch of sexiness.

When Luna is being stalked again who else but Ryder is on her mind to save her life but she doesn't want to lose her heart and be betrayed again. Will this time around help her to find the love she never had but has always longed for, or will it cost her life? You have to read the book to find out if there is a happy ending.amazing-excellent Vivian Brennan293 4

Just Amazing

Yet another first class read. Every book in this series is another adventure. I warn you once you start there is no going back. I was hooked from the first book and it just gets better. I wish Netflix or Amazon would make the tv series. Read all the books more than once they are that addictive.

1 click now you will not be disappointed. Buy the series Kat Wes404 5

Great story!

I loved Ryder and Luna! That surprised me because I really didn't Luna when I met her. I wasn't sure how she could become an endearing character, but Elise did it. I became invested in her and their relationship. I really enjoyed this story! Joanne2,323 13

I love this series and all its characters so much. The details and the plots are so different and well written it’s a pleasure to pick up Ms Noble book each and every time. This book picks up from the previous book and continues the story of Luna and Ryder. I can’t wait to read the next book now. Pauline schofield3


I must say I am addicted to her books and this one didn’t let me down. Looking forward to her future writings. Miss C6

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