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In a world torn by conflict, it is the unwanted who fight for survival.

At nearly 18 years of age, Damien knows his peaceful life in the only village he's ever known is about to change. Either his burgeoning powers of the veil will kill him, which at least would bring an end to the pain and the mistrust and fear of his friends and neighbours, or the Warlord and his infamous warband, the Unwanted, will track him down.

Though the Warlord claims to protect his domain from the persistent raids of the enemy Sylannians, that protection comes at a price. To be taken by the Warlord is to forfeit your soul. Those who join his warband are destined to become cold-blooded killers, and the atrocities they are rumoured to commit make death the preferable option.

When the worst happens and the Warlord finally comes to his village, Damien surrenders himself to save his family—and protect his younger sister, Isabella, whose own powers are already...

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It’s no secret that I love these mpov plotty stories, so I was very excited to get this one in my group (there was also a fair amount of horse-trading behind the scenes to ensure I did). There is a lot to unpack in this book so my review gets a little long and this is the cut down by a mile version. There were also quite a few things in the story that I didn't even address, in an attempt to shorten this up a little; hopefully I was able to keep my train of thought clear enough to make sense to anyone reading.

The Unwanted had a lot of the elements that I love- interesting world, great characters that I can root for, mentor relationships, and magic that wasn’t too hard but not too soft either.

Between the three countries we end up with a pile of characters, but being that they were in separate groups and quite different socially- it went a long way in helping to keep them straight in my head.

So, let’s start with the main group who are The Warlord’s soldiers called The Unwanted-
Led by Michael- the Warlord’s most trusted soldier (and thought of as a son by him). Michael and his group of soldiers, travel around striking fear into the hearts of man with their presence alone.
The Unwanteds’ reputation as heartless killers have the dual purpose of keeping order and protecting the people. But part of the reputation comes about because they also find any person who is strong in the Veil (magic) and take them as their own- whether they want to come along or not.

On one of these scouting trips, they take Damien, who up until this point has managed to escape the notice of the Warlord by hiding himself away in the Veil. The Veil’s magic can be used in multiple ways- everything from defensive/offensive uses to mind-speaking or even hearing others who have talent in it.

Michael, Damien, and the rest of the Unwanted, were my favourite part of the story. They have this brother/sistership thing happening and you know they will jump in front of a truck for each other. I love the dynamics in the group and even the bratty Aiden (The Warlord’s real son) who put some much-needed tension here and there, with his jealousy and nasty temperament.

The other characters that give us a look at the rest of the world:

Second up, we have the Hallaran clans who are fighting the Sylannians.
Tarkhan and Khalium are coleaders of the Kallth. They are losing against the Sylannians and make the choice to flee over the mountains into the Warlord’s territory to try and save what is left of their people.

And lastly the Sylannians with Jaclyn and her unit who are part of the invading force.

The Sylannian units are the coolest- a spider and web. Their family/unit is made up of a male with many female fighters protecting him. Their use of the veil allows them to mind speak to others in their unit and they have a silk they can harden into armour among other things. They’re kind of scary in how effective they can be as a unit.

I thought Jaclyn was the most interesting, socially. She’s Sylannian, and the King’s sister. She also has more going on in her homeland with her family who are trying to rid themselves of her as a threat by sending her on dangerous missions they hope she will die doing.

The story does this omni rolling pov at times, to help round out the world but there were some pov’s that were unnecessary- for instance Steven’s, because we learn everything we need to when Michael arrives anyway.


There was so much I loved about this book but there were a few things that stumbled me up.

Occasionally I found things to be overly complicated. I understood what was trying to be shown but it also resulted in mixed signals on some things. The biggest being the Warlord himself who was supposed to be reigning the public in with his fierceness, but almost seemed quite agreeable- taking some of the fizzle out of the biggest decision of Damien’s arc. I felt no urgency in the decision because I didn’t feel the Warlord was a force to be reckoned with for most of the story but also up to this point Damien himself, was fitting in pretty well on his own- without being forced.

The clans disappeared from the story for long enough after arriving in The Warlords territory, that I forgot about them. I will say though the initial show of force by The Unwanted at their first meet was pretty darned cool. Which btw is something that I found with all the battle scenes- they’re all very cinematic and movie worthy.

Jaclyn: I never could decide if she was the big bad or not. We see enough of her to feel sympathy and understand her situation and for awhile I even thought she would end up banding together with the Unwanted against a greater threat, but by the end I wasn’t so sure.

I assume that over the course of the series some of these things I mentioned will all come together to create a larger picture and I can eat my words. But as a singular story, I do think that it could have used more tension all around, and a bit of editing to clean-up some of the odd things here and there.


I loved this story. The world was cool; mostly because of how creative the clans were- particularly the Sylannians and Jaclyn, in the way their family units worked.
The magic with the Veil that can be shared between them or just for themselves is neat and can be used in a multitude of ways.

But the biggest sell for me was the characters were all ones I wanted to spend time getting to know. The whole troupe of the Unwanted were so much fun. I loved the family feel to them. And Jaclyn, though I didn’t love her as much as Damien, I was still curious about her story and seeing how it pans out.

So my only real gripes were to do with lack of tension, and that about halfway I started wondering where the story was going. Even so, it says a lot that I loved the characters so much, that I would happily return for book two just to spend time with them.

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