We Forget Nothing (FBI Task Force S.W.O.R.D. Book 2) de D.D. Black

de D.D. Black - Género: English
libro gratis We Forget Nothing (FBI Task Force S.W.O.R.D. Book 2)


D.D. Black Publisher: Darkness and Light Publishing, Year: 2024

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Set on the palimpsest of Dante's great work (see the three parts: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise), references to Beatrice, and Claire’s “paradise on the Salish Sea”), this grizzly serial-killer hunt works on several levels that were a tense pleasure to follow. Claire and her FBI team share the alternating POV chapters with the villain and this gives us an inside seat to the action that makes it immediate. High-level writing about low-level dreadfulness creates a superb mix!

It's also the little things that make this a good read: the cattiness between the two young women on the team, the defensive underhandedness of one of them, and the never-give-up spirit among them all propel the story forward. And of course there's a corgi for us to love along with Ranger the Golden Retriever.

There's a nasty subplot of cults which comes up so often these days in real-world online talk. The little connections with the Thomas Austin series create an increased feeling of relationships of people working together, of small-town-big-competence teamwork.

This is one I'd to listen to although I don't do audiobooks, but it seems that the way the plot is woven would be very easy to follow and to be involved in via audio. And hearing the voices would be fun, especially added to the AI photos of the characters that Black has provided on his social media!

I also learned things, another of the delights of a D. D. Black book — anxiolytics, for example, or the mathematical Dating Age Rule.

Another immersive good read from Black, with many more to come, I hope!
Fritzi Redgrave123 2

Review of We Forget Nothing by DD Black

Just when you think you have solved a cold case and are sure that you have found the perpetrator of several murders, it turns out that this probable perpetrator is 90 years old, has dementia and is in a nursing home.

Then there is another murder.

The cold case murders were all of women with red hair who were left facing the water; the apparent copy cat murder followed suit.

Claire Anderson, FBI agent, has put together a diverse team to continue working on the cold case, and simultaneously, on this most recent murder. Each member of the team brings a unique talent to the table but, as with most groups, there are disagreements, oneupmanships, and behaviors that just barely stay within FBI parameters.

DD Black writes so smoothly that the reader glides through the pages. I have not read a story that moves things along so well, all the while packing in plenty of drama and intrigue. The scenes are well set and the character development is superb. If you a mystery with the qualities of readability, dramatic scenes and a touch of romance, you will most certainly this one. I highly recommend it.

Fritzi Redgrave. Frankie Stoffer32 2

All the hells are within us.

The task force takes on a cold case, a notorious serial killer called the Interstate Reaper, and it brings out a lot of feelings between the individual members. As one of the team points out, this is a love story from the start, however twisted and unhappy it may be.

As with any good series, the lure of these books is more than just the main plot, it's watching the characters develop and interact. I'm getting very invested in these people and how they feel about each other, and what it means for the future of the team. Also, the mystery they're working to solve is a good one. I loved this book and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series.

Meanwhile, I'll continue with the Thomas Austin series, which involves some of the same people and places. Highly recommend this author! Kathryn189 6

D.D. Black, a valued mystery writer…

D.D. Black has an uncanny knack for writing intriguing crime stories and the pace always draws you in and engages you throughout. Heading up the FBI Task Force S.W.O.R.D., Agent Claire Anderson, leads a unique team of characters to unveil the truth behind an unsolved mass murder case called “The Interstate Reaper”.

As with his Thomas Austin series, this new series is a page turner. I am always eager to start the next book. The plots are fresh and enticing and the characters continue to be developed and become more familiar – never disappointing and always a treat if you a good mystery…I received an opportunity to read and provide an honest and voluntary review. Janet Graham2,335 6

Serial Killers Along I-5, Sound Familiar?
This is the second book in a series that involves a newly formed FBI group. In this episode, they are investigating a very cold serial killer case. The plot takes many turns and keeps the reader on her toes! I think the series should be read in order so the reader can watch the characters change and mature. There are significant backstories that make for a much richer experience. Each book is a complete case that is completed in that episode (at least so far). These are clean police drama mysteries. There is no foul language, no gore, and little violence. There has been no 'on-screen' intimacy, either. I can't wait to read Book 3, but it seems that I will need to wait a few months for it to be published! Linda307

