Crystal Core 3: A Litrpg Cultivation Adventure de David Burke

de David Burke - Género: English
libro gratis Crystal Core 3: A Litrpg Cultivation Adventure


David Burke Year: 2024

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A Fantastic 3rd Installment with a Desperate Need of Editing

The plot has finally started really taking off in regards to the main arc of the narrative and the relationships between Ryan and the wives made some much needed progress. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entirety of the novel, but holy cats was the lack of proof reading obvious. To the point that it was distracting. At times, words were wholly missing or sometimes had numbers inserted into them, l1k3 s3riously? Even the most basic spell check program should have caught that. Other times, names were used interchangeably (House Bara/Mara) and some sentences were so garbled that you have to invent your own interpretation as to what they meant.

I have read a number of David Burke's novels and also enjoy the works of Aaron Oster (IYKYK) but this is the most dialed-in editing I have seen from him. The story and pacing would have been an easy 5 stars, but the editing is a solid 2.5 if I'm being generous.

In the end, it's a solid addition to the Crystal Core series but it is in desperate need of another editing pass. Andrei31

More Errors than Usual

This may be a 4 star if it weren’t for the rush on publishing. I get DB wanting to meet his publishing deadline, I was looking forward to this book too, but I would’ve rather been disappointed having to wait long than be disappointed that it needs AT LEAST one more pass from an editor. A lot of missing, rearranged, or misspelled words and even a few areas of story that are a bit convoluted. You can make out the gist of what was meant, but definitely some head scratching.

If not for that, I’d say this was otherwise an entertaining read and one of DB’s better series. Jonathan10

Needs a proofreader, but otherwise excellent

This is a great series, full of well-written characters with diverse motivations, and intricate world-building.

Where it falls down is the proofreading / copy-editing. There are missing words, bisected sentences, incorrect punctuation, even some words with obvious typos "se4nsed"!
If those issues can be corrected, I'd immediately give it 5 stars. Dannan Tavona681 4

Rushed to finish?

Alternate universe, LitRPG, hero quest, harem adult situations

At over 500 plus pages, a lot happens here in book 3 of this series. Nearly gave a ding as it seriously needs a sharper editor. A spellcheck beforehand would have helped some, which should have been a routine part of manuscript prep. Thankfully, mistakes can be fixed and updates submitted.

I the story and the characters for the most part. Will buy book 4. David M3 23

another good book

Great progression in the store and hope the next is just as good. It will be interesting Ryan adding more anchors hopefully. So far I have enjoyed the series. For a harem it's very soft but nothing has been lacking because of the character development and world building good fight seems and such. My one complaint is all the typos. I am horrible at grammar and prober writing but damn there was a lot for a published book. Kieran Corrigan180 7

A solid next chapter, in need of an editor.

Not too much to say. Some new things, forward progression of the a Hero. Overall was very good, just in desperate need of beta readers, an editor, or both. In some places it took a bit to figure out what the author meant. As his other series I've read weren't this bad, I hope he cleans this up. Mitchell kaiser72

David Burke doesn’t miss

If you’ve read the first 2 books you’ll love this one. More of the same and the MC really comes into his own for this story. Can’t wait to see what David comes up with next! luther stenberg7

I the storyline. My struggle is with the editing. Either reprimand the editor who proofed this book or find a new one. The misplaced punctuations, missed words, and duplications were enough to distract me from enjoying an otherwise great book. Jim Robbins36 2

Needs editing

The story and characters are good given that the protagonist is overpowered. This third volume has worse editing than the previous two with many mistakes in spelling or missing words. Greg Martella15


I am totally loving this series! The action is great. The characters are extremely well written. The adult scenes are steamy. Can't wait for next one! I'm gonna need alot of good reading material for surgery recovery! Michael Jackson312 1 follower

Love it

A series that just gets better, more revelations and more questions still world building and fighting plus all the things we love in a cultivation book, no naughty harem yet, but we have time for more slice of life and a good base of characters. Curtis767 18

Fun Story!

The series presents a fun and engaging story, and this latest book nicely adds to it. A bit more editing would be good though, as there were several jarring mis-spellings. Entertaining. Nathan A.ThompsonAuthor 15 books133

Fantastic read

Really loved the dynamics of this one. Ryan's interactions with Lian, and then furthering his other relationships, were wonderful. I'm also intrigued over the plot regarding bloodlines and other planes. Jason Bellegante9

A good read

I enjoyed the character building and the tackling of tough emotional issues. Looking forward to Book 4. Another good Lit-Rpg/fantasy styel book! Robert L.483 5

Very good book

This is a fine fantasy harem adventure novel. It is well written and edited. I especially the crazy assassin. I anxiously await the sequel. Ray Ritchey891 6


Huge progress on Ryan and his wives power. Lots of new abilities. Some minor typos, his ninja wife’s phase spider ability in the final stats. Great read. Anthony Milton139 2

He did it again

I looked forward to seeing how Ryan and crew would develop and seeing more of the world he is found himself in,and Mr.Burke did not disappoint. John D579 7

Great series

This is a good book. You shouldy read it. I the story. The characters are fun. The book is a good read. i enjoyed it alot.. Download or buy it today. why not? John Edward25 3

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