Mega Man de Dau, Mel

de Dau, Mel - Género: English
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Dau, Mel Publisher: B. Love Publications, Year: 2024

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Unhinged for Love and the Lord!

Mega, Mega,Mega!!! This man is unhinged and emotionally intelligent at the same time! Mega doesn’t hold back on his word or his actions. Most importantly he doesn’t hold back on his feeling about Ruth. Ruth is a woman being held emotionally captive by her overbearing, emotionally abusive by her Pastor father. She has resigned that her life will be stuck being punished by her father for living her life. Well Mega ain’t having none of that!! Mega stands on business ALL OF THE TIME!! Mel Dau truly did her think with Mega and Ruth’s love story . Mega will have you laughing and clutching your pearls!! Mel always manages to discuss about real life issues and gives you something to think about well after you finish reading ! This is definitely a 5 star read!! Milcah Jackson288 5

Comical with a dash of romance

Mega was a comedian! I laughed so much reading this one that I had to stop and compose myself. Dude def had a few loose screws. Poor Ruth didn’t know what hit her when she met him. He came bursting into her life a tornado. She needed his protection and the love was a bonus. Her father was the most hypocritical pulpit bandit ever. The way he spoke to Ruth and her mother was sick. He honestly got off easy to me. Josie was a delusional one too—fake *** Virgin Mary.

Now where’s Ned’s book? That man needs loveeee Jazmin Wade1 review

This is for all the trapped church girls
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