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Royal gryphons almost killed her brother. Now the queen demands that she train to fight with them.

When a royal gryphon nearly kills her brother, two things become clear to nineteen-year-old Farren Blackburn: she is not the best person to care for her brother, and she despises the vicious beast who changed him forever. But an unwanted letter commands her father to fulfill a decade-long Servitude to the crown. In a desperate attempt to protect her family, Farren takes her father's place and is brought to Alidonia—a place full of infuriating Enchantments, a selfish queen, and two princes who are like oil and water.

Worst is her new duty: to train with the queen's deadly, heartless gryphons. The gryphon guard has six weeks to prepare before they are launched onto the streets—putting innocent lives at risk of the gryphons' ruthlessness. Their potent elemental magic and intricate runebonds do nothing to reassure Farren, but...

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They almost killed her brother and she is going to have to work with one. Her father was the one asked for but she cannot help her brother so she takes her father place. It is not going to easy for her but she knows she needs to get on with it. How will she get on? Can she form a connection? Can her life get better? See hoe she gets on
I received an advance copy from hidden gems and I want to review 1 BAM xo63 2

Firstly, I want to say thank you to HGB, for my ARC of this book.
Second, I freaking loved it!

I always get excited at the prospect of a new fantasy to sink my teeth into, this book is no

The story plays out through the eyes of our heroine, Tarren, we discover the world of Runeskills, Runebonds and what it takes to protect those we love.

It delved into some deeper themes at the very beginning of the book, by dragging us deep into the outskirts of their reality and making us witness to the terrifying reality that nature can bite back.

The early story speaks of how life-changing one simple accident can be, and how guilt can tear into
ones entire being, making us shut off parts of ourselves that have enabled that failure that
led up to the event, leading to the thought, which is better?
Living with knowledge someone
died on your watch, or living knowing that person will suffer through life because of you?

I love how the story focuses on the perception of Gryphons being vicious beasts rather than some
fantastic mythic creature to be cherished and adored. They are written as cruel and malicious towards the MC.

The rest of the story focused on the uprising of a percentage of the population that choose to live without their abilities, waiting in essence, for the
mothership while getting crazy and causing a fuss.

I loved the MC feisty nature, her willingness to believe in herself and her passion.

There is much more I could say, but I believe it's something you should read for yourself.

Gryphons and Runes is another 5⭐ read for me, and a stunning tale that will leave
readers with questions and feelings, but also knowledge that more is yet to come.
I will recommend it to all.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Caila Jacobs2

Of Gryphons and Runes was the first book I read by E.A. Burnett; and I was delighted. There was no wordy exposition explaining this world and its magic/rune system; it was all explained through the characters going about their lives. This is something I find is not normally done in fantasy books. I enjoy being dropped in to the story and having to use the context clues to figure out where we’re going.

I honestly did not expect to go on the wild ride mentally and emotionally that this book took me through. Without giving too much away you could feel the animosity between some of the characters based on the runes that are part of them. The quick pace keeps your brain moving as you try to figure out why the princes do not get along, who the Enchanters are and how they’ll fit in, and what is happening in the city. I do wish there had been a couple more clues a long the way. A lot happened in this book, but I do wish a couple things had been more flushed out regarding the queen, the Runeless sect, and how many possible runes there are. However I truly look forward to seeing where this series goes and how Farren and Cato continue to save their people.

I received an advanced reader copy and am voluntarily leaving a review. Laure2,418 8

Farren Blackburn is nineteen years old when she sees one of the royal gryphons attack her curious younger brother. Her brother will survive but has been changed and Farren will realize that she is not the one to care for her brother. When her father receives a notice from the Queen in Alidonia demanding her father answer a summons to serve the crown for a decade, Farren insists on taking his place. After arriving in the capital Farren discovers that it isn't the queens hunting birds she is expected to train with, but the gryphons being trained as the queen's guards. To make matters worse, Farren's rune gift is strong enough that she is being forced to train with the very gryphon that savagely attacked and nearly killed her brother.
Wow, I loved these characters. They are all utterly fascinating, unique, and beautifully portrayed, but Farren was my favorite, of course. Her struggle with her self-confidence after her brother's attack will have a profound impact on the way she confronts the situation in which she finds herself. Exciting action, steamy romance, magical gifts, fantastical creatures, and unexpected twists in the plot. This is a must-read fantasy romance that I highly recommend to other readers. I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. Nat6

I always love to read fantasies that use elements I haven't seen before or don't often see. I definitely got that with this one with the gryphons and runebonding. This was a great read, the pacing felt really good. It never felt rushed, not even toward the end, and it also didn't drag. I didn't expect this to be unputdownable but for me it was just that! Farren may be frustrating at times but she's a strong character and, importantly, believable. The characters are interesting and not without flaws and there were a couple plot lines going to keep it really engaging. It has a good blend of romance with the other storylines without it being too in your face which I love. Cannot wait for the next one, especially after that ending!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.1 Heather Adkins3

I loved the world building in this book so much! The concept of how the magic works is great and the mystery was also enough to keep you wanting more.

The only thing that keeps me from giving it a full 5 stars is that it is a bit difficult to keep all the characters and their names straight sometimes with just how many moving pieces are involved usually.

There is a bit of romance, but it really is a minor element. So if you are coming to this looking for a great romantic read, you will be disappointed. However, there is a great plot and lots of action that keeps the book flowing. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fantasy books for sure. Kat M3,477 19

This was a strong start to the Enchantress Rising series, I was engaged with the story and loved the use of mythical creatures in this world. The overall concept was strong and had that feel that I was hoping for in a description. It left me wanting to read more in this series and from E.A. Burnett. I thought the blend of suspense and romance worked overall with the characters and glad this was so strong.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Ashley Galletti5

4.5/5 stars ONLY because it ended in a cliffhanger, and I am impatient and want more.
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