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Charmaine Pauls Year: 2024 ISBN: 9782491833336

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Charmaine Pauls has made a boxset of the beautiful Corsican Crime Lord series.
If you’ve been thinking about reading it,now’s your chance!
Trust me when i say it’s worth all of the emotions you’re going to feel…..you’ll see when you reach the end.

Love Poison is the start of a very rocky journey for the innocent Sabella and the man that became obsessed with her,Angelo.
His family helped her father gain the power he has today,and the price was her hand in marriage.
Only,her father refuses to acknowledge that price….
Angelo and his father attend her sweet sixteenth birthday,and that’s where she sees him for the first time.
Not knowing anything about him,or the deal her father is desperate to get out of,she falls for this dark,alluring man. He intrigues her.
At the same time,Angelo s what he sees,and he’s happy she will become his when she turns 18.
But he needs something to pressure her father into honoring the deal they made….and she’s the key to getting it.
By the time she finds out what he made her do on her 17th birthday,it’s too late and she hates him for it.
Breaks all contact with him,or so she thinks….
Until her 18th birthday arrives,and he takes another first….
Her father isn’t aware of what happened between the two,but he knows he still doesn’t want her with him.
So,what to do to make sure it never happens??
Angelo,in the meantime,went home,giving her the last few months of freedom until the wedding she still doesn’t know about.
But then disaster strikes,leaving his family broken….and me with a killer cliffhanger!!!

I love how both Sabella and Angelo were drawn to eachother.
Even though it was a business arrangement,he d what he saw in her,and wanted to get to know her better.
Made promises he meant to keep.
And she d what she saw in him,too….even if her parents showed only contempt for him and his father.
Keeping her contact with him a secret,is exactly what a 16 year old would do,even if she was a good girl.
The guilt she felt after he betrayed her was relatable,too.
Because by that time,they’d been messaging for a whole year,and he’d been sweet to her,interested in her daily life.
And still he came back the next year,making her wonder….
With her father’s strange behaviour,and the discussion she heard between her parents,she couldn’t help,but want to find out what was going on,right?

The start of their story may have been sweet,but what followed most certainly was not.
Following the steps Sabella and Angelo take made me weary of where they’d end up.
Lovers,or enemies for life?
Her father’s meddling,pushing her towards the best friend that feels a brother,doesn’t work,because she’s already hooked on Angelo,even if she doesn’t want to be.
When the masks come off,who will be the real villain in Angelo and Sabella’s story??
The dark angel claiming her firsts,or the businessman that looks down upon him?

Hate Honey is the second part of Sabella and Angelo’s story,and i was left worrying these two will never find a little peace,a little warmth,in eachother’s arms….
After his mother’s and twin sister’s murder,Angelo and his father go straight to the person that ordered the kill that was meant for them,Sabella’s father.
Finding them in his office,standing over her father’s body,shocks her.
But what happens after is stuff made of nightmares….
Because her father wasn’t the man she always thought he was.
And the mess left in his wake isn’t something you can brush under the carpet.
Not only that,Angelo’s father wants her dead,but dies himself from a heart attack.
Leaving a devastated Angelo as head of the business.
And once he gets his head back in the game,he comes for Sabella.
To get what was promised to him all those years ago.
No best friend will take her away from him.
Even if it means he has to kill Colin for trying to marry her to keep her safe from him.
Is that the worst that happened?
No….their story only goes further downhill from there…..

I was hoping that Tears Acid could be the cure to my aching heart….right?
I should’ve known that Charmaine wouldn’t give Angelo and Sabella what they needed just yet,though…
Even though we get to see Angelo change his mind a few times,he’s still hurting too much to see the truth.
He may act harsh and cruel towards Sabella,but still tries to make up for some of his actions.
The conflicting emotions he has are slowly killing him,but he still can’t find it in himself to trust his wife.
Even though he’s obsessed with her,he resents her at the same time for that obsession.
Banishing her to the abandoned house on his property may seem the perfect solution,but what’s the use if you can’t stay away….
Ok,she can’t get access to the information he’s sure she’s looking for in order to betray him,but that’s it.
And why doesn’t he believe her when she insists she doesn’t want to betray him???
Why does he keep thinking she will,is that because of what her family did??
Asking her is useless as long as he doesn’t really listen to the answer,or look at her for what she really is….an innocent girl trying to adapt in a cruel world?

