Last to Die: A totally gripping Scottish crime thriller (DS Malkie McCulloch Book 2) de Doug Sinclair

de Doug Sinclair - Género: English
libro gratis Last to Die: A totally gripping Scottish crime thriller (DS Malkie McCulloch Book 2)


Doug Sinclair Publisher: Storm Publishing, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781805085089,9781805085096

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Detective Sergeant Malkie McCulloch is back, and this time he's on the hunt for a killer hell bent on revenge.

When he's called to parkland near the River Almond where a body has been discovered, sitting on a bench and the assumption is the deceased has been mugged and killed for drugs.

That is until a witness mentions an elderly woman standing over the body who has since disappeared and an attending PC discovers a trail of blood leading to a nearby home which Malkie follows and what he discovers when he enters the house leaves him floored.

And when the deceased is quickly identified as a local criminal, everyone involved believes it has to be a case of robbery gone array.

However, Malkie remains sceptical. Given that a pensioner would struggle to overcome a young man brandishing a weapon, and if that had truly happened, why did she flee the scene?

Which is what Malkie is determined to uncover!

But what he doesn't expect to learn is that this particular elderly woman was once a police officer with lots of skeletons and was involved in a tragic case forty-five years ago, which flips Malkie's case on its head, especially when another body is found.

And as Malkie and Steph investigate, the links between the past and the present become disturbingly clear, and the race is on to catch a killer who will go to any lengths to exact their revenge.

And with a fast-paced storyline, great characters and a killer I did not see coming Last to Die was a gripping read and I'm really excited for what comes next!

I would also happily recommend Last to Die to all.
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