A Plain-Dealing Villain de Craig Schaefer

de Craig Schaefer - Género: English
libro gratis A Plain-Dealing Villain


The job seemed simple at first: steal an Aztec relic from the back room of a shady jewelry store. Nothing Daniel Faust, sorcerer, con-man and professional thief, couldn't handle. Then the complications tumbled like dominoes. Complications like his new client lying about the risks. Or the relic's owner being a necromancer with an undead monstrosity on a leash. Or the witch with an FBI badge, hot on Daniel's trail and obsessed with putting him behind bars.
Oh, and the target? It's in Chicago, dominion of the infernal Court of Night-Blooming Flowers, and they've got a score to settle.
It isn't long before Daniel's trapped on the cold streets of a strange city, surrounded by demons, mobsters and monsters all out for his blood. His journey will lead him into the depths of Chicago's occult underworld, to a high-stakes poker tournament where more than cash is on the table and an old friend's soul hangs on the turn of every card.
To save the day, he'll have to thwart his enemies' plans, win the tournament, and pull off an impossible heist, all at the same time, and escape the Windy City alive. Daniel Faust has done his share of gambling in the past, but the stakes have never been this high.

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Daniel Faust is my favourite urban fantasy series with a male as main character. I Daniel because he is not a fully positive character. He is in fact a wizard winning his bread with the help of criminal activities. However, he has a clear set of moral rules and an excellent sense of humour that make him endearing.

This time, our hero moves from Las Vegas to Chicago to try to pull off a dangerous heist. Obviously, things get very complicated, as it always happens with Faust, but his friends are there to help.

Extra points for finally putting insta-love between Daniel and Caitlin under scrutiny.
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