Lizard Skin and Sharpened Steel: A Military Fantasy Novel de Damien Larkin

de Damien Larkin - Género: English
libro gratis Lizard Skin and Sharpened Steel: A Military Fantasy Novel


Damien Larkin Publisher: Nilbud Press, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781068618192

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This is Damien Larkin's best story yet! And I'm a massive fan of his Mars-based military science fiction stories. This story has action a-plenty but the premise brings with it a lot of unexpected tension and twists. It's a mash-up of Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Jurassic Park. Military mercenaries tasked with bringing back dinosaur eggs from a jungle filled with creatures with big jaws and sharp claws.
You know, going in, few people are going to survive. It's how that happens, the surprises that accompany the horror, that keeps you turning the page as quickly as you can. I raced through this book. The depth of characterisation is typical of his earlier stories, you want them to survive, you care about these people. Not an easy ask, some of these mercenaries are not nice people, but you cheer them on anyway.
The jungle, the heat, the range of creatures, the darkness, it's all there when it comes to world building. So is the military knowledge that makes the whole experience so credible.
What makes this story stand out for me, all the surprises. The shocks you didn't see coming. You think you've got the story sussed? Bang. Another shock disclosure. Still think you can predict where things are going? Bang. Another unexpected twist.
Oh, and the ending? Well, I did not see that coming. Not at all.
I cannot recommend this story enough. And if it is not turned into a film, then Hollywood is crazy.2 s1 comment Michele PackardAuthor 10 books75

Larkin weaves a captivating new realm that seamlessly blends an action-packed combo of the intrigue of "Game of Thrones" with the thrilling adventure of "Jurassic Park." Through vivid descriptions and heart-pounding battle sequences, readers are swiftly drawn into a world teeming with unforgettable characters and high-stakes conflicts. From the outset, you'll find yourself cheering for some while eagerly anticipating the downfall of others. This book lays the groundwork for a series brimming with endless possibilities and promises of further enthralling escapades.1 1 comment TyreanAuthor 50 books93

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