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Nell loves her quaint bakery-turned-bookshop and her adorable dog, Daisy. Her nan constantly asks if there’s a chap in her life, but dating just isn’t for her. Except, maybe there is someone . . .
Six months ago, a chance encounter brought Nell and Owen together. For an hour every day, they walk their dogs and talk about their lives. Everything from books to Ted Bundy to family drama.
And then, when the walk is over, they leave each other behind.
Only, they don’t.
Secretly, they can’t stop thinking about each other, even if they’re not sure how to say it.
But just as Nell thinks they’re about to take their friendship to the next level, Owen misses one of their walks. And before she knows it, a week has gone by.
She knows Owen, and he would never miss a walk. Something is definitely wrong.
But Nell doesn’t even know his last name. Or his phone number. She’s got to find a way to track him down and tell him how she really feels before it’s too late.
But even when she finds him, falling in love is never going to be a walk in the park, is it?...M.F

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- A book about dog lovers unapologetically for dog lovers <3 I got upset when some side characters didn't understand the love they had for their dogs.
- Nell's bookshop. *HOW does it FEEL to live MY dream?!* The dog book club was so cute!
- NAN!!!! Probably my favorite character!! I loved her wisdom, her quirky love for serial killer dramas, and her moxie.
- The plot was entertaining, albeit quiet. I was never bored!

- Owen and Nell's relationship started as a friends before they even knew they were friends. It was just such an easy relationship right from the start because they understood each other's souls without knowing their last names. Even with others coming into the mix (some innocently, some not so innocently), they choose each other based off their strong friendship.
- No open-door intimate scenes. Mentions of being intimate and the morning after.

- The pacing was a bit all over the place. Sometimes there were seconds in between chapters, sometimes weeks. And when the chapters opened, it was sometimes in the middle of a situation which threw me off.
- The blurb for the book made me think that Nell trying to find Owen after he disappeared would be the main plot of the story, but if was only the first half. I was just clueless for what the second half would entail.
- I really really really think Lisa did not deserve ANY of Owen's *Mr. Nice Guy.*
- The misunderstanding conflict in the third act could have been resolved SO QUICKLYYYY

*Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced electronic reader's copy. All opinions are my own*2024-releases arcs-netgalley1 1 comment Caitlin B61 2

I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book was advertised as a hilarious and heartwarming summer romance. And let me tell you, it absolutely lived up to that! I absolutely devoured this book in one sitting and I did not want to put it down at all. I loved every second of it and constantly found myself smiling at what was happening.

Nell and Owen are super cute and I loved the chemistry that they had. And Collie and Daisy were definitely just as great! I appreciate that Nell had an actual personality and was an amazing FMC, instead of being a generic basic FMC that you often find.

This book made me laugh and it made me cry (iykyk).

And the ending?? That ending was so unexpected but also perfectly based on the characters.

The only comment that I have was that I wish there was more details for setting up the scenes. Sometimes it just skips some of the scene building/story building that could be there to show more of what is happening.1 zilan252 5

"who do you think you're competing against?"
"maybe the version of me you've been imagining"

This book was such an easy,cute and lighthearted story and if you're in the mood for it well it's a sign for you to start it!

I really loved to met and getting to know Nell and Owen and their dogs! These characters were both so relatable and cute. I need to mention Nell's Nan as well because she was one of the best in this story!
This book's so romcom and the ending was perfect for their story so I will repeat myself again if you are in the mood for these vibes well, this book could be a good option !

Thanks to NetGalley, Charlotte Barnes and Joffe Books for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.1 Sarah Lord58 15

A love story between two people who met at the dog park, and how they fell in love every day during their walks.

I absolutely loved how big of characters the dogs were in the book - Collie (a beagle) and Daisy (a bulldog) -there’s a Corgi later on in the book with a small cameo, so bonus stars for that one!

There’s a huge miscommunication trope here and honestly that one just gets on my nerves bc come on guys - just talk it out here. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the book as a whole though (because again, did I mention the dogs?)1 Heather Copping571 11

Two young (30 ish) people who meet during their daily dog walk in the park bring Nell and Owen together. Up to now, all they had was their beloved pet dogs, Daisy and Collie, their reason for getting up in the morning and living. Collie is a hilarious beagle who loves to dig up flowers and steal food and .
Nell works in a bookshop, a bookshop funded by her nan, and Daisy, her bulldog, accompanies her to work each day, and Owen works in an office
They generally meet up each day after work at Green Fields Dog Park, just walking the dogs and generally chatting and laughing about life in general. But if only life was that simple, what follows is a somewhat hilarious and sometimes difficult time for them both. They both want to ask each other out but can't build up the confidence to do so! You find yourself wondering if these two young people will eventually get together, then bam something so sad happens! is this going to be what it takes?
As I read through this book, I found that I was really engaging with the characters and became involved in their lives. Through good and sad times, this is a really enjoyable read.
If you enjoy reading rom-coms and you love dogs, then this is the book for you. It's warm, funny, and sad, and when a book centres around dogs and a bookshop, what's not to !
A paw shaped five-star read from me.chick-lit dog-related kindle ...more Christine Mills119 3

This was a sweet walk-in the park love story between two very introverted and dog loving people named Nell and Owen. They harbor a deep love for their dogs. Their friendship and relationship is formed around their two pups. It reminded me of Pongo and Perdita ❤️
I did Nell’s relationship with her Nan. Her character was so funny and you just want to have afternoon tea with Nan and listen to all her stories. ❤️
At times the story did feel rushed especially with Nell’s trauma of dealing with her parents and grandpas sudden death. There was also a lot of drama surrounding Owen’s family as well. He talked so poorly of all of them and I wish we understood more of the backstory of where his feelings originated. And what about that ending? It was definitely different and I still don’t know how I feel about it
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