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Dylin Hardcastle Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781761562426

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“And I get the sense that the word family means something else in this sentence.”

“Because a love that never could be, is now the love that never was.”

I am not sure any of my words can give this incredible book the justice it deserves. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it hurts, it’s real. No blurb or review can truly express the beauty of this book unless you read it for yourself.

This story is told in two perspectives; two women, their choices; to live an openly queer life or to try not to. They live parallel lives that almost cross over, two very different lives, two different paths but often going through the same pain, trauma, loss and heartbreak until one day they come together. So many tears were shed throughout this story. I don’t have the words.

The writing in this book is lyrical, it’s poetic, elegant and expressive, un anything I have ever read before. It’s about family, the ones we are born into and the ones we make ourselves. It’s above love and death. It is incredibly powerful and moving as well as painful, devastating, crushing and heartbreaking.

There’s a lot more I could say but I’m unable to put it into words. I think you just have to read it. I highly recommend it and it’s definitely now one of my favourites. I don’t re read books, but I will re read this book.

Thank you Dylin, for writing this poetic masterpiece. Thank you so much to the team @macmillanaus for sending me a copy to read and review. 3 s Rachael Jones7

This book is un anything I’ve ever read.
Dylin’s poetic prose captures this story as it will capture your heart.
The structure is genius, telling the stories of our two main characters back and forth as their lives parallel and intersect.

I grew more and more in love as I read and was so amazed at the beauty that unfolded within these pages.

The repetition between characters was so emotionally powerful and so much of what was said in the novel about the art/writing/creative ventures of the characters was reflected in the writing of this.

There is a line in the book about things that can’t be expressed in words and that is exactly how I feel about this book. 3 s Daisy (oopsiedaisyreads)46 9

such a special book. 2024-faves contemporary-sapphic-fiction3 s Bert662 16

No words I say could sum up just how good this book is so I’ll simply say, it’s amazing. 4.5 stars.2 s chloe83 5

i don’t even know how to put how i feel about this into words. i felt grief and i felt joy and i felt so goddamn lucky to be in this body and in this life while reading this. “i finish the collection with tears in my eyes, breathless and aching, because here are words. here is language.” i hope one day i’ll have something this, that someone will read my own words and feel the way i do right now.2 s Rosa Opie30 8

this book absolutely destroyed me. favorites2 s4 comments Hannah Stephens11 4

Reading this book felt reaching in and ripping my own heart out to just examine its beauty in the mirror. One of the most crushing poetic beautiful books I have ever had the joy (and pain) of reading. 3 s Laura190 66

I’m still struggling to find the words to express how powerful and profound this book is and how much it wholeheartedly affected me. Not only is ‘A Language of Limbs’ a work of literary genius, as Hardcastle writes with a brilliant lyrical grace, but it’s deeply moving and impactful.

We follow the lives of two queer women, one openly gay and the other closeted, in Australia in the 70s and 80s. They lead vastly different lives yet still share many of the same feelings and experiences. Though they don’t know each other their lives overlap and intersect as they navigate love, sexuality, joy, grief and heartbreak.

I’m not much of a crier but this devastatingly beautiful book made me an emotional wreck of a human, to the point my throat was sore, my face was red and tears were streaming down my face and running into my hair. However, despite the sadness that infiltrated the story at times, what I really loved is that hope and joy permeated the book. No matter how many times the queer community was beaten down nothing could suppress their pride and zest for life. This felt an extremely accurate portrayal of queerness in the 70s/80s that still at times rings true today. It was bold and brash yet tender and compassionate.

This may just be my favourite book of 2024 so far. The writing is exquisite, the storytelling is compelling, the themes are thought-provoking and the overall execution poignant and masterful. I believe this comes out on the 25th of June, so don’t walk but run to get yourself a copy.

TW: homophobia, domestic abuse, violence, sickness, death amelie mcintosh82 4

it feels sacrilegious to rate this in such a way because i had such high expectations for it. ultimately a suffocatingly overwritten book that stripped it of any real rooting in location and time. knowing and loving the venues this book was written about i felt even sadder for not having loved it… the first time i went to the bearded tit was with one of my lifelong friends who was the first person to ever refer to me as butch, and i wanted so badly to love this book for the love that i have for the places it refers to. the separate stories had no distinguishing voice between them where i didn’t realise until around the 100 page mark that it was two separate characters, instead of a ‘now’ and ‘then’ between the same character. the limb two narrative was emotionally stunted until around the last 50 pages, in which the author tried to rush tragedy in such a way that felt it had no room to breath in the context of the rest of the book. i found no connection between the two stories and found them a disservice to each other’s narratives - each connection that was made between them felt contrived, only there for the purpose of proving that the stories were truly connected. and the ending made me so angry it stripped little dave’s narrative, the only one i found any particular meaning within, of all it’s grandeur for me. this is definitely a novel that some people will love, but unfortunately that does not include me!! Reader2

There’s nothing more satisfying nor rewarding than closing a book that is so beautifully written the same afternoon you opened it. Dylin Harcastle’s story is one of the most gut wrenchingly beautiful pieces of work I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

Their story gorgeously captures queer relationships not only with romantic lovers but through friendship, and it’s so comforting to delve into these bonds and feel aaaalllllll the love in this novel. Grief, loss, friendship, trauma, and the invisible string of fate that brings soulmates together, does not even begin to unpack the depths Dylin dives into.

I think one of my favourite themes Dylin reminds us of is that home isn’t always just the place where you come from, but it’s with those you truly love.

The way they have constructed this art is simply stunning and now I’ll forever be grabbing books off the shelf when I see DYLIN HARDCASTLE plastered on the cover. I laughed (a lot), I cried (a LOT), I FELT (a lot), and Dylin so beautifully writes “…I have no word for this feeling…”, I simply couldn’t put my love for this book into words.
Emma93 2

I absolutely loved this book and am still thinking about and urging others to read it, beyond my finishing. This feels such an important book, in its representation of the lgbtq community, and some significant events, and it's expiration of identity: whether it gets expressed or repressed, and what the impact is. It is done in such a sensitive, nuanced and authentic way too. The writer's ability to incorporate poetry and prose as well as depiction of visual art is also so fantastic. Hardcastle is also able to emote and evoke such stunning journeys of emotion. Strongly recommend this and will keep on recommending it! Clemcakes3 1 follower

LOVED THIS BOOK. really beautiful. I wouldn't usually opt for something with as much poetry, but so glad and happy I did. I absolutely love reading books set in Sydney, and so this did not disappoint. Love Love Loved the ending, just so great. Sam Gehrke24

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