A quick-paced book with FBI Task Force S.W.O.R.D led by FBI Agent Claire Anderson. They are tasked with a new unsolved murder file, this one is The Interstate Reaper who left his victims posed looking at a body of water. While the group works on this case there are the usual issues with the "FBI budget guy" who tries to steamroll over them while they work this case. There is more than The Interstate Reaper case as there is drama within the dynamic team. Book two is just as compelling as book one with a surprising ending. Sue Sandifer63 1 follower

This book is good. It has a wild mix for the main characters. The cold case team has been asked by a worker at a local “senior home” to check into a cold case about a west coast serial killer. What she tells the team peaks their interest enough to check it out. The team members are not all on the same page and Claire has her hands full dealing with them. There are lots of twists and turns keeping you on your toes. Carey Mundy766 4

As soon as a D D Black book comes out, I must read it! This was the second one in his new S.W.O.R.D. Series and it had me from the first page. A cold case involving a serial killer in the PNW has been resurrected, and as the team narrows its scope and hone in on the killer, a new murder occurs that puts their theories Into overdrive. It’s an E-ticket ride from beginning to end, and I will anxiously be awaiting book 3! Laura Poppenwimer1,169

This is an interesting new series, book 2 not as gripping as book 1 but still a page turner. The characters in the book are very unique, experts in their field but flawed and human. The plot line is unusual, serial killers with an even more evil twist. I will be looking forward to the next book in this serie.s Tina S Savage42

Another amazing book by DD Black.

I am really enjoying the SWORD series so much. I love all the characters, and the settings, as well. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that loves this genre as much as I do. All the personalities of the characters are so interesting. I just love it. I can’t wait to read more ! Evelyn4

I love book series, but sometimes struggle getting into new ones. The first book in this series was good, but this book is excellent. The characters are gelling together. The plot was unique and interesting. The relationships between characters seem believable. And as an added bonus, the main character is a woman. Hats off to DD Black for bringing readers a second first-class series! Theresa28


Great series! Love the characters, fast paced and keeps you on your toes. Read this book in a day and a half!! Fun with the references around Seattle etc.. since I live in the area. I can’t wait for the next book. Vickie415 1 follower

Another one bites the dust....now I have to be patient and wait for the 3rd installment. This "motley" crew in this series makes me smile, and try to understand different sorts of personality foibles. What can a girl say. Reading makes me happy.

Hi Sally2024 Valerie Millard11 1 followerRead

What a great read ...so many possibilities in this who-done-it, but the secret was kept well under wraps and kept me guessing until D.D. Black was ready to introduce us to the key clues. Really enjoying the S.W.O.R.D. Team and looking forward to Book 3 now.. Eileen DeBerry1 review

Love this book

D.D. Black’s books have all been great reads, but this one, “We Forget Nothing” is the best. I love the psychological aspects, I just couldn’t put the book down. I can’t wait for more books! Linda5 11

Remember everything

Once again DDBlack takes you on a journey into the dark world that law enforcement must travel to find and prosecute the evil that lurks just beneath the surface. Can't wait for #3 to get here. Jeff Benham1,470 8

The group goes after The Interstate Killer, a cold case from 40 years ago, when a worker at a care facility tries to tell them that she knows who it is. Part of the team has a different suspect. Could they both be wrong? Very good story. Bobbie1,547

Intriguing storyline with surprising plot twists. Great characters. Another great read from one of my favorite authors. Kelly Moore16

love the SWORD team

Great book fast and easy to read. I love getting to know the team better! A good story of a serial killer? With dementia! tom gibbons5

A great read

I enjoy DD Black’s books and this is another good one. Keep writing DD, you are doing a good job. Jaynie Hatton332 2

Of course.

Twists and turns galore. Can hardly wait for Widows of Medina in the fall. Hopefully, there's salvation coming. Thank you for sharing this on Kindle Unlimited. Becky3 1 follower

Love this series

Love all the characters! Well developed with just the right amount of humor,mystery and suspense. The location is fabulous. Keep up the good work! mary kerran29

We Forget Nothing

I really enjoy Fitz's handling of the crimes. I hope we get to read about him in a later book. Lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!!!
Patti Farmer7

Couldn't put it down

As with first book in series by DD Black (the fifth victim) I also read straight thru. Love the story line. Suspense throughout the book!! Highly Recommended Tammy J Bledsoe12

Great story!

This a series I really hope continues. The books are easy to read and hard to put down. I appreciate that the language is clean and not full of profanity as well. Jane Fowler316

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