A True Champion (The Champion Sisters Book 3) de Donnia Marie

de Donnia Marie - Género: English
libro gratis A True Champion (The Champion Sisters Book 3)


Donnia Marie Publisher: Duverné Studios & Publishing, Year: 2021

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A True Champion

I enjoyed this book. Meka and Emery were cute together and were exactly what the other needed to embrace the areas where they fell short. I d their organic connection and chemistry and how Emery wasn’t about to let himself accept less than what he wanted out of his relationship with Meka even if it meant they were together. This allowed for Meka to see that she really wanted the same things as Emery and that she could have them with him. I also d that Kabe and Sheldon both gave Meka and Emery some hard truths when they weren’t ready to hear it but it helped them to see what the other was saying or feeling. I would recommend this book as it might be my favorite of the series so far. Cassandra Jerido1,200 11

This was a push!

Wow, it took me over a week to finish this book. That’s unheard of for me. However, I just couldn’t get into it and was totally frustrated with Ameka. So far, book 1, with Zee and Troy was the best. What’s crazy to me is that the Champion women have so many issues that makes loving them hard. Coming from a two-parent home, I didn’t anticipate so many issues. I hope Olympia’s story is better than Ameka’s. Also, I never got a full description of Emery, so it was hard to get a visual of him in mind which prevented me from connecting with his character. Lastly, Ameka needs to get over herself, she was just creating drama where there was none. NubianJoí 961 2

Annoying Champion

“A True Champion” was an ok read. Honestly, if Emery’s character hadn’t been so compelling, the rating for this third book in the Champion series would have been ⭐️⭐️s. Ameka’s character was annoying. …watching her emasculate successful men ( Emery) for her sadistic, selfish sexual gratification was disturbing.
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