All Sabella wanted was a little peace,and someone to love her.
What she got instead was a husband that hated her for what her family had done to his.
And even though she hated what he’d done in return,she found she couldn’t hate the man.
She díd hate the distance he created,and the fact that she couldn’t find a solution.
So,instead she decided to pick her battles.
He wanted her naked on her knees when he entered the house,he got it.
He wanted her obedience without question,he got it.
In return,she would find her own pieces of happiness,even if it was in the little things….
Going to the village was a step in that direction,and meeting people that slowly accepted her for who she was,felt good.
As long as Angelo didn’t find out,she would be fine….
Until she found a little burglar,stealing her attempt at making a cake.
That little girl turned out to be exactly what she needed….someone that loved her unconditionally!

If only Angelo didn’t do what he was so very good at…..
Seeing how close Sabella and little Sophie had become in such a short time,he thought he’d found the solution to binding Sabella to him indefinitely.
Yes,he’d admitted to himself how he really felt about his wife,but did he talk to her??
Did he even try to give them a chance to have the relationship they both needed so badly??

Sabella and Angelo’s story has been so heartbreaking until now,and i couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened so far.
Fearing what still might lay ahead,i equally dreaded and needed Kisses Rain.
But i knew one thing for sure….nothing was going to stop me from finding out if they got the HEA they deserved.
Even though yes,it could get worse…..
Even though it hurt even more…..
Even though there were times i started to think the universe was working against a HEA for this tormented couple…..
There was só much going on in this final book,good ánd bad,that my mind was spinning.

Every small step forward was hard earned,and still not enough.
Both struggled with the feelings they had for eachother.
Add in the children under Angelo’s care,with a very painful past of their own,and how to care for them,and the situation becomes that more difficult.
Keeping them from Sabella hurts them,but his trust in her is still nihil….even though he finally admits his feelings for her…..to himself.
She puts family and loved ones before everything else,but he doesn’t see that yet.
Including her feelings for him…..in spite of everything.
Until he’s forced to acknowledge the truth.
But it might be too late…..with disastrous consequences.

Can Angelo save Sabella and the children?
And can he save his marriage to the only woman he’s ever loved?
Will she ever be able to forgive him for what happened to her because of him?
And what about the children….will they be ok after all they’ve been through?

Kisses Rain was everything i’d thought it would be and more.
I laughed,i cried,i cursed,i yelled,and wanted to hit certain people at certain times,but in the end i was very happy with where Sabella,Angelo and the children are now.
10-star-series abuse anti-heroes-we-love ...more3 s2 comments Carvanz2,189 812

Oh my gawd! This was crazy intense!!! This story moved from one extreme to the next and the ride it took me on had me hanging on all the way to the end. It was extreme emotions, dark allure and hidden dangers. I highly recommend this to anyone that loves a fierce anti-hero, a gut wrenching storyline and goes into it understanding that it involves a lot of triggers.

Dual POV
Safe no ow drama; om is h’s friend who H is jealous of; no cheating; h and H are both virgins; H has been waiting for her
Triggers per the author’s note: Triggers include but are not limited to abuse, torture, assault, blood (gore), death, guns, graphic violence, graphic sexual scenes, punishment, spanking, branding, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, kidnapping, substance abuse, non-con/dubcon
Steam 5 /5; explicit; no birth control - plan B used; birth control used afterwards
abcd2 s Gladys12.3k 140

This is the perfect way to grab this incredible series and not have to endure the agony of cliffhangers and release wait times and trust me if you haven't read this series, it is an absolute must because there is no better time. So, grab it and strap in because you are going on a long ride that is dark, intense, twisty, hot and utterly apocalyptic!! Sabella and Angelo are a very intriguing pair. With chemistry that is simply undeniable and sparks that are fiery, the heat just scorches and sizzles. The consuming storyline sucks you in quickly with a seductive and smartly crafted combination of tension, drama, emotion, action and turns that has you gobbling up every juicy word. From heartbreaking to heart melting and from swoon worthy to having you screaming at the pages, you are headed into a world of feels that will utterly pummel you and believe me, it hurts so good.1 Vicki Stephens2,922 17

