Sacrifice de Catherine M Walker

de Catherine M Walker - Género: English
libro gratis Sacrifice


Sometimes the greatest battles are fought on the inside...

In the Warlord's domain, there is one unbendable rule: no human trafficking. Anyone caught undertaking such a crime can only wish for a swift death—for themselves and anyone they hold dear. As the Warlord prepares for the Sylannian invasion in the mountains, the Unwanted ride across the domain warning their people to get to safety.

The Unwanted are drawn from their duty to deal with Damien who is caught up in the grip of his addiction and struggling to free himself. The mission to rescue their newest recruit unwittingly sheds light on a source of the persistent rumours and betrayal that will undercut the security of the entire Warlord's domain.

High in the mountain plains among the Kallith clan, cracks are starting to show as they try to re-establish themselves in a new land. Khaliun and Tarkhan break ranks to embark on an impossible rescue with...

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