Case for Compensation de Douglas Stewart

de Douglas Stewart - Género: English
libro gratis Case for Compensation


Douglas Stewart Publisher: Chewton Publications, Year: 2024

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Case For Compensation

An intriguing investigation and mysteries discovered as the story's content emerges and the truth comes out. I d it, and you may too.1 Liz Hamilton10

Having now read all three Alistair Duncan mysteries, I enjoyed stepping back to the 1980s – a different era with smoking prevalent and no internet or cellphones. All three stories are fast-moving and excitingly different with ingenious twists. I was disappointed to find that the author only wrote three. Time for Douglas to return to the nostalgic 1980s with another story of this inventive Bristol lawyer? Jan93 1 follower

Loved it

Written in a European voice, serious, witty, and thought provoking. The more I read, the more I wanted, a page turner with British court proceedings and two opposing type judges. Which one will be on the bench?

At the very end of the book we are told the story is fictitious. True enough, however, one can see how well this could play out in true life. Interesting read and I look forward to more from this author. Dawn M.283 5

Take it or leave it

I'm no worse for reading this but no better either. Perhaps it was the language barrier that made this story slow going, as I am American and this book was undoubtedly British. Perhaps but doubtful. Dave Schumm46

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