How to Romance a Rogue (A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship Book 2) de Charlie Lane

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libro gratis How to Romance a Rogue (A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship Book 2)


Charlie Lane ISBN: 9783985362431,9783985362448,9783985362455

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Lady Charlotte Merriweather is the thorn in Quinton Chance, Viscount Noble’s side. He should never have kissed her but she was crying after her parents died in a carriage accident. Now the one woman who makes him feel weak is the only woman he wants. And he promised his father on his deathbed to never show weakness. A proper society marriage will help him focus on his duties as a peer and banish Lottie’s kiss forever. Lottie has been in love with Quinton since he kissed her the day of her parents’ funeral. But he apologized and ran, and now all he gives her is smirks and snide remarks. She’ll do her best to romance a rogue and prove loving is no weakness. The Duke of Clearford’s Guide to Courtship will help Quinton woo a tepid bride, but Lottie will use it to romance her rogue. Then there’s a scandal.
The second Merriweather sister to find love & it was a charming & witty romance. I loved both Quinton & Lottie, close childhood friends but then a kiss changes everything, the chemistry between them sizzles but boy could they blow hot & cold on each other. Their banter is so good but they waltz around each other until Lottie faces ruin but even then things don’t go smoothly. I disd Barnaby & was glad when Quinton finally stood up to him. A very well written book that took me on a gamut of emotions from laughing out loud to shedding a tear & I loved this friends to lovers story
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How To Romance A Rogue
Charlie Lane
Wolf publishing
Well let’s say this about our main character. They certainly can turn on and up the heat when they need to. Oh the romance between Lottie and Quinton has brewing in as many of years since they were young playmates. Over the years though things have changed for the two and have become very serious. I loved that the writer shared with the readers a little of the story of how Quinton and Lottie come to meet. And most importantly the introduction of Princess. I absolutely adored the comedy and continued sharpe edge verbal sparring Quinton and Lottie shared. I loved the entertainment and wonderful romantic story. The writing is very exceptional and telling. 2 s BookishMya667 3

Holy hell! Lane writes longing and tension and pining to new heights in this one. Absolutely combustible chemistry! Lottie is a force of nature, a pure typhoon once she sets her mind on course, wrecking every little bit of Quinton in her path. I had goosebumps, butterflies and gasps throughout the entire story. We’re not talking third act wrapup, but the entire story! Absolutely delectable!! These characters are everything I love. Strong, independent yet having the ability to lean on each other (at least when they let their guards down). Many lessons need to be learned for them to achieve their HEA, but thankfully, Lottie is determined and will not be swayed. Her moments of doubt hurt right to the bone. She is such a steadfast hero in her own right, already standing strong at Quin’s side even as he tries to guard against his feelings. Seeing her bring him up to scratch was an absolute delight. Beside their romance is the strong bond of sisterhood. So many examples of why this family is so strong. Poor Samuel has a force to deal with in his troop of sisters, for that is what they are, a troop of generals trampling anything that stands between them and happiness. There is no question that I love this story and am grateful I read an ebook. For surely a paper copy would be worn down by the 167 highlights I have in my ebook.
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