Corsican Crime Lord series is a four book collection which presents the dark mafia romance between Angelo, the feared don of the Russo Mafia, and Sabella, the beloved daughter of the wealthy but crooked Edward’s Family. The books shares this couple’s difficult journey in their relationship until they accept the love between them. This series starts from their first contact at Sabella,s sixteenth birthday, through the rise of Angelo’s power from heir to don, and the time throughout their tumultuous marriage. The book is well written and has a unique plot with powerful characters, suspense, deceit, betrayal, danger, and sizzling passion. I highly recommend this excellent dark mafia series.1 Deborah3,566 474

WOW - There really is no other way to start this review. This series ticked every box for me. The first book ends on a cliffhanger (it’s a doozy).
You know going in this author will make us suffer (she’s that) and torment us along the way. But when all is said and done I’ll be happy. She’s never disappointed me yet. The journey may not be easy but it will be worth it in the end.

Love Poison.
On the surface Mr Edwards is a respectable business man. But to get the power and position he holds today he made a deal with the devil. And now he wants to renege, his youngest daughter Sabella is not for sale. Or so he thinks.

Angelo is not a man to be denied. He’s been promised Sabella and he’ll have her either way. And that’s before they meet.
The first time they actually meet she’s his. Nothing and no one will take her away from him. Edwards has no idea what he’s up against.
But he’s going to find out.

I can’t find fault with this at all and trust me I tried.

Hate Honey.

There were times I loved and hated this book in equal measure.
Angelo. Despite everything (and there’s a lot) is a good guy with a heart that beats for Sabella. They could have been so happy together. Okay that would have been a much shorter far less interesting and emotional read but still I’d be able to move on.

Sabella’s father is where I place the blame. All of it. Firmly on his shoulders.

I hate what Angelo has become. What they’ve both become. What’s happening to them and the turmoil I’m being put through. It’s frustrating and exhausting. But the journey may be bumpy (okay let’s not kid ourselves this one left bumpy way back in the rear view mirror) but Charmaine has never let me down. And I’m trusting that she won’t now….

Tears Acid.

I read this book in one sitting which gives you some idea how enthralling and addictive this series is.

I love and hate Angelo in equal measure. He’s crying out for love but he’s lost in his own battle. His fury is aimed at Sabella instead of where it should be and that’s his uncles.

It’s been a rough bumpy ride but despite the torment this author puts me through (repeatedly) she always ends with a HEA. This wasn’t an easy read, I’ve been left emotionally drained but I can’t wait.

Kisses Rain.

It’s been a bumpy road for Angelo and Sabella. And this book has more than its fair share of drama. Nail biting edge of seat stuff. But it’s also beautiful and a perfect end to this amazing series.

I fell in love with these two in the first book. And despite his best efforts I’ve never wavered on my love for Angelo. Sabella is such a strong incredible woman. And together they work.

I’m not saying more because I didn’t want to spoil anything. But this book, this series is simply fabulous.

I voluntarily read a review copy kindly gifted to me by the author.3 s Sharon2,085 15

A wonderful ride with Sabella and Angelo:

Love Poison Book 1 - I had the pleasure of reading the book and listening to the audiobook and oh boy what an enthralling, tension filled storyline that holds one’s attention. Sabella was a young girl of sixteen when she met Angelo and unbeknownst to her, she was promised to him as an arranged marriage. However, Sabella’s father seems to have selective memory when it comes to making the deal between his daughter and Angelo and this is the beginning of a chain of events that has serious repercussions for Sabella. It is an intense, emotional, heartbreaking tale with betrayal, obsession and a whole lot more. Ms. Pauls has a writing style that is all-encompassing and has one feeling everything. The narrators do a wonderful job feeding off of each other to give listeners the characters’ depth as if they were actually there. It does end in a cliffhanger.

Hate Honey Book 2 - Angelo and Sabella are back and what a whirlwind it is. Just when you think it cannot get any worse for these two, you would be dead wrong. The problem is that they are having challenges discerning what is true and what is not. They have options but the old song goes, which way do we go? Ms. Pauls has truly given readers a character that you love to hate with such complexity that all one can do is let that scream out at the end with that cliffhanger and suck it up until book three to see where this journey goes.

