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Debra Elise Series: Good with His Hands: Season 2 Publisher: HEA Productions, LLC., Year: 2024

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Boy do I love a man who knows his own mind and who he wants to be with! Swooning after this read and would love a man Colton in my life. Colton has recently moved back home near his sisters after being an Army Ranger and starting his own cement company. He has had eyes on Shayla, his sister’s best friend/partner in business as well as a curvy single mom. He had seen her a year ago at his sister’s wedding and knew he wanted to get to know her. Shayla is unsure of herself and Colton’s intentions as he lays out how he feels about her immediately with their “first date” to pick out flooring for their new flower shop. Both feel the instant attraction to each other. Must read. Loved this book and the characters as well as the story. Put this at the top of your TBR pile!.

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Shayla and Brenley are besties and own All In Bloom together. Brenley is married and preggers and about to pop, they are opening a second and larger location and Bren’s brother, Colton Lynch, will be handling construction and cement and stuff for their new location. Since Bren and her other sister, Thea, consider Colton to be a player, she sets down the law with her brother about Shayla Morales. Shayla is a single mom to Aria who is 7. Colton wants to be the fun uncle to his sisters’ kids: Poppy, Beau and Allie. Colton is just awesome. Totally hot. There is hilarious parts, steamy and romantic parts and just a few crazy hyped up on sugar kids, lol. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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He's ready for more...

....for everything...
.....but how can he prove himself?

I that whilst Shayla is wary and trying to keep him at arms length (very understandable), Colton doesn't sulk or pressure her, he accepts her reasons and sets out to prove he is in it for forever. He loves her, loves Aria and will wait until she is ready to tell the world. Fate just didn't get the memo and calls Shay's bluff earlier than planned!
My heart hurts that Colton is so misjudged, especially with his former career being the reason he avoided relationships, which makes perfect sense. I am glad that his family soon see the error of their judgement and then help him every way they can. Colton, Shayla and Aria form a really sweet, blended family, packed with love and laughter.
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Shayla and her best friend are wanting to move their flower business into a bidding building. Her best friends brother is the man for the job. Though with his playboy past, Shayla knows she needs to stay far away from him and anything that isn't strictly professional. However the more time she spends with Colton, the harder that seems to be.

Tropes: best friends brother, blue collar, single mom, ex military man.

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"Cementing Her Love" by Debra Elise is a charming short story that captivates with its quick character development and light-hearted narrative. The author skillfully introduces us to the characters, making them relatable and engaging in a short span of time. The story's easy-going pace and delightful plot make it an effortless and enjoyable read. Overall, it was a joy to immerse myself in this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a pleasant and heartwarming read.1 A L99 2

Quick little read But packed with all the good stuff. Love at first sight, best friends brother and a man capable of being a stepdad to her child. Also it’s just the right amount of steamy and the Hh’s are adults. What’s not to love?
Debra Elise is such a great writer, she quickly loops you in and the story just feels one big hug from there on out.

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A beautiful story of two people who find each other in their 30-40’s. She is a single mom who has been hurt in the past, he is starting a second career after the military. Great storyline with lovely characters.

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High heat, high reward in this cute steamy insta love. Good character development, good story arc, and good HEA.
Some books in this trope can be too formulaic, but this was fresh and fun.

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Colton retired from the Army Rangers and moved back to his hometown of Pineville and started up a cement company. Before you think "Oh, how boring", he doesn't just do the cement, he designs fancy finishes for them. He met his sister's business partner, Shayla, when he was home for his sister's wedding, where he fell in love with her. Now he wants to get serious and settle down, preferably with Shayla and her daughter.

Shayla is resistant at first, but Colton treats her well. He convinces his sister that he is not a player when he was in the Army - he really does want to settle down. She helps him get together with Shayla and it doesn't take long before they are dating regularly. I would have d to have known a bit about what happened with the father of Shayla's daughter; we know nothing other than she mentions "one disastrous relationship with a known heartbreaker was enough to last me a lifetime." Sounds there could be a good story there. Maybe it's in one of the other Pineville books; I've read quite a few but certainly not all of them (nor is my memory perfect).

We can always count on this author for funny situations, witty conversations, and steamy romance with our main couple. This story does not disappoint! And a sweet, happy ending, of course.

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Floral designer Shayla (h) is focused on her career and raising her young daughter, Aria. The last thing she expects is to be swept off her feet by Colton (H), her best friend Brenley's brother who is going to help Shayla and Brenly remodel their shop. Colton, a former Army Ranger turned cement contractor, is determined to prove he's changed and ready for a committed relationship. He plans to build a life in Pineville and is undeniably attracted to Shayla. Colton’s charm and persistence ignite a spark Shayla can’t ignore, but she’s wary of his reputation and her own past heartbreaks. His dedication to proving he’s ready for commitment with Shayla and Aria is unwavering, and he’s determined to show Shayla that he’s in it for the long haul. As their professional collaboration turns personal and things heat up between the two, Shayla’s walls begin to crumble, and she finds herself considering a future with Colton. Dealing with single parenthood and a intense emotions, Shayla must decide if she can trust Colton with her heart and her daughter’s well-being. Hot and steamy single mom, former military, blue collar romance, exploring second chances, connection, commitment, and family, with a side of humor.arcs construction-blue-collar military-mercenaries-security-cop Lisa H241 2

This was a quick, insta-sorta love, and cute and hot at the same time.

Shayla is a single mom working with her best friend on a growing flower business. Colton is the brother of her best friend, and has moved back to town. He owns a cementing business, and helping with the design in their new shop.

Colton had known from the moment he saw Shayla at his sisters wedding he wanted her. I love how confident he is in everything he does. He doesn't let Shayla back away without knowing he intends to always be there. Shayla isn't used to having someone want to stick around, and is trying to find every reason to not let him in.

Woo boy once she does all bets are off! These two just about combust they are so explosive!! Its fast, hot, and oh so sweet watching them get their HEA!.1 Jess84

This book was ok for a quick short read. Shayla and Colton first me at Colton's sister wedding. I didn't realize it was a insta-love type book but considering they knew each other prior it didn't feel insta-lovey. I did not the POV and how the story was written. There was way to much inner dialog which make the interaction between Shayla and Colton come off as stilted and one sided. No angst which was good but also minimal background information on Shayla and her daughter Aria. Not a bad read at all but it was lacking the umph needed to make this a great read in my opinion.

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This was a very cute fairly short story and well worth reading. Shayla had known Colton as he was her business partner's brother. She had had many fantasies about him and it turns out so had he about her. He talked her into going out and the first kiss knocked both of their socks off. They took their time and then had to rush the ending when that little stick turned up pregnant. A very good story to read.

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This is a quick romance is such a great pallet cleanser. Colton knows what he wants and he will wait for we if he has to. He just needs to break down her walls and get her to give him a chance. Rhonda Brant819 5

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