The Long Way Down de Craig Schaefer

de Craig Schaefer - Género: English
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Craig Schaefer Publisher: Demimonde Books, Year: 2014

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broken finger series #1
so, wednesday before thanksgiving i took my dog on an extra long walk, getting near the end, he was tired and sticking close, so i was sloppy about holding the leash. he saw a large black and white spotted dog; at first thought he wasn't going to react, then he changed his mind. his normal sharp pull and the flexible leash wrapped around my finger and twisted. i thought a dislocation, but no--a spiral fracture, which sounds rather pretty and looks rather remarkable.

so what do you do when you are in pain, taking painkillers, limited on activity, and unable to type or concentrate? the internet, of course.

this book popped up in my feed and my interest was piqued when Mr.Matt said it was one of the better UF books he's read. on sale at amazon, so why not?

why not, indeed.

feels noir. Faust (haha) is a sorcerer working as a private eye in vegas--i know, i know; they all are---but also making ends meet as a street magician in vegas. a farmer from the sticks comes to him, asking him to find his granddaughter's murderers, not to bring them to the cops, but to punish them. Faust takes the job, becomes personally invested and manages to attract the attention of a local mobster who is half-demon. It gets worse--of course--from there.

you know what? i d it. so much of it felt true to noir traditions that i didn't have problems with elements that might normally annoy me.

"I should have sent him away... All my instincts screamed at me to drop this one and walk. Looking at him though, I didn't have the heart. He needed some hope. Hell, he just needed someone to give a damn."

Noir axiom: detective can be swayed by sad tale. also gratuitous use of 'damn.'

"I tapped the envelope again and thought about my overdue rent"

noir axiom: detective is broke

"Jud nodded slowly, and I wondered how much I could trust him to hold to that"

noir axiom: detective expects to be screwed

Given all that, is it any surprise he'll be investigating a porn producer? Or that there will be a poker game in the future?

there's more, of course, but i think what i appreciated is that Schaefer stuck close to noir roots while writing a genuinely interesting story, while updating enough to be less piggish than the norm.

First in the series, world-building reminds me of Night Shift/Jill Kismet series. there's demons, things are occasionally dark, but generally the violence is in service of the plot, not just story-porn.

I recommend reading this if you are at all entertained by harry dresden or alex versus.

four narcotized stars

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Read this for a couple of book group challenges and was pleasantly surprised that I d it!

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