Tears Acid Book 3 - I will caution those with triggers to proceed with caution. The book picks up where Hate Honey ended and there is a brief recap. However, things go from bad to worse and Angelo is struggling with his feelings towards Sabella. He is dealing with so much pain and loss that his only outlet is Sabella. She is willing to do anything for the man she fell for but not at the expense of losing herself. This storyline will have any reader entranced by the dynamics between Angelo and Sabella and when some other of Angelo’s family enter the picture…For all of the action and retribution, there are heartfelt moments that will have you salivating for more.

Kisses Rain Book 4 - This is the fourth and final book in the Corsican Crime Lord series and it has everything plus the kitchen sink. It reveals what makes up a wonderful life in all of its ugliness yet finding the light to show us that there are choices no matter what the circumstances. Angelo and Sabella have been through the ringer as Ms. Pauls deftly penned a brutal love story that will have readers of this genre obsessed. You will not be able to put this one down until the final word. A word of caution to those with triggers as this is the darkest of the books in the series. I recommend this book and the entire series.arc-purchased contemporary-romance dark ...more1 Kelly_Reads_Books1,990 149

~Love Poison~
Sensational, gripping and heart stopping ❤️
Poor Sabella is caught in the vicious crosshairs of a madman. She has been promised to him in marriage, although they have never met, until he arrives at her 16th birthday and both of their lives are forever changed.
Angelo will not allow Sabella’s father to renege on his promise and he sets up a very elaborate plan to make what he is owed come true.
Charmaine Pauls consistently gives us characters to either love or despise, the reader either cheers them on or envisions their downfall, but the reader always feel’s something and everything.
~Hate Honey~
Hate Honey swept me back into this beautiful story reminding me of all the loss and devastation, making me crave the hope and happiness that we all dream about to happen for Sabella and Angelo. Their love is all consuming, it began when Angelo was 14 years old and was promised to marry the young Sabella. This promise, and later denial, paved a path of revenge, complete with heartbreaking loss and overwhelming grief in both families.
How can this couple go forward after all the betrayal and lies? Is their love strong enough to ensure they survive the complicated and painful path they are on or will they end in tragedy and ruin?
~Tears Acid~
Tears Acid continues with the struggle between Sabella and Angelo. Every time this couple begins to connect and mesh something always blocks them, whether it be internal doubt, monologue or external forces constantly manipulating this relationship.
Sabella is doing what she can to find peace with her situation, for such a young woman she is mature in her thinking and ideas. She is compassionate and caring to a fault. And Angelo is fighting his emotions and feelings and his love.
~Kisses Rain~
This couple have had their moments of love and hate, rebelliousness and compliance, happiness and sadness, but this finale was a coming together of all those emotions and more, crashing into each other in the hope to come out alive on the other side.
Angelo comes to some very sad realizations in this final book, family does not always have your back, and lies can come from anyone, and the intent is the same, to overthrow your place and greedily take it for their own.
Sabella is struggling with submission and stubbornness, never quite sure which role would be best played in all the different scenarios and meetings. But she certainly did not deserve what happened to her, it was brutal and life altering.
Charmaine Pauls has given us a series of spectacularly written series, drawing us into the lives of this couple and all those who surround them.
I highly recommend this series!
If our love is poison, our hate is honey. I’m addicted to him in every way.
1 3 comments Shabby -BookBistroBlog1,617 875

When my fave author writes yet another mafia story, i know i'm in for a ride of my life. She can twist the complex world of nefarious mafia and its dangerous turns no other.

When love is tested to its limits, the game of "Who Shall Fall First" becomes more edgy & angsty.

Its convoluted, its scheming, its full of twists...but one thing stands out . Amidst the raging storm and impending doom- Angela & Sabello are lost in each other.
I loved every word of it. Cannot wait for the next book !!

Charmaine can spin a Mafia tale no other. And a hefty dosage of angst makes this pot boiler a churning couldron of colourful sentiments. She varies from angst to betrayal to monstrosity to ultimate redemption with ease. The characters develop at a steady pace and graph.
Both Dante and Sabella are crafted with care and love. Charmaine has put them through a wringer and as a reader, I wanted nothing more than eternal sunshine of harmony and triumph for them.

I loved Dante and his inner turmoil. I loved sabella and her endless pursuit of what is right.
I loved their anguish filled relationship and the promise of the future they carry.
5 stars for Anguished Love
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